The Runner's Odyssey

Following his death, Lex abruptly awakens in a world of steampunk machinery, which intertwines the enchantment of fantasy. Given a second chance at life, he is determined to carve his destiny - to rise through the ranks of the Revered Runners - to become a Legendary Runner. With steely resolve, he endures unknown lands, battles deadly creatures, and uncovers ancient mysteries. Guided by an unwavering spirit, this is Lex’s story to the top! ------------------------------------------------------------ Will be doing constant edits here and there, improving the grammar and story in general. Character artwork on Discord and in the comment sections. 1 chapter per day. 50 power stones= 1 extra chapter. https://discord.gg/rkyQyz85DJ

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Their First Time (R18)


When she heard his groan she got faster as his little brother went further down her throat. Tila loved his taste and got even more passionate.

She used her free hand to play with his crown jewels as her tongue swirls around him, this two-pronged attacked caused him to release down her throat.

Tila didn't miss a beat and swallowed everything, once she was done she sat up and she licked some of his seed that was on her lip.

She cast a Cleanse spell on herself before climbing on top of him, but Lex stopped her and wanted to try something he saw on Earth when he watched porn for the first time.

The older woman was confused until she heard his next words. ''Sit on my face.''

When she heard that, she got even more excited and did as he asked, her thick thighs sat on either side of his face.

Lex got instantly excited as her perfect pussy was hovering just above his mouth, she had a tuft of white hair.

She was neat, so he dived in and clumsily started licking her. Tila went stiff as she felt his tongue widely licking her, causing her to moan.

''Aghhhnnn!~~ Lex!''

When he heard her reaction, he continued his attack, but she couldn't hang on as something built up inside her.

Lex discovered her sensitive spot and gently used his tongue to attack it, making her scream as she felt intense pleasure for the first time.

Tila's body shook as a flood of love juices poured into his mouth, which Lex swallowed. Even after her first orgasm, Lex continued to pleasure her with his tongue.

Tila then got off and positioned herself before him, speaking shaky, "Make me yours. It will complete the bond."

He shook his head and stood behind her, appreciating her well-shaped and attractive ass as he grabbed onto her waist.

Lex started rubbing her pussy with his little brother; he coated himself in her love juice and slowly pushed it in. He was lucky to have a wealth of knowledge from Earth to help him.

As he slipped inside her, she gripped the sheets and started to let out seductive moans as he started moving.

He noticed a stream of blood going down her thigh, and Tila felt pain, but it soon died down, and all she felt was pleasure.

At first, Lex was clumsy but soon got the hang of it and started going wild on her, causing the older woman to lose herself to lust.

Tila started letting out seductive moans as she loved every second of it.

''Annngh!~~ Mmnhhh~!!''

He started thrusting as he felt a wet, tight feeling tightening around his little brother. He pushed so deep inside her and released his seed into her womb.

Tila groaned when she felt him filling her up. Lex wanted to lie down, but she jumped and ended up beside him.

She grabbed his little brother and slid down on it while letting out a pleasure-filled moan. ''Mmmmghnn!~~''

The two horny vampires continued fucking like rabbits until Lex was out of breath and Tila was full.

They were lying on the hospital bed. Lex felt tired and sore but also content. He turned his head to the right and saw his Gearhearts.

Tila noticed him looking and smiled before speaking. "The Gear Knights grabbed them in when they rescued you."

She leaned up and playfully tapped his nose. "Those monsters couldn't harm me, Lex. They couldn't even scratch me."

Lex looked at her, rubbing his head, and replied, "Well, I didn't know that, Commander."

He grinned as he spoke, and Tila pinched him gently, laughing as she cuddled up to him. Then, Lex asked a question that piqued his curiosity.

"Tila, what are those creatures? They remind me of creatures from the books I used to read back on Earth."

Her eyes softened as she looked at Lex, sensing his curiosity. She took a deep breath before beginning to explain.

"Lex, those creatures are known as Voidspawn. They're not native to this world. In fact, they fell from the stars hundreds of years ago, during a cataclysmic event that nearly wiped out all life of civilization. When they landed, they spread like a plague, ravaging the lands and driving all races to the brink of extinction."

She paused momentarily, her gaze distant as if recalling the history firsthand. "The survivors of that devastation came together and built massive megacities and fortified settlements, creating a safe haven for the people. These places are where we've managed to thrive and rebuild. But beyond these safe zones lie the wildlands, where the Voidspawn still roam."

Tila's voice carried a mixture of sadness. "The wildlands are dangerous, Lex. They hunt everything in their path, and they've never stopped trying to attack the settlements. But our people are skilled. The imperial family ramped up recruiting to build a force to defend what's left."

Lying on the hospital bed, Lex's mind was still buzzing with questions about the Voidspawn. He turned his head slightly to look at Tila, his brow furrowed in thought.

"Tila," he began, his voice cautious, "are those Voidspawn some kind of hivemind? Their movements and actions were too coordinated, too precise."

Tila looked a bit surprised and nodded. "Yes, Lex, you're correct. The Voidspawn have a kind of shared thinking. It's like they're all connected, moving together as if in a dance of destruction."

Lex's eyes lit up with interest. "A hivemind... That's interesting and scary. It explains how they work together so well in their attacks."

Tila's tone shifted to a more serious one as she gazed at Lex. "Absolutely, it's a major factor in their strength. However, for now, we have a more urgent matter to consider. You've endured a lot, and your priority should be resting and recuperating before going back to the academy."

Lex nodded and started to sit up after Tila stood up and put her clothes back on, not before commenting with a grin. ''That felt amazing. I'm glad you're not timid like the previous Lex.''

He turned to her and asked. ''Why does everyone accept this? You lost your grandson and Lila, her son.''

Tila looked at him with a sad smile before explaining to him. ''Well, Lex. Death is common in this world, and when you walked out of that room, it was like we were given a second chance.''

A tear rolled down her eye as she continued. ''My spell immediately informed me of his death. After grieving for a little while, the spell activated again, and that's when I rushed over and met you.''

He nodded and stopped talking about it, and Lex changed the subject as he looked at his new arm and legs. ''I'm guessing vampires have a healing ability?''

The older lady looked back and put on her glasses. "Yep, we can heal from all injuries, but if our brain gets destroyed, we won't recover."

Lex smiled, and the two left the room, chatting as Tila walked him home. He turned to her and inquired, "Where can I find spellbooks?"

She met his gaze and responded, "You can find them in shops, or you could wait until you go to the academy and use their library."

Tila held his hand as they strolled, and after an hour, they arrived on Lex's street.

When they got to his house and went inside, they saw Lila and Gavriel reading on the sofas.

They both smiled at him, but Lila felt something different about Lex. She looked at him and noticed a smell like her mother's, coming from him instead of her.

Her eyes got bigger when Lex said hello to them. "Hi Lila and Gavriel. I hope you had a good day," he said, going to his room with a smile.

However, Lila's next words stopped him in his tracks. ''It's Mother and Father, boy! Come here.''

Lex paused, turning to find her gaze intense and Gavriel nodding in agreement. He also noticed Tila sitting down, wearing a mischievous grin.

Lila gestured to the seat next to her mother, and Lex understood, so he went and sat down.

Gavriel remained quiet while his wife began to talk. ''I know something's happened. Tell me now, young man.''

Lex proceeded to explain everything that had occurred.

He observed Lila's expressions shift from anger to sadness and finally to fury when she spoke. ''Why were you on the wall? Why were you even there? But thank you for trying to save her, even though she didn't need it.''

They nodded, and then the older woman chimed in. ''Well, he was a gentleman and did his best. You should be proud; all the Gear Knights are impressed with his actions.''

She smiled and nodded after speaking but then continued. ''Oh, Lila, I'll marry him when he graduates from the academy.''

Lila agreed until her mother's words caught her off guard, causing her to turn sharply and narrow her eyes. ''Don't tell me you initiated the bond?''

The older woman nodded with a broad smile, revealing a ring tattoo on her ring finger that Lex finally noticed.

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