1 Chapter 1: Embarrassing Way To Die

She walked and walked. The sky is turning blue to orange, signalling that the daylight will be replaced by darkness soon. She was exhausted. She began to regret her decision to come here.

'He told me that the spider was here. Until now, I haven't encountered one. She was talking to herself.

She examined the surroundings. Even with her super eyes, she could not locate the spider she desired. This was against her motto, ' If I don't have to do it, I won't.' If I must do it, I'll do it quickly.'

This was necessary for her research.

The road in Sydney was crowded with individuals. Everyone, whether they were white or black, was present here. This is Australia. She came to this place solely for one reason. In search of the Atrax robustus spider in Sydney City. Known as the Sydney funnel-web spider, it has venom that can kill in fifteen minutes. She contacted someone by phone. The phone kept ringing until someone picked it up.

"I'm having trouble finding it, Jones." She sighed.

"Well, I also told you that it is a rare species." The man named Jones said.

"Yes. I recall that. However, it is extremely frustrating. I am interested in researching that spider."

"Then you can continue searching for it."

"No, I gave it up. Wait, I found it. I got to go now."

Without waiting for Jones's response, she ended the call and ran to the place where she accidentally saw the spider. The excitement caused her to forget that she was running towards the road.

Seeing a car speeding towards her, the surrounding people started screaming in shock.


The car hit her directly. She could feel that her body was in the air and then drop to the ground. Then she lost consciousness.


She opened her eyes. Her body felt very light. She then looked at her body.

"What the heck is this?!!!! My body became transparent."

She looked at her surroundings. She recognized the place. It was the place where she had been hit by a car. Then she saw her own body.

"What?!!! It was so embarrassing." That was what she had been thinking when she saw her own body.

Her body was in an embarrassing position. Her hip was pointing up. And the most embarrassing part, her skirt was tucked up showing her underwear. Everyone was looking at her ass.

"Don't look." She screamed but she was in the spirit state. No one would be going to listen to her.

She was waiting for someone to come and end this embarrassing situation. Her prayers had been answered when the paramedic came and took her body away. She had been declared dead when the paramedic checked her body.

"Now what? I am dead. What should I do now?" She scratched her head.

"Bai Xifeng, come with me." A man dressed in black, not like in the movie, Men In Black, okay. This man dressed in the black robe like people wore in the ritual. He also had a pale face.

She assumed that this man was a grim reaper. Only that he just did not have his large scythe. Without questioning anything, she followed the grim reaper quietly.

The Grim Reaper opened a portal. He asked her to go in. She went in. Well, it was because she was curious about what was inside the other side of the portal. When she stepped in, she saw something amazing. The things were only in the human imagination.

The mountain, the river, the flowers, even the animals looked very beautiful and at the same time, it was very fantastic. It felt like she had jumped into the fantasy world.

"Come here." The grim reaper said.

She quickly snapped out and followed the grim reaper. The grim reaper brought her to a hall. Inside the hall, there was a stage. On the stage, someone was there. That someone's body was a man when she looked at him. Half of his face was covered by a mask. Even so, she could tell that he was a very handsome man.

"Bai Xifeng died at the age of 25. Hit by a car...." The handsome man started to read the record of her life. From baby to the moment, that she died.

She just kept listening to the handsome man.

"Creating poison is wrong." She heard another voice. She looked at the left side of the hall. Another man was sitting at the table there.

"But she used the money to treat the animals." Another voice on the right side of the hall.

The handsome man in the middle was silent. The right and left men were arguing.

"I will send you to someplace. Just do whatever you want to do there." The handsome man made a decision.

She was wondering whether she was facing the King of Yama. He should be scary, not handsome like this.

"Thank you for telling me that I'm handsome. Do you prefer me like this?" The moment he finished that sentence, he transformed into a big red man.

She was shocked when he responded to her inner thoughts and became more shocked when she saw he had transformed.

"No, please stick on the handsome look."' She replied to the handsome man that right now with a big red man look.

"Okay." He transformed back to the handsome man look. "Now you can follow that man." The handsome man pointed to the earlier grim reaper.

The grim reaper brought her to an empty space and once again opened the portal to her.

"Go on."

She entered.

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