Learning The Basics II

It's been 4 months since I have been reincarnated and nothing has really happened since I found out about the 'Soul Flames' and could finally see them. I made the name on the spot and no one is going to know about it since I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who can see them.

These 'Soul Flames' are a lot more convenient than they look. At first, I believed that these soul flames simply told me how much energy a person had left, or in better words, their spiritual state. My theory is that everything and anything a person does will affect their spiritual state, therefore, changing the size and brightness of the soul flame to replicate their current state.

This theory would mean even emotions, physical state, mental state and even the magic they use can affect their soul flame in both positive and negative ways.

Over the last 2 months, I solely practiced seeing the flame which caused me to have searing headaches similar to the ones that I would get after trying to resonate and manipulate the elemental particles around me.

Through shedding blood, sweat and tears (sweat being the only literal one), I was able to finally evolve my ability to see soul flames. While before, the flames would be blurry and hard to see, now they were slightly clearer than usual. This allowed me to finally see the flames like the first time I saw my mothers, well... kind of.

The first time I saw my mothers soul flame it was as clear as day and I could feel an aura seeping from it, yet when I lost focus, the next time I saw my mothers flame it was blurry/ foggy to the point the only thing I could see was how large and how bright the flame was. Even then, I would not be able to tell the difference between flames of a similar size since they all looked like each other.

After my 'small' evolution, I was able to see the soul flame a lot more clearly than before. This small change allowed me to check on my previous theories. Even though the theory had not been completely proven right, I had found out that I was right about one thing, and it is that emotions manipulate the way the soul flame will burn.

When my mother was shouting at my father for a reason unknown to me since I cannot understand them, her soul would start to violently burst outwards and shrink back to its original form just to burst outwards again. When she is taking care of me, however, her flame would be burning with a warm gentle heat that I could almost feel.

The only thing I know so far is that the indication of worry is a violent panicked flicker, anger is an outburst of flames on all sides, and calm happiness is a warm gentle burning flame.

Finally, after a few months of constant pestering by everyone in the family, I had learnt everyone's names.

My mother's name was Ava. She has bright cyan eyes with elegant curves and silky smooth hair coming down to her hips. She had a smile that would destroy a whole castle in a matter of seconds, while her skin radiated a holy aura whenever she wasn't bickering with her husband. She was about 5ft 7, she was quite petite, yet you could tell all the nutrients were going to the right places.

From what I could pick up and observe, my father's name is Deros. He is quite a lean muscular tall man, 6ft 1, with bright green and blue eyes which resembled an Arora you would see in Iceland's night skies. His scruffy yet soft dirty blond hair was no longer than an inch or two while the sides of his hair were shaved leaving just the top. He has a sharp jawline and a handsome face yet he had slight bags under his eyes and a few almost unnoticeable wrinkles on his forehead.

My sister's name is the first one I learnt, and it is Aroura. She is a short petite girl no more than 5ft 4 and has golden strands of braided hair going over her shoulder going down to her chest area. Just like her father's eyes and her name states, she has a mix between blue and green which becomes progressively more blue as you go towards the iris, with a few lines of green mixed within to finally create a turquoise color near the middle before reaching the iris. Her face is almost always joyful warming anyone's day with just her smile. Her Lucius curves screamed maturity and elegance yet in contrast to her posture and figure, her face was full of naivety and childishness.

Zack is one of my brothers. He's just a smug asshole with the same Dirty blonde hair as his father and the ocean blue eyes of his grandmother. He's quite short but that's expected since he was a child. He looked like he was 8 or something.

Zarkon is the twin of Zackro, yet the complete opposite of his brother because he is both small in posture and personality. He is very introverted but speaks wholeheartedly in front of his family and especially his brother. He's not good with new people. However, he is kind of annoying, I don't know why anymore, I just don't like him.

Finally, we have my grandmother, Xela. She looked to be in her early 40s with a few wrinkles on her hand and face. Her eyes were ocean blue and her hair shined with a holy golden color radiating from it. Her hair was back in a ponytail most of the time which would be long enough to reach her waist.

After I had finally put some effort into learning the language, I had also learnt my siblings and parents name. I didn't need to know my mother and fathers names since calling them "mama" or "dada" would both exhilarate them and allow me to call them, yet it wouldn't hurt to know their names.

My sister would always be ecstatic after another of my failed attempts to say her name. I was 4 months old and I didn't have good control over my tongue and nor did I have enough teeth to say her name properly. I decided to say "anoona" instead since I'm not losing anything saying her name incorrectly and in the end, it does its job.

Since it had been a full 4 months since I was born I decided it was a good idea to move forward at a little faster pace than I usually did. I will now practice all day to look at peoples soul flames while using the end of the day to improve my resonation with the elements and the night to manipulate them.

All of this will eventually come in handy even if I don't succeed till I'm three years old. It's still worth a try since I don't have anything else to do, especially on weekdays.

Eventually, within a few months and just when spring entered and the snow melted, did I make a breakthrough, and this time in all three of my practices.