98 A House Atop a Mountain

They checked our luggage and checked out our personal information while Auntie was under the guise of our parent.

"You have… Thirteen children?" A pale white man asks. 

"As you can see," 

"I do see…." The man says. 

He was clearly in disbelief, causing some of us to chuckle amongst ourselves before we took in the fantastic view. 

Soon, we left the slight hill we were on and made our way through the long and wintery streets that had been coated with a sheet of snow. 

Mostly everybody was speaking Norwegian, but due to my skill, I understood them… speaking though… was a bit of a struggle. 

It was strange. I understood the words but didn't understand the language as a whole.

"Okay, girls, it's time to head back to my place," Auntie says before the slowly falling snowflakes turn into a raging snowstorm. 


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