The Rise of Australia

Reborn as a desendent of British Royal Family, he embarks on a path of rise and conqure.

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Chapter 46: Queen Victoria's Will

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When Arthur and William II returned to the estate, it was already past four in the afternoon.

Queen Victoria's critical condition was no longer a secret among the top officials in Europe. As a result, countless high-ranking officials from various countries came to console her, causing traffic jams in the small port of White Island.

When Arthur saw Queen Victoria again, it was already past five in the afternoon.

During the afternoon, hundreds of high-ranking officials, royal families, and descendants of Queen Victoria had brief conversations with her one by one.

Queen Victoria made significant contributions to the British royal family and the country throughout her life. During her reign, Britain became the world's largest country, established the British Empire, and became the world's superpower.

In the hearts of all British people, Queen Victoria was an irreplaceable great monarch and witness to the golden age of Britain.

In the unseen corners of England, various colonies, and even all over the world, people could spontaneously see blessings and prayers for Queen Victoria.

This elderly person, who worked tirelessly for the British royal family and government her entire life, received recognition from all British people and most Europeans at the end of her life.

Compared to noon, Queen Victoria's complexion had visibly deteriorated in the afternoon. She was even breathing heavily, and her chest was rising and falling continuously.

The most noticeable difference was that there were not many doctors and nurses in the room at noon, but by the afternoon, the room was already crowded with them.

Perhaps sensing her own physical condition, Queen Victoria began to anxiously shout something.

The people around her carefully listened and finally heard Queen Victoria's shout.

"Arthur! Arthur!"

"Go find Arthur! Her Majesty wants to see Arthur! Hurry!" Everyone conveyed Queen Victoria's command.

Arthur had already arrived at the estate and was slowly walking towards the room when he heard everyone's anxious shouting. He was shocked and quickened his pace, taking a few steps to burst into Queen Victoria's room, pushing open the door.

"Arthur!" When Queen Victoria saw Arthur push open the door, her dim eyes suddenly brightened and called out.

"Grandmother, I'm here. Arthur is here." Arthur quickly stepped forward and grabbed Queen Victoria's hand, which was hanging in the air.

"Arthur, grandmother loves you. Please forgive grandmother, but the prestige of the British royal family cannot be compromised, otherwise everyone will be in great danger. I have already told Edward to compensate you again and help Australia establish its industry. Arthur, live well with the wishes of your father and me, and don't dwell on the past, okay?" Queen Victoria tightly held Arthur's hand and spoke slowly and painfully.

"I understand, grandmother. Don't worry, I have never blamed you, grandmother," Arthur nodded quickly and replied.

"That's good, child. Your father is my favorite son, and you are also my favorite grandson. Arthur, I know you have your ambitions, but they must be accumulated over a long period of time, right?" Queen Victoria used her last bit of strength to touch Arthur's forehead skillfully and said with a smile.

"I understand, grandmother. You don't have to talk anymore, rest well. When you get better, we can chat again," Arthur said reluctantly, feeling the decreasing strength in Queen Victoria's hand.

"It's okay, child. Go and call Edward," Queen Victoria continued.

Prince Edward had been waiting nearby and when he heard Queen Victoria mention his name, he quickly knelt beside the bed.

"Edward, no matter what, Arthur is your nephew, right? He lost his father and soon he will lose his grandmother. Protect this child well, this is my final request to you," Queen Victoria looked at Edward and said.

"Yes, mother. Don't worry, as long as I'm here, no one will harm Arthur," Prince Edward nodded quickly and replied.

"All my attendants and guards that I brought here will be gifted to Arthur after my death, including their families," Queen Victoria said. "British New Guinea will be handed over to Australia for management, and Britain will relinquish all sovereignty and management rights. At the same time, Arthur is to be appointed as the Governor-General of New Zealand, with a term of twenty years, and no one is allowed to revoke the position of Governor-General in any way. After twenty years, based on the opinion of New Zealand, it will be decided whether to remain in Australia or return to Britain."

"This, is, mother," Prince Edward hesitated, but in the end, he had to agree to Queen Victoria's command.

"Because he saw the cannibalistic look in Queen Victoria's eyes. If he dared to say anything, there might be provisions in Queen Victoria's will to pass the throne to someone else.

This caused quite a stir. You see, combining British New Guinea and New Zealand, it's hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of land. Moreover, these two areas are very close to Australia. If Australia were to fully control these two areas, then in the Southern Pacific, Australia would be the natural overlord, and no one's hands could reach in.

As for Queen Victoria's appointment of Arthur as Governor-General of New Zealand for twenty years, in everyone's eyes, it was actually giving New Zealand to Arthur for free.

During the twenty years when Australia controlled New Zealand, could New Zealand still escape from Australia's palm?

"Edward, I want you to promise that the British Empire will not launch any action related to Australia within twenty years, even if it's a diplomatic threat. And within ten years, the British Empire will provide all kinds of support to Australia, including military means, to recognize and guarantee that Australia is a completely independent country. During this period, at least five million pounds of support must be provided to Australia each year, and immigration to Australia cannot be stopped for any reason." Queen Victoria continued.

Crown Prince Edward had no choice but to continue to assure Queen Victoria.

Once these promises were implemented, Australia would not have to worry about any foreign enemies for ten years because the British Empire would provide support first.

As for Crown Prince Edward saying one thing and doing another, in the presence of most of the political leaders and royalty in Europe, if Crown Prince Edward really broke his promise, then regardless of whether it was in the high levels of various countries or in the hearts of the British people, he would instantly lose his prestige and credibility.

Queen Victoria's goal was simple: to make Crown Prince Edward make a commitment in such a public setting, without giving him any chance to resist or refuse."