The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script

Author: Yijie Jingfu
Contemporary Romance
Completed · 3.1M Views
  • 563 Chs
  • 4.3
    79 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script

Read ‘The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script’ Online for Free, written by the author Yijie Jingfu, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering FACESLAPPING Fiction, RICHFAMILY Light Novel, MARYSUE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Yan Xi was the eldest young lady of the Yan family, the head of Beiqiao City’s top four aristocratic families. Despite h...


Yan Xi was the eldest young lady of the Yan family, the head of Beiqiao City’s top four aristocratic families. Despite her astonishing talents, she was sick and destined to die young. She was an unattainable dream girl for many. She had a dream one day and dreamt that she was in a novel. In the novel, her father adopted a girl named Chen Xiangxiang who looked just like her to alleviate his pain of losing his wife, and soon his daughter. The girl was as docile as a deer and spending time with her was very therapeutic, which made her all the more lovable. This girl became her substitute, and after a series of heart-wrenching incidents, everyone —ranging from her father and her brother to her fiance and her friends— doted on this girl. Meanwhile, Yan Xi fought against the girl in every aspect, and she eventually became the evil second female lead. In the end, she was despised and hated by everyone. After having sulfuric acid splashed onto her face and ended up disfigured, she jumped from a building and fell to her death. After her death, she left a large inheritance which was inherited by the girl. Yan Xi, who used to not care about dying because she regretted not being able to save her mother, did not want to die anymore. She destroyed her dream girl script and decided to stay away from the lunatics around her. At the same time, she decided to live her life well with the intent of stopping anyone who lays their eyes on her assets while she reveals her hidden identities, one by one, and destroys the trash she encounters. During the process, she happened to protect a good-looking young man who was cold and upright. Turns out, he's a big boss with many hidden identities too?

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The thing that stands out the most, and makes me excited to read more of this novel is the fact the ML is not full grown and already a CEO, possessively dating a high school girl, no matter how OP she is. Not that I have a problem with that, but it is a refreshing change from the WN norm. I also like that, without any spoilers, the father’s actions aren’t malicious and showing blatant favoritism, he’s just kinda dumb. The FL’s personality is cold, but not icy, and she shows her father patience, but is firm with him when needed (is she raising a child?)😅. I really can’t wait for more interaction between the OTP, because from their first time meeting, they were not cold to each other, and, dare I speculate that the ML may also be a transmigrater? 🤞


Awesome!!! This is such a good read!!! I just like that Yan Xi is such a bug🥰😈. So strong that even the system can’t do anything to her!!! But just to shut up and roll over for her whenever she’s in the scene!!!😈😈😈 The ML Xie Changze is another bug. So strong just so good that he makes a good pair with our Yan Xi.🥰🥰🥰 There are tons of ingrates in this story, all sponsored by the Yan Family. From Father Xi to all those scholars etc. Looking forward to all their downfall!😤😤😤


The concept is good but the translation is terrible. its becoming nearly unreadable and i say that as someone who’ll read with googe translate no idea who is speaking about who because pronouns are wrong. and 1 paragraph can take up an entire screen. It was better at the beginning


so far so good, if anyone can drop the raw here I'll be grateful ...........,....,..,..........,..,...............,...,....,......,...... [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


The synopsis is misleading. What occurs in the story is as such because the dad is trash and a schemer who favors everybody but his biological daughter (and son). Moreover, the translation is atrocious. It’s like I’m reading the novel on the MTL website, so paying for it here is insulting.


Good story, bad translation. I have a feeling that the translator just mtl the story, copy & paste it. Reason I said that: names are inconsistent. S/he got mixed up all the time. Not worth spending coins on low quality translation.


So, the story is okay... pretty standard face slapping romance novel....BUT dude I don't mind reading a mtl novel (let's not kid ourselves, this is totally an mtl novel) but at least have an editor review it make it readable. To name a few examples, the first 40 ish chapters are full of page break symbols making it hard to read, the characters gender will change sometimes multiple times in a sentence, the characters names change per paragraph. So yes okay story, god awful translation quality.


Reveal spoiler


raw please ... ................. ................. ................. ................. ................. ................. ................. ................. ................. ................. ................. .............


seems like a good one! anyone know the raws? i would like to check it out, really looking forward to the release! if you find raws, please let me know


Reveal spoiler


The plot is good, the pace of the story is good. Although there are many others of this genre, this one is better than most. A reborn FL (she had dreamt her past life while in hospital, and knew that it's a novel world) vs a FL with a cheat system. The system is not the all knowing, very helpful kind that we see in other novels. ML is very good too. I only have problem with the translation. It's not much better than google translate or other MTL sites. This books needs an editor. ASAP.


Great book!!! I just wish if there were more chapters in the end like their marriage and what happened after as well, the FL is powerful and smart which I like, and the ML in this book matches the FL perfectly


If they can concentrate on grammar this eill be good novel , when paying we expect translation quality , translation quality is not upto par


I can't seem to grasp the story line I don't think I'll get into it as other books I have read so I only give it a 3 rating maybe I will get into later on


some of the translation mix up the male and female terms, which can be confusing.


great story. as long as you can ignore gender mix-ups and sometimes name mix-ups, you'll enjoy the book.


The author hast problems with grammar especially the pronouns are switched


I've almost completed "reading" 200 chapters of this novel. I've had the opportunity to read this novel for 24 hours. I like the high-level plot - very different approach to a character given a second chance at life (not rebirth but dreamt about what could be) and character given a system (it wasn't the main character). Author was also sensible about romance for high schoolers; no one too overbearing, etc. What is most disappointing though is the quality of translation and editing. It was challenging to determine some of the intent and motivation of some characters because there were some parts that I couldn't understand; but I'm not sure if it's because the original work didn't do a good job depicting or translation was bad. This work has a lot of face slapping which I would have enjoyed more if quality was better. I would recommend if you don't have to spend to read.


The thing I liked about this is that it's refreshing. What I mean is, usually, when the FL is OP, the ML is usually a CEO. However, this one's ML is almost the same age as the FL. And in terms of intelligence and hidden identities, he doesn't lose to FL. Also, although both of them are genius and can be considered as OP, it is limited. There are things they didn't know, which made it more realistic (at least compared to some stories I've read). Basically, the story revolved around Chen Xiangxiang and her schemes then how Yan Xi counterattack it. Though CXX is like a cockroach that can't be killed, the story's not annoying (probably because I know that CXX isn't worthy as Yan Xi's rival). Also, the translation isn't good. But at least, not to the point of confusion. Just some names are translated in English, then misused pronouns and arrangement of the sentence. But it's still understandable anyway. Lastly, I really hope that there's more. Is it really the end? There's no extra chapters or side stories?


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