The Sage of Einar

Max, a Mexican military man, loses everything in a mission that goes wrong so he ends up reviving in the year 830 at the beginning of the Viking Age, as the son of a Jarl in exile named Einar. Einar can overcome the challenge of surviving a hostile world where only the strongest can live. It is up to you to find out.

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Birth of a Hero 2

When Max closed the door to the hut after saying goodbye to Gerd and Ibssen, Kassia looked doubtfully at Max again.

Max noticed Kassia's doubtful look, so he walked towards her and put his hand on her shoulder. "I am willing to answer any questions you have, but first, I want to do two things, one is to take a bath, and the other is to prepare something to have breakfast.

I don't think I've eaten anything since yesterday. "

Kassia sighed, and using Max's arm, she got up from the chair. "I agree with you that it is best to take a bath, just help me walk. I still don't feel very comfortable with my legs."

Max smiled and put his arm around Kassia's delicate waist. "Don't worry, Kassia, you'll just need a little practice, and then there will be no more pain.

If that doesn't work, I'll show you some exercises my wife did. "

Kassia stopped and punched Max in the chest as she glared at him.

Max held Kassia's delicate chin. "It was just a joke, but I want you to remember that in this place, I can only trust you.

So we will share the bed regularly, and in the process, I can teach you everything you want. "

Kassia moved Max's hand and began to walk to a wooden chest; after opening it, she took two purple silk robes from inside and handed one to Max. "It belonged to my husband as well as the clothes that I will give you ..."

Some tears came from Kassia's face, so Max decided to hug her. "Maybe I can be a bastard, but you can be sure I'm not ungrateful.

I will take care of you for as long as we are together, who knows, maybe in the future, we could be something else. "

Max's words weren't what Kassia wanted to hear, but they brought some reassurance to her heart.

When the two came out of the hut, Max was amazed at how beautiful the landscape and the picturesque village was below the hill where Kassia's house was.

"The place is quite beautiful, but why did you choose a hut far from the town? I thought you lived a little closer."

Kassia looked at the town quite fondly and pointed to a stone construction that had a fireplace in the distance. "As a doctor, I always have to study the human body regardless of whether it is a living or a dead one.

Otherwise, I could not understand how it works, this is not very well seen by everyone in the village, but at least I can investigate what I need without being called a witch.

When the bodies no longer serve me, I simply incinerate them as best I can, and every month the Godi will come to collect the ashes and use them in the harvest ritual. "

Max was surprised by the last thing Kassia said and looked back at the village in the distance. "Although it is not wrong to use ashes in crops, I consider it a bit macabre to use the remains of the dead.

But maybe it's just my perception of a different time. "

Kassia scratched her head and started walking back from the hut "Max since yesterday I wanted to ask you, how was your past life?"

Max, who was walking, saw in the distance a small wooden palisade from which white smoke was coming out.

"My life was not as fascinating as yours, I was born in a country called Mexico in the bosom of a wealthy family.

My father was the owner of a shoe factory while my mother was a famous lawyer. "

When they reached the palisade, Kassia opened the wooden door, and they could both feel a comfortable rush of heat.

"My childhood was not good or bad, I studied in private schools until the university where I wanted to study History."

After taking off their clothes and helping Kassia with her clothes, the two entered the hot spring pool, Max's face showed some pain, but it was only momentary as he adapted to the heat of the water.

"At university, I focused my study on the history of the inquisition from its origins to the consequences that followed after its end."

Kassia raised her head from Max's chest. "What is the inquisition?"

Max, who had his eyes closed, caressed Kassia's shoulder. "The inquisition was a repressive apparatus created by the church to kill anyone who spoke ill of them or who was a witch or witch.

One of his ways to know if someone is a witch was to throw the accused into the water while he was tied up and had a stone on him.

If they survived, they were witches, but if they died, they were sinless people; power corrupts people, but what happens when you give power to a man and justify it as divine. "

Kassia felt a chill down her spine after hearing Max's words, "There is some way to avoid the birth of the inquisition."

Max opened his eyes and used his hand to put some water on his forehead. "It is impossible since the church is based on something sacred, so no matter how much you do to the priests or the believers, they will continue to profess their religion.

The only way to change religion is to use another religion; you have wondered why Christianity was expelled from Africa and the Middle East by Islam. "

Kassia shook her head.

"There were many factors, but the main ones are their prophet, their holy book, and the way they deal with other religions.

The only way to fight Islam and Christianity is to create a religion that can use science as its foundation.

Think about it in the following way, what is worth more for a person, have a cure for a disease like smallpox, and save his family or the promises of going to heaven.

If we use science, we can create miracles; with miracles, we can develop believers, and with them, we can form a religion.

Of course, to gain a stable base, I decided to use the Norse gods; the advantage is that they are not perfect gods.

More society advances and they get a better education, they will not repudiate the gods since they will find that similarities between them and us. "

Kassia frowned, "There is some difference between whether they are perfect or imperfect."

Max just let out a small laugh. "Look at it this way, if you are an ignorant person, you will be afraid of God, but if you are a person that you have studied, you will question the divinity and the actions of God.

Think about it, the bible says that God is just, but he created a flood where he killed all his creations when he sent plagues to Egypt or when he ordered to kill the son of one of his prophets.

An imperfect god will not have to suffer such questions since, from their conception, they have defects like humans and as they can also sin. "

A small headache felt Kassia, so she held her nose, "Max, in just a little over a day, you have made me question everything I know.

But there are still two things that I don't understand how you know so much about the Norse gods and why you want a beer. "

Max looked at the sky with melancholy. "My daughter liked everything related to the Norse gods, so I had to read a lot of things to be able to explain to my daughter about them.

As for the beer, I will use it together with something that I found in one of your vases to be able to prepare something magical.

If I want to convince my parents that I am an Odin envoy, I have to create a rite to show the divinity that I have and with that, my story will no longer just a story. "

Max hugged Kassia and looked into her eyes. "Of course, it will be all a stage play, but in their eyes, it will be the sample that their son became a true herald of Odin."

Kassia, who was in Max's arms, trembled after staring into his eyes; for a moment, she felt that in Max's gaze, there was boundless knowledge.

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