The Runner's Odyssey

Following his death, Lex abruptly awakens in a world of steampunk machinery, which intertwines the enchantment of fantasy. Given a second chance at life, he is determined to carve his destiny - to rise through the ranks of the Revered Runners - to become a Legendary Runner. With steely resolve, he endures unknown lands, battles deadly creatures, and uncovers ancient mysteries. Guided by an unwavering spirit, this is Lex’s story to the top! ------------------------------------------------------------ Will be doing constant edits here and there, improving the grammar and story in general. Character artwork on Discord and in the comment sections. 1 chapter per day. 50 power stones= 1 extra chapter. https://discord.gg/rkyQyz85DJ

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Making Her Move (R18)

As Lex plummeted through the air, the Lictor's talons continued to impale his body. He aimed one of his Gearhearts at the creature and fired at point black range.

The ensuing explosion tore them apart as he crashed to the ground with a heavy thud, the impact shattering his bones and abruptly halting his descent.

Disoriented and confused, his thoughts in disarray, he slowly opened his eyes.

Before him stood another creature he recognized as Hive Spawn, they eerily resembled the Gaunts from the series he liked back on Earth.

The monsters were charging at him with hunger in their eyes, their claws and talons ready to tear into him.

Struggling to raise both his arms but in the end, he managed to raise just one as he channeled a large amount of mana into it.

He swiftly squeezed the trigger, and the mana-infused bullet from his Gearheart rocketed forward, colliding with the approaching horde.

It triggered an explosion that propelled him even farther through the air. His descent ended with another violent crash, closer to the wall.

Lex observed the chaos overhead, spells, bullets, and explosions punctuating the sky with a symphony of turmoil.

As the monsters dropped from the sky and crashed to the ground, he lay there, sensing a strange mending process within his body.

His bones began to heal, gradually restoring his battered form. Minutes crawled by, and he regained the strength to lift both arms.

Sitting up, he turned his gaze to the left, spotting smaller creatures known as Ripperfiends charging toward him.

Reacting swiftly, he raised his Gearhearts and unleashed a barrage of mana-infused bullets, but as he did this, he felt his bones breaking.

Upon impact, the projectiles triggered more explosive reactions, reducing the horde to scattered debris.

At last, he managed to rise to his feet, a sinking sensation gripping him.

Instinctively, he cast Body Enhancement, propelling himself sideways as a talon sliced through the air where he had just been moments before.

Lex luckily evaded the Lictor's attack, swiftly raising his weapon to fire at it. His bullets struck true, hitting the monstrous creature and sending it flying.

However, his victory was fleeting. A talon slashed through his lower legs, forcing him to crumple to the ground.

He looked down and saw his lower legs were cut off. Lex started to panic and Attempted to turn around but found himself impaled by the Lictor's talons, pinning him to the ground.

With resilience, Lex aimed his Gearhearts at the monster and unleashed a sudden volley, causing both of them to suffer grievous wounds.

His body bore burns, and he had inexplicably lost his lower legs and an arm. Agonizing pain coursed through him, eliciting winces at even the slightest movement.

Even in his agony, Lex found solace in aiding Tila. The turmoil appeared to be easing as the assault lessened.

After the Lictor tossed him aside, Lex struggled to raise his Gearheart as he slid to a halt. Yet, it evaded his line of sight and delivered a slashing blow.

A piercing scream escaped Lex's lips as the talon ripped through his left arm and tore it off; the creature was about to attack again.

Only for a knight to appear in front of him with a massive shield to intervene, blocking and deflecting the attack.

The Lictor crashed against the shield, and the knight swiftly struck it down. During the commotion, a pack of Ripperfiends charged toward his savior.

With his last reserves of strength, he targeted them with his Gearshot and squeezed the trigger, sending a mana-infused bullet that tore through the creatures.

The knight pivoted, locking eyes with Lex for a moment before hurrying over and lifting him, carrying him over their shoulder.

Simultaneously, another knight retrieved Lex's fallen arm and weapon, dashing toward a human-sized opening in the wall, flanked by vigilant soldiers.

[Tila's POV]

Tila stood beside the opening, watching as the Gear Knights carried the severely injured Lex. She bolstered their retreat with a potent spell that repelled the advancing horde.

Once the soldiers had entered the opening, it was sealed behind them. When Tila heard his gunshots, she ordered them to save him, which they happily agreed to.

The Gear Knights was a specialized unit under her command since her appointment as the commander of Celestia City.

Coming closer to the soldier who held the badly injured Lex, Tila took in his state.

Panic welled up inside her, yet she forced herself to remain calm. Tila turned to the soldier. "Isabella, bring him to the military hospital. He's in critical condition."

The soldier turned, removing her helmet, revealing long blonde hair and piercing pink eyes as she looked at her.

Nodding in agreement, the two women set off toward the hospital. Along the way, Tila couldn't help but reflect on the motivations driving his new behavior.

Remembering the old Lex as someone who wouldn't have risked himself for others, she marveled at this newfound fearlessness.

As they walked, her thoughts wandered, 'Could it be that our relationship has changed him so significantly or is it just how the new Lex is?'

Tila halted her thoughts and turned her attention to Lex, witnessing his wounds gradually healing. A smile crept onto her face as she recognized his vampire powers taking effect.

After a brief walk, they reached the hospital, which appeared deserted except for the two guards stationed at the entrance.

They waved the two women through as Isabella took him to the nearest room. She carefully laid him on the bed and then awaited instructions from Tila.

"Isabella, you can leave. I'll attend to the boy," Tila instructed with a smile.

The woman nodded and exited the room. She shifted her focus to Lex, her tone carrying a mixture of exasperation and affection. "You foolish boy. One monster can't even scratch me, but it did reveal your true self."

Leaning in, she kissed his dry lips, eliciting his response. Tila retrieved a potion from her ring.

She poured the liquid down his throat, and took effect almost immediately. His stumps started growing back as he groaned.

Tila held his other hand as his limbs grew back. An hour later, he was back to normal but was covered in sweat.

Lex stirred as he felt his aching body was back to normal. He opened his eyes and saw a plain-looking ceiling.

He turned to the right and saw Tila staring at him with a smile on her face. Her red eyes stared deep into his.

She spoke, "You're finally awake. I was just about to cover you in kisses to see if that could wake you up."

[Back to Lex]

Lex grinned upon hearing her and quipped, "I'm not stopping you, am I?"

Upon hearing him fall silent, the older woman approached him. She got onto the bed, positioned herself on his lap, and faced him.

Tila had a massive grin as she leaned down and kissed him. He quickly returned it while he held her thick waist. He felt her massive boobs pressing up against him.

The two got even more passionate as their blood fired up, and Lex experienced the vampire bond.

He felt so attracted to her his hands snaked up her curvy but firm body and reached to her boobs and grabbed them.

They enveloped his hands in softness as they were too big to hold in one hand. Tila stopped kissing him and watched him with a seductive look.

Her smile was tantalizing as she gently pressed him downward, leaning in to whisper into his ear, "Will you accept our bond, Lex?"

Lex nodded in response. Tila then gracefully shed her dress, her breasts gracefully springing free.

They were a breathtaking sight, holding him in awe. Sitting immaculately on her chest, they defied gravity.

Pink nipples stood prominently against her fair skin, an enticing contrast.

Lex's actions were instinctual as he took one tenderly into his mouth, his tongue dancing over it while his other hand caressed the other.

Tila let out seductive moans as he played with her sensitive nipples. ''Mmmmnghh!~~''

She ground up against his little brother, and her white panties started getting wet as she pushed him back onto the bed.

Lex let her do whatever she wanted as she started kissing him, then made her way to his neck.

The older woman kissed down his chest and stomach until she came to his pants, which she swiftly took off.

Before she did anything, she used her magic to block off the room so they wouldn't be caught.

She continued to kiss down his body until she saw his little brother, which shocked her. Tila looked at him and commented with a grin. ''You're big down here, darling. I'm tingling thinking about it already.''

Tila then started peppering his member with kisses as she took it in her mouth, a wave of pleasure to wash over him, causing him to groan.

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