138 The hidden story of the Millefiore (part 2)

While Sylas was recovering from the fist he took to the face, the white robed woman did a slight reverence towards the king and seeing that there were new faces she presented herself.

"The royal alchemist Milia Diod greets the king; I have important news regarding the things that the guardian of the borders asked me to analyze".

Orson nodded.

"Miss Diod, please take a seat… there are no strangers here, so tell us what did you find out".

Milia took Sylas's seat, her indifferent expression changed to a warm one when she saw Kana.

"Good morning little girl, if you see your grandfather doing any extenuate activity, tell me so I can punish him for being a stubborn old man".

Sylas sighed, he sat next to Milia with a somewhat annoyed expression.

"Why the discrimination? I'm also Kana's relative, you know?".


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