1 Prologue

3/21/25, in other words, it was March the 21st, 2025. Humanities technology advanced exponentially throughout the years. They were even able to lengthen a human's life span to up to 200 years old which was a great achievement, in fact, it was historical.

Diseases were not a problem since every single one had a cure. Guns were then replaced with futuristic laser rifles or pistols that were many times more powerful than your average sniper.

The only problem was that humans were becoming corrupted. They reverted back to their normal human nature… greed. They wanted more than just floating cars and the cure to cancer but what was beyond the mortal realm.

The only thing that they hadn't focused on for a while was space. The endless abyss that they call space was still unknown to them. As they were fed up with the unknown that was extremely hard to explore, they united every country and nation in order to put together a plan that would change history forever.

The only thing was… that change was not a positive change.

A year later, on February 26th, 2026, humanity had finally created a spaceship that could allow you to travel space freely. With space exploration came the colonization of different planets. They were excited to try and discover new life forms but were quickly disappointed to find out that earth, was the only planet that could house living species in their solar system.

Another year passed as the humans were making the first contact with space outside of their solar system. It broadened a whole new horizon that they could possibly utilize.

The event was even larger than when humanity was able to hit 200 years old, one big celebration was held throughout earth but… they lost contact with the team that left their solar system not long after the party started.

Multiple search parties were sent after them but they lost connection with them as well.

The UC or the United Countries made sure this news didn't escape to the outside in order to not cause chaos. Though they were able to keep the information from leaking they didn't know why this was happening.

Even after the worldwide party ended, they continued to send countless search parties, but every time they lost connection with them.

A week after sending search party after search party, a giant earthquake broke every record that had happened on earth.

Not long after, massive black and purple portals opened everywhere. No country was safe from them. They even lost connections with the planets they colonized, leaving earth to its own survival. Every country locked down the area around the portals just in case it was dangerous and sadly their premonition came true.

A week after the portals opened, monsters that you would only find in fantasy stories and movies came charging out. They ravaged city after city until 6 humans had the bright but stupid at that time, idea of entering the portal.

It was illegal to enter them but since the monsters ravaged the camp around them, anybody could enter if they were brave enough.

When they entered it, they saw a whole new world where the monsters they saw in movies and read in stories were charging out of their respectable environment. It was almost like an endless flood from what they saw on the other side.

The humans agreed they might not get this chance again so they decided to traverse further through the unknown world.

As they had no food they were quickly starving but the only thing they could eat was this really bitter leaf that tasted like oranges.

Rain started to pour on their fifth day while in the unknown world. They ran and ran until they found a small cave where they could all take shelter in. When they all settled down one of the men in the group found a glowing rock towards the back of the cave.

As he picked it up he saw the smooth gray stone with a strange rune carved into it. The rune gave off a faint yellow glow that entranced the man at first sight.

When he brought it over to the campfire his friends created he accidentally tripped due to his frail and weak body that has been living off the minimum amount of resources to survive.

When he tripped the rock he was holding smashed the ground and then shattered into pieces but in return, the man felt a strange power well up inside of him. Suddenly it felt like the power he just received was always there with him, and he was able to create light from his palm.

His friends all asked how he did it but he didn't know. He pondered for a while until he came to the conclusion that it was the stone that he accidentally shattered from before.

His friends all turned to the remaining 5 stones that glowed in the back of the cave. One glowed a light blue while another glowed a bright red. Another one glowed purple and the one right next to it glowed green. The final one was all way in the back where it was white and brightly shining.

The 5 friends all picked one with only a few arguments and then crushed them easily within their palms. And just like that, they were able to control something and it wasn't just an element.

The woman who crushed the glowing light blue stone got the ability to create and bend ice to her will. A man who crushed the glowing bright red rock was able to create and bend very noble flames. Another woman who crushed the green rock was able to create and bend plants to her will but these were very basic when you compare them to the rest.

A man who crushed the purple rock was able to summon a green humanoid-looking creature that was as tall as a toddler. They eventually named it the goblin by going off of the descriptions in stories and depictions in movies.

Finally, the woman who crushed the white glowing rock was able to create white particles which they deemed useless at first but they eventually found out that it could heal them almost instantly.

Once they left the cave they decided to test out their new abilities on the trolls that were inside of the mysterious world they were in. They continued to slaughter trolls until they found one that was about 3 times their original size. It had a crown with a giant club in one hand and later on, it was deemed the troll king.

The battle lasted their entire day but none of the 6 humans got tired during that time. Since they never got tired it was only a matter of time until the troll slowed down greatly, leaving openings for them to attack.

The troll's corpse fell with a crash and the humans all fell to the ground in shock. They finally beat it… but what would happen next.

Another hour passed and suddenly they were teleported out of the foreign world and were placed in front of the portal. Government officials surrounded the portals and were shocked to see the humans that gave off the same presence as the monsters.

The humans explained what had happened and it was worldwide news. Countries that heard of what happened inside of the portals, started to send in military units that were specialized in survival in order to retrieve some of the stones.

Another year passed as people all over the world had different abilities and the brave humans that first entered the portal were named the Six Primordial Braves. The only way to obtain an ability was to buy a power stone that granted you one ability that you are stuck with for the rest of your life. Even if you crushed another power stone, it would do absolutely nothing.

The more powerful and useful the power stone was, the more expensive it would be. A power stone could range from thousands of dollars to millions depending on the skill it gives.

With the new powers, technology once again had a leap, allowing them to create teleporters that could help you travel far distances. They were also able to make a scanner that could let you estimate how strong or what ability a power stone could give you.

The portals were called dungeons due to them seeming like they kept the monsters inside these worlds and when they got the chance to leave, they took every chance to escape.

The rich humans were able to obtain the more powerful stones giving them more leverage in the hierarchy of power. Also, the gap between the rich and poor grew larger with the passing years since they couldn't afford to waste their money on power stones. If they bought a cheap one it would barely let you enter a dungeon and come back alive.

Eventually, the government grew useless as they couldn't keep the ability holders in check with just military power. This meant the government was just for show and the ability holders were able to pull strings in order to get what they want.

The Six Primordial Braves suddenly split up and all settled down in different countries. Nobody knows why they split up and they also don't know their relationships with each other still to this day.

Another 500 years passed as the earth was slowly becoming more corrupted as time passed. The humans were filled with greed and wanted power and money to get what they wanted. The big families that could afford to spend money like water, let their children pick the best abilities. Eventually, they would be called heroes since they were able to clear dungeons that were almost impossible to clear before.

But this isn't the story of a hero. It's the story of a weak girl who was ridiculed and bullied every day because of her low status. And due to her cowardly nature, she was unable to fight back, causing more people to pick on her.

But one day she saw a green, semi-see-through panel that appeared in front of her. It was like a notification you would see in the VR games from 400 years back. The green panel had a black text that said...

[Would you like to become an Ancient Being?]

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