The richest man in the world.

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What is The richest man in the world.

Read ‘The richest man in the world.’ Online for Free, written by the author mountain_7Breeze, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Ding! Congratulations, received 7 billion red envelopes!Ding! Congratulations, you have received 50 million yuan.Ding! C...


Ding! Congratulations, received 7 billion red envelopes! Ding! Congratulations, you have received 50 million yuan. Ding! Congratulations, you have won a Lamborghini Daniel. Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained 51% of the shares of a listed company. Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained a first-grade building from Tomson. Ding! Congratulations, get the skill fighting king. Ding! Congratulations, you have acquired the skill Tian Lai Singing Voice. …… …… Lin Fan: 7 billion red envelopes? When should I order? Street reporter: How long can you earn 1 million? Lin Fan:… Street reporter: Why do you keep blinking? Lin Fan: Didn’t you ask me how long it takes to earn 1 million? NB:It is an MTL novel but still it's not easy to translate, Thank you.

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WARNING 21+ ___ Temukan nou di Facebook & Instagram : @NOUVELIEZTE Untuk baca novel nou yang lain silakan ke : linktr.ee/nouveliezte Novel pertama nou yang berjudul "Penikmat Senja -Twilight Connoisseurs-" ini TIDAK DICETAK. Tersedia EKSKLUSIF di website & aplikasi WEBNOVEL. Pertama kali diunggah online tanggal 2 Juli 2019 dan TAMAT tanggal 29 September 2020. Kalau kalian baca chapter 74 [PROYEK] & seterusnya selain WEBNOVEL secara gratis, maka kalian sedang membaca di aplikasi/website/cetakan BAJAKAN karena seharusnya chapter itu BERKOIN dan nou SANGAT TIDAK IKHLAS kalian baca di sana. SILAKAN KEMBALI ke TAUTAN RESMI : http://wbnv.in/a/7cfkmzx Semoga readers sehat, lapang rejeki, selalu menemukan solusi terbaik apapun masalah yang sedang dihadapi, dan bahagia bersama keluarga tersayang. Nou sangat menghargai kalian semua yang mendukung dengan nulis komentar & SHARE novel ini ke orang lain melalui sosmed yang kalian punya. Banyak cinta untuk kalian, readers! -nouveliezte- ====== Boleh tahu, senja mana dalam hidupmu yang paling kamu nikmati? Kalau aku .... Mm ... tunggu sebentar. Kita kenalan dulu ya. Aku Mafaza Marzia. Kamu bisa panggil aku Faza. Kamu pernah ketemu anak laki-laki posesif yang nyebelin, tapi manis? Bucin parah dari pertama ketemu? Dan bertahan sampai bener-bener nikah? Aku iya. Namanya Astro. Dia yang selalu nemenin aku yang baru aja ngalamin trauma karena ditinggal keluargaku meninggal karena kecelakaan, bantu aku selesaiin masalah-masalahku, juga jaga aku seolah aku adalah keramik paling berharga. Intip keseharian kami yang manis, walau ternyata memiliki konflik misterius yang mengintai di sepanjang perjalanan hidup kami. Dengan segala rahasia yang ada di antara diri kami masing-masing juga di antara keluarga kami, akankah pernikahan kami benar-benar baik-baik saja seperti yang selama ini kami harapkan? Ikuti kisah kami yang diselimuti intrik tak terduga. Seperti hidupmu yang juga penuh dengan kejutan. Enjoy your journey with us, Faza & Astro, di pahit dan manisnya hidup kami. _____ RULES buat baca novel ini adalah: 1. Bacalah minimal sampai chapter 50-51, karena kebaperan kalian akan dimulai dari sana. Nou ga tanggung jawab atas baper berkelanjutan di bab selanjutnya yaaa.. 2. Jangan minta alurnya dipercepat. Karena novel ini alurnya lambat dan banyak slice of life di setiap bab. Jadiin novel ini bacaan buat nemenin aktivitas kamu sehari-hari.

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Man's life and coming into the world is a personal matter of the Almighty, the whole universe and the creatures that come into the world gradually is a secret of the great Creator, because man's birth is gradual but his return is non-existent. The gradual form is carried out. In this great atmosphere of the great Creator, every substance is born, nurtured and eventually destroyed by human need, and it is the whole of the universe that, to a greater or lesser extent, every human being becomes the owner of his share in Islamic society. Destiny is the issue. We believe in our destiny and every part of our life, whether it is happiness or sorrow, is dedicated to our endeavors and beyond, but the endeavors that man has towards a great goal throughout his life. Destiny is always their friend. There is no better creature in the material world than man, and it is a fact that the manifestation of the creative essence of creation was impossible without the power of human thought, belief and reason. All the signs of divine power in man's creation, whether he is a miracle, a revelation or an inspiration and an intellectual force, are embedded in his body. The great and holy book of Islam on human greatness is said in the divine language to be the best, the most beautiful, and the Lord of perfection of all creatures and besides this the power of love is very strong in his mind and thought. To God, a heart full of true love is more valuable than anything else, a love that is adorned with truth and a true mirror of human nature, but this heart full of love must be studied from the deepest and most comprehensive angles. Until man reaches the truth. I will not go into details and I would like to share my feelings about this novel with you in a few short points. This novel is a painting of a journey of mine, depicting human love, compassion, peace and the voice of a rabbit. A heart that has longed for love all its life and has not yet tasted it to feel the sweetness of love is depicted and yet the pain of the human heart that turns the page of age and that short happiness Which man is always striving to achieve in the material world and the compulsions that man has and performs from his inner strength beyond being able to achieve his happiness are depicted. In the end, I have to say that there is nothing in this novel that is harmful to human morality, but only a mental picture that I have drawn against you with the power of thought. I ask Almighty God to quench your thirst by reading it. Sincerely,

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