The rise of the pervert primordial

What do humans want most, money, fame, power? Born an orphan, Aster saw all the other children be adopted and get into caring family, as for him, he grew in the orphanage, studied and found a job, a simple yet fulfilling life as he decided to help raise funds for the home in which he grew. Unfortunately fate seemed to play him a bad taste joke, a crazy robber, a gunshot and a bomb, why did I have to step in, when I have never cared about other people business, he wondered as his life faded away. The next thing he knew was that he was being held in the arms of the most beutiful woman he has ever seen, did he died and went to heaven, did he finally gained what he desired so much, or is he being a victim to some kind of scheme. The asnwer came to him as he was gazed by the tender eyes of that woman, the warmth of a family he longed for, during 18 years of his life, he finally got to experience it, so what could go wrong. If you were given a second chance, will you follow your desires even if they were against common sense? Follow Aster on his travel trough the multiple planets and realms as he gains the title "The Perverted Primordial" ------------------------------------ Achievement rewards: 800 power stones= 1 extra chapters (The reward chapters will be posted on the week, on a random day) ----------------------------------------------- Copyright the cover image is not mine if you are the author contact me and I will take it down. ----------------------------------------------- English is not my main language so there might be some grammar mistakes. ----------------------------------------------- Finnaly if you don't like harem and R-18 chapters this novel is not for you. (No NTR btw). ----------------------------------------------- If you like my novels please do support me by voting with your power stones, and reviewing them, also please give it a try to my other novel "Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System". ----------------------------------------------- For all those who are still reading this lets start our long journey.

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Knowledge and cultivation

When Aster saw himself as a baby he panicked.

"How did this happen!!! I remember that I died in a hostage situation, when that psycho tried to assault a little girl that was with her mother while threatening everyone to not move or he would blow up the whole building with a bomb attached to his body".

Even if Aster was not a saint nor a hero, he could not stand what was about to happen so while the mother of the girl tried to protect her daughter, he suddenly rushed towards the guy grabbed him and jumped through the window.

While they were still in the air, the bomb detonated and then he only saw darkness and heard a voice that said something he could not remember, the next thing he saw was the beautiful woman that was holding him in her arms.

Aster was an orphan before, without nothing to tie him to his previous life he decided to enjoy this second chance to the fullest.

But then he met his first obstacle on this new life, his mother wanted to feed him with her breasts…. while his mother removed her blouse to expose her breasts Aster was trying with all his might not to see her in an inappropriate way, even if his body was that of a baby his mind was the one of a man on his twenties not only that, this was the first time he saw the naked body of a woman in person and she was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen even compared to the top models on earth.

"This is normal, she is your mother bad spirits go away!!!".

He kept repeating that to himself but when he saw the pink little buds on her breasts his mind went blank and when his mother made him drink her milk, he almost cried, the taste was so sweet and delicious he could not believe there was something that could be this good.

But the main reason of his reaction was that he could sense the feelings of Lilia while she was breastfeeding him, the love and care he was receiving made his heart beat faster than normal and he felt as if all his problems and worries were disappearing from this world.

"I will protect this woman in front of me for the rest of my life", he swore to himself.


Wolfstein castle five years later:

There was a boy sitting in the library with a pile of books on the table in front of him, his light brown hair had a slight golden tone and his blue eyes were moving fast while going through the pages, this past years as soon as Aster was able to move, he decided to obtain as much information as possible, as a sage in his previous world said, "knowledge is power".

During this years he had to keep the act of being a child in front of his mother so he had to go through the process of learning how to speak and start recognizing things, Lilia was charmed seeing her son "natural" curiosity towards everything so she dedicated all her time to teach him.

After some time she realized that her son was different from what she had expected, he never complained about anything and always behaved well which made her proud of him.

Then one day Aster discovered that in this Azure sky planet, there are people that could use the energy of the heaven and earth, manipulate the elements, strenghten their bodies to shatter mountains with their fists and fly on the sky, these people were known as cultivators.

Aster was fascinated when his mother showed him some of her abilities as a cultivator but he was sad when she told him that he could only start to cultivate at the age of 5.

But there was no need to rush, apparently cultivators have really long life spans so waiting 5 years was nothing for them, Lilia did not tell him what was her current cultivation realm, but she still explained the names of the different realms, the first division is called "Mortal" realms since they conform the process needed for a mortal to change the body to adapt to the spiritual energy, from the lowest to the highest they were:

Tempered body

Foundation established

Core condensation

Spiritual sea

Nascent soul

Soul manifestation

Each one of them had three stages, early, middle and late stage, in some cases there were people who got stuck due to some reason and those were called half-stage but it was quite rare to found someone like that.

Those were only the realms for the lower tier worlds and commoners, after going though all of them one would start their true cultivation journey, in the azure sky planet of the Wolfstein family, to be considered a proper cultivator one must be above the soul manifestation realm and for that the next divission was called "Earthly" realms:

Earth Origin realm

Star Formation realm

Stellar Constellation realm

Stellar Axys realm

Star tribulation realm

Like the mortal realms they consisted on three stages, the main difference is that on the star tribulation realm a cultivator has to survive a tribulation from the heavens to reach the next stage, Lilia stopped the explanation saying that in the Azure sky planet there was no one on the star tribulation realm, which could be proved as Isaac the current overlord of this superior world was at the middle stage of the stellar axys realm.

After finishing the book he was reading Aster went to his room to prepare, tomorrow he will be five years old and then he could finally start his cultivation journey, while imagining all the things he would be able to do after tomorrow, he fell asleep.

He did not notice that there was someone observing him.

Outside of Aster's room Lilia had a complicated expression on her beautiful face, she opened the door and after setting up a barrier around the room she laid down in the bed and placed Aster in her embrace, when she saw her precious son sleeping, she mumbled something caressed his hair and closed her eyes, after a moment her breathing slowed down as she fell asleep.