The rise of the saviour Book

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The rise of the saviour


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Morpheous, a man determined to fight injustice, awakens to a miraculous power during a deciding fight with the Kingdom of Nubia’s tyrant king. Even when the bolt of death was conjured, he took it all in, like he was harvesting its power! With one swift fling of his sword, he defeats him much to the peoples' surprise. At the moment when he’s about to receive the mantle of being the next ruler, the kingdom’s council head casts him back in time. Thrown into a purgatory, will he be able to realize that he is the Invincible One? Follow Morpheous, as he sets on the journey of revenge across the nine worlds as he learns new skills, transforming into the harbinger of ineffable mayhem for the people who have killed his father. ----------------------- Excited to discuss more Morpheous? Want to have a sneak peek? Then---> [Join me on discord at] https://discord.gg/cPVJ69e . . . NOTE - I am not the owner of this cover and if you are, then let me know. I will take it down.


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