47 Arthur’s past & Bribe

Once they entered Arthur's studio, he invited Aster to sit down and he started with his story.

Turns out Aria's mother fell ill after giving birth to her, during the five years that her body lasted she needed a lot of medicines to maintain a relative stable health condition so the patriarch did everything he could to cure his wife, all the resources that were originally intended to help him improve his personal strength were sold to buy medic pills, at some point he even used the resources that were supposed to be for the clan treasury.

And after his wife left this world leaving him devastated the first elder faction took charge of all the business-related things and he had to replenish all the materials he took from the family so from that point onwards he did not receive but a few spiritual stones per year even if he was the patriarch, when he discovered Aria's talent for cultivation, he decided to use what he received to help his daughter instead of him which resulted in his current state.

Before hearing to his story Aster thought he was too bland with the elders but given the circumstances he did what he thought it was the best for Aria, also it was not really bad for them until the other families noticed Aria and started corrupting his Ghale family from the inside just to get her.

Aster smiled and played with his spatial ring a bit, for him a problem that could be solved with mere spiritual stones was not really something to worry about after all this man was his future father-in-law and pile of gold in abundancy is less appreciated than a pile of coal in winter.

Aster took out a little wooden box and put it on Arthur's desk.

"Uncle Arthur take this as a sign of good will from me", Arthur doubted for a second but he opened the box and he almost choke with what he was drinking… inside there were at least 800 spiritual stones and also an emerald gem.

"Little nephew… what is this?".

"Well, you can call it a little gift from me as a sign of good will, please don't hesitate to take it, if my calculations are correct these spiritual stones should cover what's left for you to replenish right? As for the spiritual gem, that is to help you with your cultivation".

Arthur did not know what to say this kid's intentions were pretty clear for him.

"Are you trying to bribe me to support your intentions with my daughter?".

Aster had a cunning smile when he answered.

"No, no, no, if I did such a thing then i would be the same as all those guys that bribed the elders of your family to treat her as if she was a product, the difference is that I truly care for Aria and I will put my life on the line to protect her if needed, so this can't be called "bribe", it's better to consider it "dowry".

Aster stopped for a moment before laughing.

"Hahaha, as I said I think there is no need for formalities between us, don't you agree my future father-in-law?".

Arthur was surprised, "how shameless can you be" he thought while sighing as he replied.

"Ughh you little… I don't mind taking the stones so I can slap the face of the first elder but keep the gem for Aria I'm already too old to be competing with the younger generations for cultivation resources".

Aster stopped him midway while he extended his hand.

"Don't worry the gem on Aria's ring is a treasure on the same level, in fact her innate rate of spiritual energy absorption will be improved for a long time, let this be a little secret between you and me".

Arthur had a confused expression.

"I don't want to sound ungrateful little nephew but... if you have the means to solve everything why not do it now?".

"You don't understand women uncle, Aria is still on the process of accepting me as her partner right now and even if I look like this, I'm only 7 years old you know?".

Arthur nodded in recognition before finished processing what Aster told him.

"Right, you are only…. What!!!?".

Aster expected that kind of reaction from Arthur after all by all means in other people eyes, he was too young for many of the things he was already doing, not that he cared but he still explained.

"Let's say that my physique is different from other people so I look older than my peers, in three years there won't be much difference between me and her, at least not on appearance".

Arthur felt confused.

"I don't know traditions in other families but don't you think you are too young for my daughter?".

Aster shrugged.

"Well, that is why I'm also taking it slowly with her, besides you should know that for us cultivators a couple of dozens of years means nothing as an age gap".

Arthur understood his logic, after all he was ten years older than his wife but they were already adults when he started dating her a long time ago, after thinking about it he just shook his head and decided to not interfere on his daughter's romantic life.

Aster extended his hand and Arthur accepted his greet to seal the deal but he felt as If he had pushed his daughter into a lion's jaws.

"You must be kind to her, even if i don't have the face call myself her father... she has already gone through too many hardships just because I was too incompetent".

Aster's smiling impression turned serious for a moment.

"Focus on improving your cultivation first uncle, then put some order on your family and leave Aria on my hands I assure you that I will keep her safe".

Aster left after saying those last words and returned to Aria's room only to find Alice arguing with Aria about how he was convincing her father to marry her off to him, of course he didn't miss the opportunity to tease them.

"Is nice to see you ladies being friendly to each other as you will be sisters in the future", Aria blushed and Aster sat next to her and gently hugged her with his right arm, seeing Alice jealous expression he extended his other arm which she took without a second of delay, after a moment he said in a calm voice.

"Aria, I spoke with your father and there is no need for you to hide at your own house, so no more disguises, ok?".

Aria was a bit worried about that so she wanted to refuse.

"But... that might cause problems to the inn, you know that is my only way to get resources for cultivation".

Aster turned his face to see her directly before answering.

"Hehehe, now that "uncle" Arthur has agreed to my terms there is no need for you to worry about that anymore".

Aria had a bad premonition hearing Aster call his father in such a way.

"Y… you, what did you tell to my father?".

Aster enjoyed teasing her so he decided to keep on the act, "nothing to worry I just told him that you already accepted to be with me forever so I will be in charge of fulfilling any needs you might have".

Aria was about to cry "what in the world happened in the 30 minutes I was asleep" she wondered.

Aster saw her and he patted her head as he laughed.

"I'm just joking with you, I only talked with your father about a few things that were bothering me but the part of no more disguise is true oh and also for resources, if there is anything you need don't hesitate to ask me, you are my precious Aria after all".

Aria felt warm in her heart but and she was a bit more relaxed knowing that Aster was messing with her like always.

"I knew my father would not agree to something like that".

Alice rolled her eyes.

"Your expression does not match your words you know".

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