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#The Royals: Anna and Williams Anna was a simple girl, a free spirit and not your usual prim and proper kind-of girl. While girls her age were busy having tea parties, playing castle and attending debut balls, Annalisa-Jane Jacobs loved to play with children, wear trousers under her gowns and climb rocks. It didn't help that she was a princess. She was also stubborn and rebellious; traits she got from her father. And she hated to be confined and controlled even though she was the Princess of Worcestershire Castle. Annalisa-Jane Jacobs wanted to be wild and free and this went against her father's wishes. Her parents, the King and Queen of Worchester, thought getting her married would make her act like a woman. They believed that marriage was the solution. So when his childhood friend, Duke De Beaumont tells him his second son, Williams De Beaumont had returned back from completing his masters abroad in England, the Royal family and the Dukes decides that the young Duke was the perfect match for their daughter Annalise, the Princess. But here is the problem. The Duke and the Princess hated each other from their first meet. William was pompous, proud. Arrogant! Annalisa-Jane was simple, stubborn. Rebellious! They were bad combinations for each other. They rather kill themselves than to get married. And seeing that their parents were hell bent on going through with the marriage alliance; thus they made sure to flaunt their parents plans, get them angry, do un-royal-like things just so they cancel the wedding. It was a ‘’ruin it’’ or ‘’run-away’’ plan if it doesn’t work out. Their hate for each other was evident. But there is one thing as strong as hate -which is love, especially when they did not see it happening. Not Ever!!!! Set in recent times and having an ambience of classic royal family politics, unknown enemies and a bust of unexpected turns, the Royals: Anna and Williams takes us on a journey of hate and eventual love; without restrictions to foul language even in their thick Worcestershire accent, raw unfiltered desires and mixed emotions that would get you laughing, angry, giddy, frustrated and toes curling and heart beating fast waiting for that moment. It would keep you at the edge of your seat because you would not want to stop turning those pages. I mean how can you, it’s too juicy, so don’t blink!!


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