The Sage of Einar

Max, a Mexican military man, loses everything in a mission that goes wrong so he ends up reviving in the year 830 at the beginning of the Viking Age, as the son of a Jarl in exile named Einar. Einar can overcome the challenge of surviving a hostile world where only the strongest can live. It is up to you to find out.

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Trouble at the Haustblot Festival

Sven got up from the chair and looked at his son seriously. "Son, I don't doubt any of your words, but if what you say is real, then your father will do everything possible to take care of Kassia."

After hearing Kassia's translation, Max's lips formed a smile. "You don't have to worry about that, I'll be living with Kassia from now on and take care of her.

I would just like you to give Ibssen and Gerd a little more resources to complete the things I asked of them, as I would also like you to provide me with some strong slaves.

Sven scratched his beard and narrowed his eyes as he looked at Einar and Kassia. "Son, you are already 15 years old, and you have already killed your first enemy.

If you want to live with Kassia, I will not stop you, but even if you are a herald of Odin, you must take care of her as a man of the Hermansen family.

It is also a bit annoying to hear you speak the language of the Christian monks; I hope you can relearn our language because you are the heir to our Hegeback tribe."

Sven then pointed to Asgot. "As for the slaves, Asgot can provide you with some slaves after the Haustblot festival, which will last a few days.

But do not forget that these slaves are valuable material of the tribe in terms of resources. I can only help you from my own wealth since the tribe's money cannot be used without our people authorizing it. "

Max tapped the table with his finger, and a small bead of sweat ran down his back. "Father, how many resources can I count on, without our people authorizing it."

Elin held a key that hung from her dress and looked at her son. "We don't have much wealth, Einar.

Your father's chest only has less than 2000 silver coins, 30 gold coins, and a few gems. "

Max held his chin and got up from his chair as he walked to Kassia's desk from where he took a scroll, which he placed on the table in front of his parents and the Godi.

"These are the blueprints of some important things that I drew with which I hope to help our tribe but even more important to be able to have some valuable things to exchange."

With a serious face and a confident attitude, Max looked at his parents, "I promise that I will not only double our wealth, I will also bring benefits to our tribe."

Sven nodded as he put his hand on his son's shoulder. "I'll talk to the Thing and ask for their permission so you can do whatever you need."

Asgot, who had not said anything, got up from his chair and looked at Einar. "I will support your father so that the Thing does not present any disagreement, and I also hope that Helmi, my daughter, and your fiancee can live with you."

Max opened his eyes and felt a squeeze from his father's hand, who told him, "Helmi became your fiancee since you were three years old; she can help you remember part of your memories with your mother.

Of course, the final decision will depend on Kassia as this is her home. "

Kassia smiled as she listened to Sven's words, "For me, there is no problem, I always have a few more hands to help me."

At that moment, the house's door was thrown open, and Eskol entered holding his arm that was bleeding, Kassia with some pain, rose from her chair and walked towards where Eskol was.

Eskol ignored Kassia and walked towards Sven. "Jarl, a group of Vikings, is attacking the village, our warriors are stopping the attack, but we need your guidance."

Sven frowned and held up his sword that was by his side. "Eskol, stay with Kassia to treat your wounds and take care of them."

Max imprisoned, not understanding what they were talking about; he understood that someone could be attacking the village, so he walked towards his father. "Father, allow me to accompany you to help you, I may not remember how to use a sword, but I know how to use this type of weapon."

Max took a knife from the kitchen, which he threw towards one of the wooden walls; Sven looked at what Einar did and nodded while saying, "Einar, I can allow you to come with me, but you will not be able to leave my side."

"I have no problem, father; just explain to me how I distinguish an ally from an enemy and in what way those two words are pronounced."

While this was happening, in the village, some shouting noises of fighting could be heard; Ibssen, who was fighting a Viking, shouted, "Gerd, how much longer do you need.

These bastards are ... "

The Viking used his sword to try to cut Ibssen, but he only moved to the side and using his ax, he cut half the Viking's neck, leaving a stream of blood that dirtied Ibssen.

"This bastard is dead, but we still have many more to go." After finishing saying those words, Ibssen could feel a blow to his chin that made him lose his balance; this was taken advantage of by the Viking, who attacked him and prepared to use his ax to kill Ibssen.

But when he was about to kill him, the Viking felt a pain in his neck and could not breathe, so he moved his hand to his neck and could feel a kind of spear protruding from his neck.

Before he could wonder what had happened to him, another small javelin pierced him, but this time in the head, Gerd, who had an Atlatl in his hand, approached Ibssen and put his hand on his shoulder.

"You are doing well, Ibssen."

Ibssen, with blood in his mouth, spat and moved his jaw. "That damn one broke my tooth, but I have to admit that the Atlatl that Einar drew works fine."

Gerd smiled as he put a small javelin in the Atlatl and threw it at a Viking who came running towards them; the javelin pierced the forehead of the Viking, who stumbled and rolled on the ground lifeless.

"Who would think that a small piece of wood would allow a javelin to be thrown with much more force and precision.

It's a shame that only these little javelins can throw."

Gerd said as he pulled one of the small javelins from a Viking corpse.

Ibssen sighed as he wiped the blood from his face and saw the sky that seemed to be stained black due to the smoke from some burning houses. "I guess the Godi won't have to make sacrifices for the Haustblot today."

Gerd just shook his head and threw a javelin at a Viking in the distance, the javelin pierced his back, and the Viking fell to the ground. "After today's attack, I am sure we will have to build a speck to defend ourselves.

Otherwise, I don't think we can resist these attacks. "

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