The wedding day. A moment that most women treasured with but not with her. She was poisoned on her own wedding day; Nathalia Carter died full of hatred for her father and fiance. How could she accept that they murdered her? Nathalia gaped at Evette Carter, her step-sister, who was now laughing at her stupidity. Evette is one of the culprits behind her painful death. Demons. They are all demons. Nathalia thought in silence while she closed her eyes as consciousness abandoned her. With rage and tears, Nathalia cursed them and promised to take revenge if given a chance to survive. Suddenly, God hears her prayer and gives her a second chance, and she is allowed to come back to seek revenge. This time, she will not be so naive. She becomes fiercer and eager to bring justice to her own death. She would make sure they got what they deserved in this life. Revenge. Torture. Take everything they had. Make them suffer ten times worse than what they did to her. Along the way, her life changed when she met the notorious playboy- Spencer Davidson. He aims to take her as his woman and help her to fulfill her desire to take revenge. Love, Revenge, and Mystery played along the way. Giving her the most challenging part as she journeyed through her new life. Cover Created by: Weilan Wanna know more about the story, follow me on Instagram: annashannellin

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Chapter 29: They Are Devastated

"How could he steal from his daughter? Or he doesn't even see her as his own daughter?"

"Is the Carter Group really that desperate now?"

Some female reporters felt even more profoundly unjust. "Do you only see your son as your child? What about your daughter? This is outrageous!"

Someone offered an instant reply, "He surely cares for his daughter as well. It depends on which one you mean, though. See how well Evette Carter's dressed up? The dress she's wearing is worth over 100 thousand dollars, and those earrings and necklaces must cost a million. But have a look at Miss Nathalia Carter..."

Everyone looked, and the difference they found was apparent.

"It looks like his ex-wife's daughter hasn't been treated well..."

Anne Carter realized things had gone wrong, but it was too late. While Evette Carter stood up at once, pointed at the commenter, and yelled, "Bullshit! Why are you being so mean to me? I want to respect the public and don't want to show up looking downhearted and low-spirited. What's wrong with that? Nathalia wears what she's wearing because she wants pity. She's faking it like she always..."

Evette's head was filled up with her resentment towards Nathalia. She had forgotten that everyone was watching and listening.

It was all your fault. You are the one that has caused all the trouble!

Nathalia felt like she'd been slapped on her face. She shivered slightly. But the whole time, she remained seated quietly and listened carefully to everyone.

The Carter Couple's faces went pale. Frank was furious and helpless. Didn't I warn you to stay calm?! No one listens!

Evette was a 100% spoiled rich girl. Wherever and whenever she had to make sure she dressed the best. Knowing there would be cameras all over at the conference today, how could she miss this great opportunity?

At the same time, Frank blamed himself for not being thoughtful enough. I should have prepared for the possibility of unexpected attacks. Who is this bastard?!

Anne Carter tried pulling at Evette's dress secretly to remind her to stop and calm down, but Evette paid no attention. She went on throwing verbal attacks at Nathalia.

It took her awhile to hear what the crowd was saying.

"How could someone say such mean things about their sister?"

"Wow, that's a different Evette Carter. She pretends to be polite and courteous, but is in fact, ruthless."

"No wonder she didn't help her sister when she was getting beaten. She was just standing there and watching. She probably enjoyed watching it."

"It's not difficult to understand what sort of parents she has. Poor Miss Nathalia Carter, unloved, bullied. And she still has to help cover up for them."


The crowd was raging. Frank was sweating with anxiety. He tried to speak a few times, but no one was listening. Enraged, he wished that reporter dead.

Who is he? How could he have planned it so well? I have to get rid of him.

Realizing what she had done, Evette panicked. Now people must think badly of me. Shit. She looked at her parents, pleadingly, "Mum, dad. Help me, please."

Anne Carter responded with a helpless look.

What could they do now?

Frank managed to compose himself. He picked up the microphone, tapped on it hard, and let out a deafening sound. Silence fell on everyone. He pointed at the reporter and demanded, "You! Who are you? Who sent you here to cause a riot? You are disturbing our conference."

The reporter glared at Frank and replied calmly, "Let's not change the subject, Mr. Liar. Now that everyone knows the fact that you had taken your daughter's shares, what do you have to say? What's your next move? Kill her to get rid of her?"

Shocked, the crowd looked at each other, eyes-wide-open. Kill her? Get rid of her? What the hell?

Frank Carter was shocked, but for a different reason. His secretive plan was revealed. It scared him. Immediately, he retorted, "Nonsense! Nathalia is my daughter! How can anyone ever have the thought of killing their own daughter?"

Appalled, Anne stared at the reporter like she could murder him with her stares.

Now that the idea of the possibility that Frank Carter would kill his Nathalia had been planted into the public's mind, If anything happened to Nathalia now, the Carters would be suspected.

At least, they would be watched by the media. From now on, they would have to be careful about how they treat her.

This would be a great obstacle to their plan.

How did things turn this way? How are we going to carry out our plan now? The Carter couple was devastated.

The reporter sneered at the couple and remarked, "Some people would do anything for the sake of money. Even to their own child."

Sweat covered Frank's forehead. A big drop ran into his eye, and he blinked in annoyance and panic. Suddenly he turned to Nathalia, grabbed her arm, and pulled Nathalia up from her seat. In a warning tone, he requested, "Nathalia, why don't you explain?"

"It's...it's..." Nathalia knitted her brows, hesitated, and stuttered, "I gave the shares to my father. The company's in trouble. He needs the shares, so..."

She lowered her head as she spoke, and her voice went lower as if to pass the message that she didn't want to lie.

What kind of parent is that? He uses his daughter and is now forcing her to lie for him.

"Miss Nathalia Carter, don't be afraid to speak up for yourself. Your father is using you."

On hearing so, Nathalia reacted quickly "But he's my father. He will never harm me. He said when the company is going well again, he will return the shares to me. Please believe me. My father is a good man. He is. Really."

Is Frank Carter a good man? That's definitely a lie.

Everyone knows how cruel the way he does business is and how many families and small companies he has destroyed.

"Really? Mr. Carter, will you return the shares to Miss Nathalia Carter?"

"Of course, I will. I'm just borrowing them temporarily." Frank replied instantly. He was almost shouting.

He knew he couldn't have given another answer.

The reporter wasn't to give in so easily. He went on, "Borrow? Then why does it say in the agreement that you own the shares instead of you having the right to use them?"

He probably thinks we are all stupid.

Frank Carter was shocked. His mind went blank, and he stuttered, "It's because, ... because it's more convenient. It's..."

The reporter seemed to have predicted this coming, and instead of accusing Frank Carter further, he simply asked, "Well, then when you will return those shares? Isn't it also convenient to set a day on the agreement, and so you don't forget?"