63 Being a mother-con has its advantages R-18

Aster saw her mother teary eyes and he gently helped her wipe her tears, while Lilia was enjoying the care his son was giving her, she noticed that his clothes were in bad shape and there was some blood and dirt on them so she put on a cunning smile when she said.

"I must supervise you for at least one day to make sure that your body is healthy and that there are no internal injuries after your advance", she took out a pill that had a light green color adorned with white spirals from her spatial ring and handed it to Aster, "this is a spring rejuvenating pill, unlike normal healing pills this one also helps the body to relax and cure the fatigue caused by excess of cultivation".

Aster didn't doubt for a second before swallowing the pill.

Lilia smiled before taking his hand and start walking out of her room.

"Come with mommy to take a bath ♥ sweetie".


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