36 To call you Cherry

"Welcome to Mystic Green Paradise," Édouard said with a smile as he halted in his steps after they reached a freshwater lake. The water was greenish-blue in color. 

Charlotte looked around and then at the top of the hill from where water was falling. She looked down when Édouard helped her get down. She had her arms wrapped around him as she landed her feet on the ground. 

"The place indeed looks like a paradise," Charlotte said while keeping her hands on his shoulders. Édouard agreed with her words and told her he found this place when he was thirteen. 

"So, how long did you stay here? Did not anyone come from the palace to find you here?" Charlotte asked. 

"I am good at hiding," Édouard stated. "I stayed her for over two weeks." He caressed the horse's face and asked her to wait for him there. He went to the other side and tied the horse from a tree. 

He returned and stood next to her. 

"Where did you eat and sleep for two weeks?" Charlotte asked. 


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