31 Not everyone can afford me [Bonus chapter]

"The meals look delicious," Charlotte said and picked up the spoon to taste the chicken broth first.

"Mmm... That's delicious," she said with a glint in her eyes. She looked at Édouard and told him that he should start too. He picked up the spoon and began eating.

It was one of the dreams of Édouard to eat like this with Charlotte. Finally, it had come true and it made him delighted.

Soon, they finished their meals, and Charlotte could not stop but praising the cook. She told Édouard that such type of food was rare in the palace. "Why don't you hire this as the royal chef for the palace?" She suggested him.

"Should I?" He asked. He didn't want to reveal that he cooked today's dinner as he wanted to enjoy this conversation with her.

"Yes, you should. You also enjoyed the food, didn't you?" She lifted her brow in excitement to know his answer.

"This cook is expensive," Édouard replied and stood up. He started to gather the tableware. Charlotte started to help him too and they both took the tableware to the washbasin.

"I will do. You should sit," Édouard said as he tried to take bowls from her when she moved her hand back.

"Let me help you," Charlotte replied and walked ahead of him to the kitchen.

"So, who is this expensive cook?" She questioned and turned to face him. She took the plates and cutlery above them from him. "I will talk to him and persuade him to be the royal chef in the palace," she said with a confident smile.

Édouard amusedly smiled at her and took a step toward her. She promptly took a step back and hit her back on the washbasin's front. His hands rested on the counter sides of the basin as his tall figure hovered over her.

Charlotte looked straight into her eyes and blinked. "The cook doesn't want to become a royal chef. However, he can become one for you on one condition," he asserted. His hot breath fanned above her lips and her fingers curled.

"What's the condition?" Charlotte was curious to find.

"He wants to treat your husband well and love him," Édouard said.

Charlotte arched her eyebrow in shock. She then hit his chest, pushing him back. "Don't joke with me," she murmured and turned to wash the dishes. Here no servants were present unlike in the palace, so she had to do such chores.

She poured the water over the dishes to clean them when Édouard asked her to stop. "In the morning servant will do that," he said and grabbed her hand. He washed them while she gazed at him.

"Tell me where the cook lives. I will go to him in the morning and thank him. Then, I will persuade him," Charlotte again jumped to the previous topic of their conversation.

Édouard smiled to hear her. "Why don't you persuade me?" He suggested to her.

Once he washed their hands, he wiped Charlotte's hands with the washcloth first, followed by his.

"Why do I need to persuade you?" Charlotte questioned him.

He had placed the washcloth on the counter and looked at her. "Because he listens to me," he replied and gently tucked those hair strands behind her ear.

"You can introduce us, then I will decide. He will not turn down my request," she stated.

"What will you do if I introduce you to this magical cook?" He asked.

"Are you asking for the bribe? I do not have money with me. I will give you in the palace," Charlotte asserted.

Édouard could not help but laugh to hear her. "Charlotte, when did I ask for the bribe? I may want you to do something special for me if I introduce you to the cook," he elucidated.

"Don't ask me something difficult," Charlotte stated.

"I won't," Édouard said with an amusing smile.

"Now, call for him. I will wait in the living room," Charlotte said.

"I cooked the dinner," Édouard affirmed.

Charlotte was stunned to hear his statement but she didn't believe him. "Do you love to lie to me?" She asked and chuckled.

"Why do you always think I love to lie to you?"

"Because you are–" She paused, "Aish! Leave it," she murmured and turned to leave when Édouard caught her wrist.

The next she was in his embrace in an intimate position. Her face was merely an inch away from her. His hand was firmly wrapped around her waist.

"It was my one of the dreams to cook for you. You see, not everyone can afford me. There is no money that can buy me. However," he stopped for a moment as his eyes lingered on her lips which invited him to taste them.


When he heard Charlotte's voice, he again peered into her orbs.

"However, only two people can afford me. One is my mother and the other is you. When you are in love, you enjoy making your people happy," he finished his words.

Charlotte stopped blinking to learn that. Édouard madly loved her and it made her feel nervous. Because her heart had started to fall for him. From her mind, she felt upset because Mathieu would not forgive her. She was in a big dilemma and all this was making her embarrassed.

"Now, I have introduced you to the cook, you must fulfill my wish too," Édouard urged.

She nodded her head.

When he kept staring at her, Charlotte asked him to tell her his wish quickly. He leaned to her ear and whispered, "A kiss on the cheek."

He leaned back and gazed at her.

Charlotte bit her bottom lip. She knew in her head that he would demand a kiss. But it was a cheek one, so she didn't refuse him. She tilted her face and kissed his cheek.

"Will the Prince let me go?" She asked after a few seconds when he didn't say anything and continued to peer at her.

Édouard withdrew his hand from her waist and within a few seconds, she had vanished from his sight.

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