The Saiyan Among Heroes(FF)

(This is just the same as the other The Saiyan Among Heroes But moved it over to fan-fic. This is where ill be posting the rest of the chapters from now on) Shin was an ordinary kid, living his life as best he could. playing and hanging out with his friends, going out on dates with his girlfriend, doing whatever he wants. But there was one thing he liked most ANIME. Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, One Piece you name it, he watched it. but there were two animes he loved most DBZ and MHA. As Shin was coming back home after buying snacks and drinks to watch the new DBZ movie. He was unfortunately hit by the infamous Truck-Kun. Watch as Shin takes over the MHA world by storm and becomes the most powerful hero the world has ever known. will he rise up the ranks and demolish everything and everyone or will something sinister take place?

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49 Chs

The start of an adventure

Shin by Every standard was a normal person. Every day he woke up early and did his routine brush his teethes, take a shower, eat breakfast then go to school, and even at school he had a routine, study, talk to friends, and pass. every single day he did this. From a very young age, he was taught to always be responsible and to do things a certain way and if not you would be looked upon as some weird person. and so shin did the thing he was taught to.

to be normal

for 17 years shin did this and through this, he gained many friends and even a girlfriend. All the people who knew shin thought he was a regular guy, going through the process of everyday life.

And they were right

By every standard Shin was normal. Besides being above average looking and being decently built nothing was out of the ordinary. He was smart, good-looking, popular, well-liked, and surrounded by people that like and care for him.

no problem what's so ever

But Shin was always curious

He always wondered if he did something different like wake up an hour late, don't eat breakfast, don't even go to school. He was curious about the unknown and wanted to know everything of every possibility, how it feels to be different

How to be different

Then he found something that ignited his curiosity even more


Ever since then, he was fascinated by what can be if everything turned out different. Anime filled that curiosity within him. From action to slice of life he watched everything that anime had to provide. Every day he woke to something new, From a new episode of an anime that he's been waiting to watch to a new manga he's been dying to read. Every day his curiosity was being satiated and he wanted more of it and it's thanks to anime that it's happening. Eventually, it led Shin to discover a new feeling he never felt before


He envied those protagonists, not because of their powers but for who they were. protagonist like Goku, who no matter what focused on getting stronger not just for himself but for his friends and family that he swore to protect even though his character caused many people to wonder if he was a good protagonist and even caused problems in the show itself (Cell and TOP) but in the end, it was just Goku being Goku and Shin respected that.

and for better or worse Deku, At the beginning of the show, Deku was a nobody that didn't have a quirk, and was always bullied by Bakugo. Shin had to admit he didn't really like Izuku. he never did try to strive to be better and show people without having a quirk and only after All Might comes does he start to change for the better. That's what he likes the potential to change, to be nobody then turn into something unique

To be different

That's what Shin is envious of, the opportunity to become something completely unique that the world has never seen before, to stand on top and show everybody who Shin really is.

and he wishes that someday he can get that opportunity

unknown to Shin, his wish was going to become a reality


"Damm it, I missed the Bus"

Standing outside of the grocery store, stood a rather handsome young man. he was well above average height standing about 6,1 inches. He had dark black hair and blue eyes to match. To top it off one can tell by a single glance that he was fit and built. Not to built but just enough to show what he has. any girl who saw him would immediately blush at the sight of him and wonder what they need to do to get a man like him in their life's

And this young man was no other than Shin and what he was currently doing was waiting for the bus to come so he can go home and watch the new DBZ movie that had recently came out. So he went out to buy some drinks and snacks so he can enjoy it while eating. he had been waiting for a few minutes already and was contemplating whether to just walk it then to wait for it anymore

"Screw it, I'll just walk home besides what can go wrong?"

As Shin started walking, he started reminiscing about his life and what he did to get up to this point. he remembered the life of his deceased parents and how to be responsible. all of his friends and how to talk and act around people. His girlfriend and how your willing to do things just to see them smile and be around them more. and how school is important for education ( but mostly how much life can be such a pain in the ass)

But most of these things taught Shin the most important lesson

how to be normal and fit in

But Shin was always curious about what life could be and then he found something that would change him forever


He indulged in all of its pleasures and what it had to provide. From action like Hunter X Hunter to romance and comedy like Toradora! it satisfied his curiosity and left him wanting more. eventually, he found two animes he liked to most


These were his favorites and he watched them almost all the time

He loved the characters from both animes. From the battle loving Goku to the untapped potential of Deku. he loved it all

but before he could think any more, he saw a flashing of white lights

"What the hell is that? is that a BUS?!"

but before he can process what was in front of him, he heard a strange but a way to familiar voice


And so, Truck-kun decided to bend over Shin ram him over and over until he was satisfied


and before he left he said his famous quote


and so, the myth, the legend, has moved on

"God damn you Truck-Ku....."

before he can say anything else he passed on


In the middle of the endless white void, you can a stranded soul

"where am I?"

then a random voice came out of nowhere

"Ah I see you're finally awake"