The Sage of Einar

Max, a Mexican military man, loses everything in a mission that goes wrong so he ends up reviving in the year 830 at the beginning of the Viking Age, as the son of a Jarl in exile named Einar. Einar can overcome the challenge of surviving a hostile world where only the strongest can live. It is up to you to find out.

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Birth of a Hero 3

In the hot spring pool, what was supposed to be a bath turned into a fight between Max and Kassia.

In their exchange of caresses, the water moved to the rhythm of Max's hips, who, unlike at night, maintained a more relaxed hip movement.

Max's relaxed but continuous movement made Kassia rest her head on Max's shoulder as she enjoyed the kisses on his neck and Max's hug that held her tightly.

Everything came to an end when Max felt a small bite on his shoulder, and he could feel the inside of Kassia wriggling; at that moment, the moan of the two ended their union.

Max stroked Kassia's softback and very carefully lowered his hand to her plump hips, at which point he whispered in her ear, "Let me help you clean this place, as we both made a mess of it."

Kassia blushed and bit harder on Max's shoulder as she felt his hand run very carefully inside her.

When Max's fingers came out from inside Kassia, she could only shake while having an orgasm.

Max then stroked her back. "We can spend more time in the hot springs, but we need to receive the vessels with beer, I will teach you how to distill the alcoholic beverage to produce alcohol.

I will not be able to produce much because I lack the necessary tools, but it will be enough to make a fire of an exceptional color. "

Kassia nodded and clung to Max's neck. "You'll have to dress me and carry me since I can't move.

You are a beast in heat !! "

Max just smiled and very carefully got out of the water to go to where the clothes they had brought were.

After finishing dressing, Max walked towards the hut with Kassia at his back, Gerd who was outside the cabin, could only see how Einar came out of the corner of the house with Kassia on his back.

Kassia from Max's shoulder, looked at Gerd. "Thanks for bringing the beer, Gerd, I'll pay you back in a moment."

Gerd, who did not understand what was happening, only scratched his beard. "No problem, Kassia, I just have a doubt if something happened to you."

Kassia smirked. "Don't worry about it, I just fell off in the way for a stupid stick and hurt my hip.

That's why I asked Einar to help me since I can't walk right now. "

Max, who was listening to them, only stood aside as he did not understand the language they were speaking with.

When Max opened the front door, he led Kassia to his desk from where she took out some silver coins, which she handed to Gerd.

Gerd, who received them, said goodbye to Max and Kassia and left the hut; after closing the door, Max opened one of the vessels and smelled the inside.

Kassia could see how Max frowned. "There is something wrong with the beer Max."

Max shook his head. "No, it's just that the aroma of this beer is quite strange; it should be made with very rare materials.

But as long as it has alcohol, it can be distilled; by the way, Kassia, you know how long we have before my parents come. "

Kassia, who saw how Max emptied the beer into her iron pot, replied, "Knowing your mother and the fact that today is the start of the Haustblot festival, I am sure he will come a little before noon."

Max, who was listening to what Kassia was saying, placed the iron pot on the side of the fire and put a badly placed round lid on it, and placed an empty jar next to it.

"I think the time is enough to produce some alcohol."

Kassia then watched as Max approached her and carried her to put her on a chair near the fire; after that, he pointed to the iron pot "Beer or any alcoholic beverage is obtained by fermenting sugar or starch of any grain and fruit.

The microorganisms in charge of fermentation are yeasts, which are fungi that consume sugar or starch and, in the process, release a substance called ethanol.

This substance causes people to get drunk; if the alcohol is allowed to ferment too much, it can turn into vinegar since bacteria consume the ethanol and turn it into an acid. "

Kassia opened her eyes in surprise and looked at Max again. "As you know so many things, Max, if it is not why you told me your story yourself, I think I might believe that you are actually Odin's envoy."

Max laughed as he walked to the small cupboard in the house where he got some dried fish and some carrots. "I told you he came from a future where everyone studies these things since we are children.

But it is wrong to say that I know everything, Kassia; I only remember the most basic of my studies; for example, I do not know what yeast produces alcohol, as I do not know what acid is produced by those bacteria or what they are called.

The value of my knowledge is that I can guide prepared people to reach a result; in the end, I will only show them the way, and it will depend on them to travel it.

My strong knowledge are history, engineering, and a bit of a military organization. "

Max, in another iron pot, put the dried fish with the carrots and a little salt; I also add a little water and put it on the fire. "Now we will only have to wait for the fish broth to be ready while we let the beer boils and the alcohol condenses on the lid of the pot. "

Kassia sighed as she leaned her head on Max's shoulder. "I hope you can play the role you said so I can write down everything you say.

I'm sure that if the ancient Greek philosophers were alive and knew you, you would become a teacher to them. "

Max just smiled and stroked Kassia's brown hair. "That would not be possible Kassia, you should know that I am just a normal man with a little knowledge.

They were great in their time because they discovered things that no one would have imagined; even in the future, their names are remembered for it.

If they knew what I know, maybe they could answer modern problems; that's the difference between geniuses and ordinary people. "

Max, who was watching the fire burn, felt Kassia's hand around his arm. "You're very modest, Max, I'm sure your future will be a person like them or maybe even more prominent.

I could see in your eyes the same look my mother had; you have the eyes of a great leader. "

The fire was reflected in Max's green eyes. "You may be right, Kassia, but the path of a leader will not be easy, and it may take me a lifetime."

Kassia, who was hugging Max's arm, could only smile as she enjoyed the moment with Max.

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