The Rise of a Noble Book

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The Rise of a Noble


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Galahad had accomplished his lifelong goal of becoming a knight at the young age of 20, finally obtaining for himself that which every honorable man born in a classic Western fantasy desired: his very own fief! Unfortunately, that was where his good fortune ran afoul. Abandoned by his elder brother who was a mage of the court, conned by a slimy merchant into bankruptcy, and maimed by a Goblin army that had just finished burning his entire fief to the ground, Sir Galahad found out that the “right to rule” was not as glamorous as he had thought. “Dear husband, you didn’t forget me, did you?!!” That’s right! One should not forget being forced to marry the daughter of a commoner. A proper Knight’s life is difficult! (While I do also appreciate power stones, reviews and comments keep me going, so don't be afraid to share your words. I will also answer questions asked in comments ^^.) Local Map https://imgur.com/gallery/32buxUd


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