67 Chapter 67: Who Wouldn’t Want To Know?

Who wouldn't be curious? Who wouldn't want to know?

"I don't think it's Nathalia Carter."

"I agree. Perhaps someone set her up?"

"It's possible. Poor girl. What's the use of having all this money when you can't even trust your family? It must be hard for her."

"I've never thought that Frank Carter is someone so cruel. I know he's done a lot of charity work, so I thought he is a nice person."

It had now totally changed how people saw Frank Carter.

"Charity work. Huh. He's just giving a tiny part of his money away to make people think nicely of him. Don't be naïve."

"You know what, I think the girl in the video looks more like Evette Carter. I mean, look at her figure. You saw the girl's breasts and hips. Nathalia Carter is slimmer." An observant male spectator commented.

"I think you are right. Also, the bruises on her neck look like kissing marks... and it seems to be an intense one..."


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