2 [2] Training & Escape !

As a God , I have very long lifespan , bur my growth is just like normal humans .

which means , I am in a baby body when I was swallowed by Cronus.

the Only training I can do for now is meditating on my divine power a bit , and I will leave other training for later , when I grow a bit older and be able to move on my own.

thankfully , as a god , I don't need to eat or drink or sleep , which is good because I couldn't have survived otherwise.

It took me 2 years of just meditating so that I can condense the slightest semblance of my divine power.

like , create a ball of blood , or metal , or bone ...etc

there is no dead here for me to raise , so I can't train my necromancy power.

Thankfully , after 2 years , my body is now able to move like a small child , which means I can finally train my body a bit.

I start by just sprinting around inside the stomach , which is apparently very wide , because I can't seem to reach the end ...

it is like another dimension inside the stomach of Cronus.

After running for some time , I meditate again , and train my divine powers.

There is nothing else here , and probably outside there will be still nothing fun like modern technology , I would probably be bored to hell anyways.

But thankfully , training my divine abilities and magic is very fun.


I am very bored.

10 years have passed , and I am now 12.

but just today as well , my father swallowed another of my siblings.

It is Demeter.

she is supposed to grow plant-like abilities as the goddes of harvest and agriculture .

Original Hades abducted her daughter Persephone and married her , which is beyond strange and awkward.

I will never do such a thing !

If I need to marry , I will just abduct Demeter herself and marry her , gods marry their siblings always.

and Zeus isn't a good brother husband to her anyway , he always runs over to rape that camel or that horse , and he also married his sister Hera.

So , Demeter will be mine , and I will make sure of that , by raising her myself.

taking care of Demeter is a lot of fun besides training , and when she grows up , I will also make her train and help her with her training and meditation.

my other siblings will probably come down soon as well.


100 years have passed.

4 years after Demeter , Hera was swallowed.

2 years later , Hestia.

5 more years later , Poseidon went down.

I gathered my siblings together and raised them.

we trained together , but my relationship with Demeter is the best.

I am the strongest of our siblings , as I trained the longest , the hardest and most focused.

the others only trained occasionally , and just stayed depressed over having been eaten , and stayed long times just waiting for Zeus to come free us.

I always thought I needed to depend on Zeus to save me from my father's guts , but seeing Demeter's sad and depressed face made me awaken.

I don't need to depend on Zeus , I can probably make a plan to free us from here.

All I need is to make Cronus throw up , and I can pretty much make a very nasty thing that will for sure make him throw up.


My plan is very simple.

I just need to make something disgusting so Cronus throws us up.

how about shit in his stomach , is that disgusting enough ?

unfortunately, to make shit , we need to eat , and there is nothing here except father' stomach.

so the second part of the plan , which hits 2 birds or ever 3 birds with 1 stone , is to eat father's inner stomach which will hurt him , strengthen ourselves , and shit with all our might inside his stomach to disgust him.

After just 2 weeks of doing this , the world (Cronus stomach) trembled a bit , but Cronus still didn't throw up.

but fortunately , this reaction means the plan can work !

also , eating a Titan's meat is very helpful to the growth of our power.

so , we continued the disgusting plan.

let's see how long Cronus can handle having his stomach eaten and being shat inside.


After 1 year , Cronus trembled violently and threw up all what he ate during a banquet with other titans , then passed out.

My siblings and I took the opportunity to slip out during the commotion,transformed into fast small animals , and ran away.


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