The Scots Rendezvous [Completed] Book

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The Scots Rendezvous [Completed]


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What if you discovered that gems can bring you back in time? Will you keep the secret or let the authority knows? First, we have Conall Reid who was a scientist who studies the time travel before he actually went back in time with his rival's daughter, Katrina Kuznetsov, to his ancestors' time? Then, we have Edmond Lattone who was an Interpol agent who was supposed to catch a cat burglar, Lyana Debrie but they went back in time with the gem that was supposed to be stolen? Also, we have Lucas Dow who was known for his mission to find the elusive thief, The Woman in Gold, and what happened when he met his match, Arianna Contos? Lastly, we have Scott MacBaron who was obsessed to know about the time travel that he actually developed teleportation serum that Karla Kuznetsov was supposed to get for KGB? Will they succeed to keep the secrets out of the wrong hands or will they have to defeat their enemies? Find out their stories in the new series by Nikki Larousse.


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