116 A warm welcome

Kana happily stood from her seat and told her guards that she invited Aster to the Millefiore mansion in the city, normally Marco would have argued with her because she as a young lady shouldn't invite a stranger to her house, not to mention it was a young man, but taking into account that it was someone recognized by the ancient forest and how he avenged his little brother how could he refuse.

"I don't have any problem young lady but… your father is already waiting for you there, I'm sorry I wasn't supposed to tell you but he contacted me a couple of hours ago".

Although she "escaped" from the mansion in the capital where she was stayng, of course her father noticed it, since Kana is his only daughter how could he not have someone tacking care of her from the shadows.

Kana didn't seem worried about it.

"Don't worry uncle Marco, I bet father will be happy to receive blessed ones like big brother Aster and big sister Alice in our house".


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