Growing Accustomed To My New Life II

After the week since I had been reincarnated had passed, my birth mothers worries had hit an all-time high. This promptly caused her to have a small breakdown before being calmed down by my father and made her consider going to a renting doctor.

The fact that their child hasn't urinated for a whole week would scare any parent who cared about their baby to death and honestly, It scared me too.

The thing was that the urination problem wasn't the only anomaly I was facing, and after finding out that the human biological anatomy and their physical needs in this world were almost identical to that of humans back on Earth. My lack of any of those requiring any of those needs started to make me think that I might have a congenital disease or this world's magical (if not biological) equivalent of one.

Over the last week, I have seen wonders that I would only hope to see from a pro magician on Earth. Examples include the use of wind or water to clean/sweep the floor or even the use of fire magic to heat food up after it goes cold. My older sister was also a wielder of magic who now that I think about it, seems to be younger than I have first speculated.

My first speculation was an illusion that was created from the elegant yet childish vibe I saw around her which made me believe that she would be around 18 years old while after spending more time with her, I'm slowly starting to think that she would have just entered high school.

Anyways, my parents decided to call the local doctor. When the old man entered the house, he was looking at me with an intrigued look which subsequently creeped me out in an instant.

My first thought was "Who the f*ck is this pedophile" before realizing he was probably the local doctor from both the way he dressed in a white long robe down to his ankles or the way my birth parents respectively greeted the old semi bald man.

The man was around 5ft 4' with wrinkles and creases on his forehead engraved from constantly frowning and bags under his eyes that I could only guess were from working excessively without a good rest for a prolonged amount of time.

As the man walked towards me, my grandmother, who is a nurse, glared daggers at the old man which he didn't notice.

The old man did a quick inspection using some kind of magic. Burning vigorous energy entered my body, circulated within and left my body within 30 seconds. The old man had a slightly confused yet nonchalant attitude towards the result. From the way, he turned around and told my parents a few words before leaving them with a confused, yet relieved expression. I could tell he found nothing and that my body was completely fine.

The moment the old man left, the whole family turned their heads to look at me. They were all in sync with each other's movement and stopping at the same time.

This scene gave me a brief flashback to a funny video I watched back on Earth which would have made me laugh out loud if not for the tension in the room. Nonetheless, a few moments later all their confused speculation filled glares faded with all of them emitting a brief sigh before going on with their day and doing whatever they would usually do.


It's been almost a month since I have been reincarnated into this weak pathetic body of mine and I've found out a few mildly unsettling things.

First off, the good news is after constant exposure to magic, I started to become able to see particles in the air gather around the persons before the magic is used. The magic would usually be concentrated in front of a hand but it could also be spread equally along the whole body, like a blanket.

The magic usually has a color indicating what element is being used. For example, air magic would be a silvery cyan, water would be an ocean blue and fire would be an orangey red with a sliver of silvery cyan within it. This meant that mages must be able to see the Elemental particles in the air to drag them into a singular point before releasing them.

At the same time, I could see an almost transparent aura being exhausted out of my mother's body whenever she used air or water magic to clean. She would control the particles in the air to move somewhere or to focus on a particular spot.

The reason this was more unsettling than exciting is that after a few days of concentrating on being able to feel the Elemental particles around me, and after 2 weeks straight of trying to resonate with the particles around me to feel them without having to look at them, I finally did it.

Unbeknownst to me, this whole time since the moment I was born, small residual amounts of particles would enter my body and go towards my stomach area while also entering through my lungs every time I breathed. The particles that entered through my lungs would leave when I breathed out but the particles that went straight to my stomach area would not leave at all but rather it would seep into the nutrients to spread throughout my body.

This fact made a lot of things make sense as well as made me worry for the future. Throughout the last month, I haven't felt a single moment where I was drowsy or in need of sleep except the day I was born. I also didn't get hungry and I wasn't able to tell how long I can go without being breastfed, but I know that it's more than 12 hours.

The reason for me not needing to do bathroom activities is due to the Elements entering my body to slowly break down the food. So instead of ingesting the needed nutrients and crapping out all the waste, the foreign energy breaks down the food to give me all the needed nutrients (vitamins, proteins, sugars, fats etc..) and destroys all the waste to fuel the elements inside my body.

From what I could perceive with my limited weak energy sense, the energy would slowly start seeping into all my body through what I guess is my bloodstream, and is being constantly pumped to something near the center of my chest, closer to the right side, where the energy is the most abundant.

This means that even though I can go for a long amount of time without eating/being breastfed, I will eventually have to eat/ be breastfed to accumulate energy to strengthen and refine my body while it's growing and to also not need to sleep.

The accumulation of energy, from what I have observed in the last week and a half, seems to be the side effect of my abnormal way of digesting food which is subsequently a very useful way to strengthen my body in the future when I learn to accumulate this energy without having to eat, which would make it a lot more efficient...maybe... probably?

Anyway, right now I kind of want to enjoy my life as a baby without any responsibilities, but since boredom is killing me, I'm deciding to find a way to refine the elements through breathing and to also increase my energy sense since I might become useful in the future.