The Second Male Lead Is My Contractor! Book

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The Second Male Lead Is My Contractor!


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Commissioned cover by: _whirtle (Instagram). Exclusively for this book! Athanasia Brown possessed the body of an extra character from her own novel, Ruby Alasdair. Ruby Alasdair is a woman who is very shy and afraid of other people. She never socialized and was always bullied by other noble women when she came to their tea party. However, Athanasia—or now Ruby—will avenge everything that the original Ruby Alasdair experienced. She would teach those noble women and everyone else in this world a lesson that she was the ruler, not them. Because she is the creator of this world. Ruby Alasdair wanted to change all the storylines she created when she was living as Athanasia Brown. She wanted to make the Graziano empire peaceful and devoid of any tragedies, as she wrote in the original novel. In order to do that, she needs someone's help. What's more, there was a nobleman, who kept chasing after her and wanted her to be his wife. A crazy stalker,who never stops disturbing Ruby's life. Surprisingly, Ruby never created a character like this in the original novel. “I want to make a deal with you,” Ruby said to Sylver Cielo. That man was the most feared and handsome Duke in the Graziano empire and famous for his cruelty and cold-bloodedness. "I want to marry you but by contract." "What will I get out of this deal?" asked Sylver Cielo, tilting his head and smiling coldly. “I have everything, Princess Ruby. Is there anything else you can give me?" Ruby is silent. She knew it wouldn't be this easy to ask Sylver Cielo to be her husband even if it was just a contract. But, Ruby can not give up. “You will get whatever you want. You just need to say what you want and I'll give it to you." Sylver Cielo grinned. Seeing that grin, Ruby felt that she had made a mistake. "You." Sylver Cielo pointed at Ruby Alasdair. He approached the woman and rubbed her lips with his thumb. "I want you, Ruby Alasdair." Dammit! Had she done a deal with a Devil? Why was Sylver Cielo suddenly so obsessed with her? And, why did Sylver Cielo's handsome and adorable son ask permission to call her ‘Mother’?


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