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The Rise of Quetzalcoatl


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I like this story .. the background is also more extensive, especially I like the Yuri + Action genre, I'm also looking forward to future developments ..


Reveal spoiler


The story was quite good, at least up to the point where romance was introduced. Well, let's go to some strong and weak points of the story shall we? Pros: World Building; the world building aspect is quite unique, and it's seen through the eyes of the protagonist, though of course because of this the development of world building would be quite slow and the world isn't exactly fully explained but it gives off a sense of mystery which I quite like but it may not be for everyone. Oh also the story's take on the system is great. 4.6/5 Writing Quality; the paragraphs are very readable, the uses of words is alright, and there are only few grammatical errors. 4.2/5 Updates; This is self explainable, it updates every other day. 4.4/5 Now onto why this story got such a bad score; the Cons: Story Development; now mind you, I was going to originally give this a 4.6 or even 4.7 but then the romance part happen. The pacing is just right and it isn't rushed and slow in any way, there are few plot holes. The problem here is the romance, it's too rushed and by that I mean way too rushed. Sure it's tagged yuri and it'll come eventually but at least you should do so naturally. The romance seems forced, and as of now it doesn't at all fit. 3/5 Characters; Oh boy, do I have a lot to say about this one. Let's first go over the protagonist, a cold, somewhat calculating, and at first extremely revenge driven person. But then Chapter 43 happens and most of her personality is thrown out of the window, You don't just go from potential enemy to pawn and then straight up to lovers. That's not how relationships work, nor how a human mind work either. She's written to have trust issues and seem manipulating, so why just suddenly drop it all instead of developing everything instead? As for the other side characters we have seen way too little of them for me to properly rate the others but for now. 1.8/5 Overall the story is quite good, though weighted down by the sudden massive break of character and romance. Total score: 3.6/5


The novel was incredible, I was really liking everything until Tiana appeared and everything lost meaning to me once she admits to being emotionally manipulating the MC sincerely the novel is incredible but I can't stand this character of Tiana


More chapters plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz๐Ÿ˜„


Reveal spoiler


Only 10 chapters are out so far, but I am looking forward to more. Plot is good and you get attached to the MC quick. I myself can't wait for the MC to get revenge as well get stronger. Gonna be a good novel I want more.


I like the story so far and the characters are likable too especially the MC. I dont have any complaints but I have curiosity. Its just I always wonder who will be Lucyโ€™s future partner/lover. I mean it has a yuri tag on it.


It's good no obvious mistakes needs more chapter for more judgment i like it for now. Also when will she get her noble phantasm? (~^. ^)~(~^. ^)~(~^. ^)~(~^. ^)~(~^. ^)~(~^. ^)~(~^. ^)~


15 chapters in and im absolutely loving it. I love the MC and how sheโ€™s changed and adapted to become strong. Very excited to see how conflicts evolve. The only thing Id change about this novel is even more chapters being released. Cant wait to read more


read your other book and thought let's go read this one. I love this one. .. .............................................................


Looking forward to future chapters. Please take my power stones IfifufufjfufudktsitskgakgsitzktzktzkgxkgzkgxkgxlyxlgxkgxlgxlyxlgxlgzlgxlhgHd


Do not like a single character in the entire story


I think the writing can be a little bit confusing at time (just an opinion) overall loved the story .. and writing would be cool if we dove in the lore of the world a bit more like the gods and the monsters


I cant seem to read the Last 2 chapters even though I paid for privilged to be able to read them I really enjoy this and need to read more chapters [img=update][img=update]


What words to describe how much of a masterpiece this is... I want to write a decently long detailed review but I feel lazy so... uhh... I'll just point out random things I guess. First things first... YURI!!! I have a serious addiction to yuri, everything I read is good but when there's no yuri it just feels so... lacklustre? Like, everytime I read some romcom novel where It's F x M, I feel like, sure, IT IS great, but like, I feel like it doesn't make me as happy and excited as yuri could. The writing is, what can I say, It's higher than the word highest. Although there were a few misplelled words, there was nothing wrong with the grammar. The characters are also just fantastic! I mean, white haired female MCs are just the best and nothing could change my mind about it. The personality is, uhh, a bit...confusing? Well, sometimes. I just felt like her personality changes WAY TOO MUCH and TOO FAST. It's probably because of my reading speed and the story's time skips, my excitement is also a variable since the more excited I am the more I would want even more of this novel. Like, if I read every chapter and there was no more chapters to read, I'll probably be in agony saying how "I'M DYING FROM BOREDOM! I NEED MORE CHAPTERS!" But, well, I also know authors are human not some restless robots and so I just try to convince myself that there will, hopefully, another chapter fast. I feel like I have more to say but I think this is enough. All I can really say right now is that this is worth reading and you'll regret it if you don't read this. So why not give it a try?! If you like it after reading, why not support by stones, rewiew or gifts to motivate author to continue doing a great job!


This will be interesting if this rushed romance successfully end up good because most of the rush romance I've known didn't end up good. So please continue updating more chapters I want more action and especially yuri for my imagination.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


Se tem Yuri eu estarei lendo


Very easy read. No glaring mistakes. My only complaint would be about the character since she feels way too nonchalant about everything. Sure, she gets sick and disgusted, but the writing of the story prevents that emotions from getting to the reader. I do like the world and system. The plot seems fine too.