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"The Sage of Einar" is an exciting story similar to Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander", with a touch of Nordic and Viking history. Personally, I'm a sucker for stories with vikings in them. I could count the number of Eric, son of Eric's I have read about in dozens of novels. So, this one definitely caught my eyes. Alas, because I hold so much expectations for this, I too will give an appropriate review. Points to work on: -Grammar: It's definitely better than most of the webnovels I've read, but I know you can do better with your proofreading. Make it more readable, and I might just be an avid fan. -Dialogue: Now this is a tough issue. Frankly, the characters don't seem real, especially when you read through their dialogues. I may not be privy to it, but is there a modern country where a father calls his daughter, "Daughter"? This is one of the biggest issues I've seen, and it's important to improve on this because having a culture-rich story like this requires believable character interactions. If the conversations are as dry and constructed as the ones I have seen, then more should really be done about it. Points I really liked: -Story: The plot is fast-paced and interesting. I would have been easily sucked into it if there were less problems with the grammar and dialogue. -Feelings: I loved how their interactions were human-like (sadly, their dialogue was weirdly off...). Max was crazy scared when he was looking for his daughter. The daughter was hinted to be jealous about his father treating Ana well (and not her deceased mother!). It's cute, and these little things matter to me as a reader. -Representation: Greece, Japanese, Nordic, American(?). I loved the slight references to many nations and cultures. Andddd that's about it! I might have been carried away too much, but there's my honest review. This novel holds great promise, and appeals to a certain target market (me), but sadly still suffers from general writing. Author, improve more on the technicalities, and I might turn out to be a fan. :D

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Hello, how are you guys, I am the author leaving a message that you should read before starting the reading of the novel. I was able to read a lot of comments and reviews in which it is mentioned that the story progresses slowly. I want you to know that the first part of the story comprises from episodes 1 to 205. It is the basis of the novel because it was the moment where the characters and the world around them were developed. This was done intentionally because in the next volumes of the novel the story will develop with more speed. I hope you can understand this before you start reading the novel, but if you wonder after episode 205 the time span between episode and episode will only increase. Of course, there will be no radical time jumps that can cause plot holes or discomfort on your part. As for the secondary story that is told, it is very important because it is the course of the world that is changing just by changing some things. From the civil war in the Frankish Empire to changes in the Byzantine Empire, all history will change.


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I want to see Vikings conquering the world. Obviously using science from modern world. Not ignorance and stakes. Awe science! Death to cannibal pedophiles.


He made the novel premium promising to make it better ... Its not ... The translation is still bad and shows no signs of improvement ... He also slowed down the story speed so that he can milk this for everything its worth.


He should change the name to the sage of cooking because thats seems to be the main topic of this novel atleast in the first 70 chapter that is. There is too much in this novel that doesnt matter ... Im fine with side stories but every chapter feels like one


The translation is passable but the author has never mad an effort to fix the mistakes. The biggest issue is the story development, all the MC does is talk about what he wants to do but 90% of it never gets done or cant be done yet. So why keep talking about it every chapter.


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This is freaking good. This is the story on Earth and you guess what. It does really dangerous thing though. Come on guys. Author has balls to not hide crimes of Christanity or talk about raising foxes for fur. People got really ****ed up because of peace. Even if human ability to communicate across the world improved to another level. Freedom of speech moved only little forward from medieval times. You can talk whatever you want but... It cannot be offensive. When you combine this with generation of snowflakes... It always offends someone. It's simillar to people that attack novels with rape. It's real... It happens. Hiding its existence makes things worse... We humans are ****ed up species for sure. Good luck author. Don't take snowflakes attacks to heart!


BAD VERY BAD. The Author might as well make his dead daughter the MC because she is the only one with the ideas it seems. Youd think after translating 200 chapters for PREMIUM use the translation would get better but instead it seems a little worse


pretty good overall. but it really needs an editor. there are spelling mistakes and mistakes in what word is written often enough that it really affects your ability to enjoy the story. if you can get past it, then it's a worthwhile read.


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It was good at first and promised a lot like other kingdom building novels but the main character failed to reach that objective a vast majority of them.


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author keep it up good work ........................................................................................................................................................................................................