The Rise of the Black Plain

Minos Stuart is a regular young nobleman with average abilities and limited prospects for his future. However, just as he was about to embark on his cultivation journey, he suffered a severe injury that left him on the brink of death! Nevertheless, a stroke of luck befalls Minos as a fragment of the soul from an ancient specialist recognizes him, giving him a chance of one in a billion. This opportunity will open up a new and exciting path for Minos, filled with risks and thrilling experiences, as he gathers the strength to keep a promise and pursue his own ambitions! *** Notice: This is a fantasy story and, as such, is not related to any fact of reality. Disclaimer: I don't own the cover; if its original creator wants me to take down or put credit, leave a message in any chapter, and I'll do it as soon as possible. https://discord.gg/4437dvvk9x

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Unwanted Meeting

Another week had passed since Elen Nash's departure from the Black Plain, but nothing of relevance had happened meantime. 

Although this region needs many changes, there was no budget for any such developments.

And due to this financial limitation, Minos' plans were also frozen, which included his desire to establish his own spiritual academy for children in the city with the intention of recruiting students for the Black Plain Army, similar to the Gill family's program.

Minos believe that even if the average talent in this area was low for now, it wouldn't remain similar to this after a few decades. So, by paving a foundation in this instance, he would be able to make way for a great future ahead.

In addition to reaching level 13 this week, Minos also passed a new technique that was classified as Silver grade to Dillian. 

His was a specialized healing technique, called Radiant Healing, and had 6 phases, which used beams of light to heal wounds.

Of course, depending on the stage, with the help of this technique, the user would be able to heal anything from non-lethal wounds in the first stage to saving lives, as long as the patient still had a breath remaining in him, regardless of the condition.

However, due to Dillians talent, it was impossible for him to completely realize this technique. But with the highest level that he could achieve, he could still be able to recover the lost limbs of his patients.

Minos had avoided not delivering this technique to Dillian before since he wanted to familiarize himself with each technique of the inheritance. On the other hand, the butler was still adjusting to the new technique he had received a few weeks ago.

That was because cultivators would gradually require some time to adapt to each of the new techniques until they were ready to learn another. 

Minos had also instructed Dillian to pass on the Black-grade techniques that they had, to the 30 guards in Dry City. 

In fact, he eventually planned to leave the techniques of this level in the library of the future headquarters of the Black Plain Army for future members. 

But for the time being, they could only pass it along to the guards. As for Minos' 10 personal guards, they had already started training using these techniques.

Meanwhile, at the entrance to Dry City, two young women were on the top of a large spiritual beast that resembled more like a tiger. One of them had black hair, a cute face, and sensual curves, while the other appeared slightly older and had brown hair and an attractive physique which someone would relate with mature women.

Anyway, both were dressed in similar robes, indicating that they belonged to the same family or sect.

As they made their way towards the central part of the city, the two women were talking. "I never expected that there would be a place with such poor spiritual energy as this. Master, I'm sorry to ask, but did the young Minos lose his mind? Perhaps he is not able to think clearly after recovering," said the black-haired young woman.

"Don't talk nonsense, Ruth. He must have come here because he might have had no other choice," the older woman exhaled.

After a while, they finally arrived in front of the only mansion in the city, which despite its size, looked as good as any decent place in this town.

"Let's go in and see if we can talk to him," said the brown-haired woman, while entering the mansion.


"Hello, my name is Mia. How may I assist you?" Mia greeted the duo as soon as she noticed the unfamiliar people entering this place.

"Hmm, tell Minos that his mother is here to see him," the brown-haired woman said, without hiding her identity as Monos' mother.

"His mother…" Mia repeated, a bit taken aback.

Although it was not so strange for a mother to appear like this, she would never think that this woman before her, who appeared even younger than she was, was the mother of this region's sovereign, Minos!

"Ah! Okay, I'll let him know," but she quickly regained her composure from the initial shock as she hurried to Minos' office.

At the moment, Minos, Dillian, and Pyke were in the office talking about the matters related to the safety of Dry City when Mia rushed through the door.

"Young master, a young woman, is here to see you. She says that she is your mo…" but before she could finish the message, the two women were right behind her and had already entered through the door of the office.

When Minos and Dillian saw this, the duo didn't need more than a moment to recognize the brown-haired woman. This was Minos' mother, Maisie Coleman, who was at level 65, a Spiritual Emperor!

As for the other young woman, neither of them knew her, but Dillian noticed her level. She was at level 43.

Dillian then tried to break the momentary silence, "Mrs. Maisie, it's good to see you again."

"Oh! It's good to see you too, butler Dillian," Maisie replied.

But Minos' words were cold and also were definitely not a greeting, "What are you doing here?"

In fact, he was not happy to have to receive his mother, since she never paid attention to her or acted as a mother when he needed, so why should he have respect for her?

Upon hearing this, the young woman named Ruth, snapped at him, "How can you talk to your mother like this? Do you even know how far she came just for you?"

"I don't know since I don't know anything about her either. But it would have been better for her to have stayed there," Minos retorted sarcastically.

Before the two young ones could make the situation more bad, Maisie intervened, "Ruth, don't say anything. He has his reasons for saying that, so you shouldn't blame him," she then turned to Minos and continued.

"Minos, my son, today I came to look for you so that I can take you to the Gray Clouds Sect," she then gave a thorough look at her son for a moment as she noticed how tall he had become since the last time she saw him. 

"Even if you only have a Black talent, I believe that it is far better to become an external elder of the sect than to remain in this backward place," she added with a sincere look on her face.

After hearing Maisie's words, everyone in the room, except Ruth, clearly had reactions of being against this idea.

Pyke and Mia, the natives of this region who were pleased with the current way that things were developing for the Black Plain, were suddenly shaken by her words.

After all, even if the 'CURE' of the Black Plain was definitive, which they didn't know, Minos was still a great ruler. He wanted to develop the region, admitted that he didn't know anything about it, and even made intelligent decisions, so, they did not want to lose such a leader.

Meanwhile, Dillian, who had already adopted the idea of developing the Black Plain slowly and was sure that Minos would achieve that, was also against the idea of Minos leaving this place. 

Furthermore, with the Spatial Kingdom, Minos did not need to go to the Gray Clouds Sect, where he would only face many obstacles in his path.

It would just be stupid to do that!

Regarding the way Minos saw it, the only person whom he had no respect for was now asking him to give up his goals. After all, in the Gray Clouds Sect, he would be restricted by the system, also face difficulties, and even when he reached the top, it would be due to a random force and no feeling of goodwill.

But comparing that to the Black Plain, despite it not being his original home, was a place that he could develop from the very beginning, something that entirely was his own. So, he had special care for these lands.

After a while of silence, Minos burst into laughter, "Hahahaha, I am in no need of your good intentions. I'm just fine where I am. And maybe you will be the one who needs my help in the future."

Saying that Minos left the office without waiting for a response and quickly disappeared. He had gone to the Spatial Kingdom to cool his head.

Meanwhile, Ruth was cursing him in her mind, 'What an ungrateful bastard. But considering the things he said, he can only be a lunatic to think that we would need him.'

"Sigh… I'm sorry about that, Mrs. Maisie, but the young master is doing well. It's the truth, I understand your concern for his future, but the young master will be fine," Dillian said with an apologetic smile.

"Dillian, I already expected him to refuse. But I still wanted to try, as in the sect, I could at least be able to protect him," Maisie stared at Minos' chair which he had been sitting in not long ago.

"I understand, but maybe the young master doesn't need protection in the end," Dillian said, holding his arms behind his back.

"And why do you say that?" Minos' mother asked with curiosity.

"Didn't you feel the young master's level?" Dillian asked.

Maisie then spoke without giving it much of thought, "He must have been at level 13…" Then she remembered something uttered, "That's right, but he woke up from his unconscious state just a month ago…"

Upon hearing that, Ruth jumped back, 'How is this possible? Even with my Silver talent, it took three months to reach the same level…'

Before Minos' office, Maisie said to Dillian, "I will be in Dry City for two days. Please tell this to my son."

After leaving the mansion, Maisie and Ruth headed to the Four Seasons Hotel, where they planned to stay.

When they were halfway to the hotel, Ruth asked, "Master, why don't we go back? I believe that he won't change his mind."

"I know that, but I want to look at his situation before we leave," Maisie nodded and then continued.

"Even if he doesn't change his mind, I want you to return here in a year and a half, and assess his strength at that time. If he can maintain this cultivation speed, then I want you to take him to the competition that is going to take place in the Cromwell Kingdom, 18 months from now.

That way, he will be able to understand the difference between heaven and earth. And also that even if he has a good cultivation speed, it doesn't mean that he will be the strongest. Only by fighting those of the same generation will he understand me and change his mind," Maisie said confidently.

"Hmm, but what if he refuses?" Ruth wondered.

"I don't think he will refuse, considering how much he resembles his father and the fact that he wants to earn his things with his efforts. So, you shouldn't have to worry about it."

After that, they settled in the hotel to spend the following two days.


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