165 Returning to the capital city

Lilia noticed the curious expression in Eris's face and she mentally laughed.

"It seems, she will find out by her own, that's good, my darling always is the one to explain our relationship, so this is a good change in the set up hehehe".

Although Eris was dying out of curiosity, she decided to wait until Aster's family could totally trust her, which will be after they see with their own eyes that the other woman, is indeed from the ash nether clan, and is also the true evil that has caused problems in Prasil.

She unconsciously stole a couple of gazes at Aster's lower body which was covered in the bedsheet, before she left the room to wait for them to finish their bath.

Of course, Aster noticed how she looked at him, but that was normal, considering how she called herself "queen" and her past story, he was sure this was the first time she has ever seen a man half naked… well more accurately fully naked, but half covered by a bedsheet.


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