Faraway on a vantage point corresponding to a room's window, the sniper who was fully dressed in fitting black clothes held onto his rifle as his dark eyes watched Yun Jian's small form leap out.

Death seeker!

The sniper chortled and adjusted the rifle in his grip, aiming at where Yun Jian was.

"Tss, tss, tss!"

Three continuous shots. The bullets were fired toward Yun Jian's position from a high point.

The speed of the bullet was not visible to the eyes but posed no challenge to Yun Jian.

"Xiao Jian!" Without a second thought, Yun Yi wanted to charge out to protect his younger sister but Xu Haozhe kept a death grip on him.

In all honesty, Xu Haozhe wanted to do the same; this had happened because of him anyway.

When he saw Yun Jian's deftness and reflected upon her agility that saved them from the first round of shooting, he hesitated.