The Saiyan Among Heroes(FF)

(This is just the same as the other The Saiyan Among Heroes But moved it over to fan-fic. This is where ill be posting the rest of the chapters from now on) Shin was an ordinary kid, living his life as best he could. playing and hanging out with his friends, going out on dates with his girlfriend, doing whatever he wants. But there was one thing he liked most ANIME. Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, One Piece you name it, he watched it. but there were two animes he loved most DBZ and MHA. As Shin was coming back home after buying snacks and drinks to watch the new DBZ movie. He was unfortunately hit by the infamous Truck-Kun. Watch as Shin takes over the MHA world by storm and becomes the most powerful hero the world has ever known. will he rise up the ranks and demolish everything and everyone or will something sinister take place?

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Discovery and "Quirk"

It's been 4 years since Shin reincarnated in the world of My Hero Academia

and during that time Shin found out many changes that had happened to the world

one of these changes is that people of this world are stronger than they were in the main world. either due to people being just naturally stronger in this world or that quirks in this world provide a bigger powerup than in the original. Shin doesn't know if these theories are true or not, but the fact remains that people are unnaturally stronger in this world. whether this will change the plot didn't matter to shin as he decided that he will live fully and if he has to change to story to do it, so be it

Back on topic, the other change shin found was that there were characters that appeared in dragon ball who were also in this world. like Master Roshi who was known as the technique hero: Turtle Hermit. This didn't stop him from being a pervert though, as he was caught in multiple scandals of peeping into the women's restroom. other than that he was a good hero that many people respected.

Even Grampa Gohan was a hero. Back in his day, he was a really popular hero with a powerful quirk [elemental] this allowed him to control the elements like fire and ice. even though his elements were not as powerful as endeavor' fire or Denki's lighting, his versatility made up for it. He had the potential to become the number one hero if not from a fight that severed his connection to the elements which eventually ended his career and such he was forgotten in the sands of time.

there were much younger people that appeared as well like Bulma and if theirs Bulma theirs capsule corp. her father pioneered the gateway to technology due to his quirk [concurrent] which allowed him to multiple thoughts at once and increased his brain process speed easily making him, if not the smartest man alive. he helped countless lives due to his inventions of support robots to medical equipment. there was a rumor going around Bulma inherited her father's quirk. if it is true, then it's only fitting for Bulma to have such a quirk due to her already being extremely smart

in all many things were different from people to heroes and civilians everything was different compared to the original world and Shin found this way more fitting than what he originally intended to live through. DBZ and MHA mixed together and since he was a fan of both worlds, he was ecstatic. He will discover the new changes of this world and have fun doing it and he wouldn't let life bring him down anymore like it did his previous life. He will enjoy it all

What he didn't know, was this change didn't just affect earth but the entire universe, and soon trouble will come for him


"Shin, Shin wake up it's already moring, let go to the park"

Shin was soon woken up by a familiar yet annoying face

"Goku leave me alone I'm still tired"

Goku pouted "Not can do, I'm not going without you and you did promise me we would go today so get uuuppppp"

Goku then grabbed Shin's hand then dragged him out of the room much to shin's reluctancy

Ever since they were very little Goku never left shin's side much like hot glue. Shin of course found this very annoying. Every time he did something Goku was right there with him every step of the way. It was very irritating, especially he had to go to the bathroom as he would even go inside of the bathroom with him. he had no sense of social boundaries. It even got to the point where Grampa Gohan had to force Goku away for shin multiple times just for him to get some privacy. Even though he hated it, he came to love Goku as his very own brother, and he didn't really mind it, only those specific situations.

Both Sons went downstairs to see Granpa Gohan making breakfast.

"Ah Shin and Goku, I see your both finally awake. I'm making pancakes go brush your teeth's and take a shower then come back and breakfast"

"Hai" both of them shouted and went to get ready for the day

after a while both of them got ready and started to eat breakfast. they sat down started eating and talking with enjoying each other's company

"you washed your tails properly"?" Gohan asked

"yep," both of them said as they nodded

when Grampa Gohan discovered their tails he immediately took them to a quirk doctor. After studying and making sure nothing was wrong, the doctor said there was no problem and they were in fact more healthy and developed than other babies. they disregarded the tail as they took it as the development of their quirk and showing itself early. after a while of thinking, they finally decided on a name for the babies quirks

[Monkyking's physique]

as they would naturally get stronger as they grew and trained.

After that nothing out of the ordinary happened to the monkey boys as they grew up.

"Grampa we're about to leave"

Shin shouted as both he and Goku were heading to the door

"Okaaayyy, be careful!"

Grampa Gohan said as he shouted back


Thus the monkey twins left to have a fun day