1 Awaked

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"You're Long Chen? Your sister owes me a total of 180,000, including the interest. I'll give you an hour to get the money. If you can't get me my money, your beautiful sister will have to leave with me today. "

In an old room, a fierce-looking bald man was with a group of men in suits and leather shoes. They were surrounding Long Chen and his sister, Long Xue'er.

 "It's only 100,000, why..."

 "I say it's 180,000, understand? You're two months late, brat. If you keep talking nonsense, my brothers will beat you up. Do you understand?" The bald man cut off Long Xue'er's words.

 Long Xue'er's face was deathly pale, and her big eyes were filled with fear. She pulled Long Chen's hand and apologized in a low voice, "Brother, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have borrowed money from him. It's all my fault."

 "Xue'er, you were just trying to pay off grandpa's medical expenses. I don't blame you. I'm the useless one."

 Long Chen's eyes were red.

 Long Chen knew his sister had suffered a lot trying to pay off their grandfather's medical bills. He hated himself for not being able to help his sister. He blamed himself for not being capable of taking care of his family.

 "Brother, why don't I..."


 Before Long Xue'er could finish her words, she was slapped by the bald man. Half of her face was red and swollen.

 "Stop the f*cking nonsense! My patience is limited. Go get the money now!"

 The bald man revealed his ferocity.

 Long Xue'er shivered and shed tears.

 Looking at his sister's red and swollen face, Long Chen clenched his fists and growled, "I'll get the money right away. Don't you dare touch my sister again."

 He took out his phone, but he didn't know who to call to get the money.

 He had married into the Li family for more than a year. After his friends knew that he had married into the Li family, they had cut off all contact with him.

 The Li family had a lot of business, but no one in the Li family had ever looked him in the eye. It would probably be as difficult as ascending to the heavens to borrow 180,000 from them.

 However, the Li family was Long Chen's only hope.

 After taking a deep breath, Long Chen made up his mind and called his mother-in-law, Han Min.

 After a while, the call was connected. Han Min's impatient voice came through, "I'm playing mahjong. If you have something to say, just spit it... "

 "Mom, my sister is in trouble. She needs 180,000. Can you..."

 "I knew it! You wouldn't call me for no reason. Get lost! You're wasting my time!"

 Du, du, du.

 Han Min hung up the phone heartlessly.

 Long Chen was dumbfounded. He saw it coming, but he still felt frustrated.

 "Tsk, tsk, she's your mother-in-law, right? It seems that she doesn't like her son-in-law very much. There's not much time left for you. Hurry up and get my money. If you can't gather the money, your beautiful little sister will... Hehe. "

 The bald man looked at Long Xue'er with a lecherous gaze. He even reached out and pinched Long Xue'er's chin.

 "Little Chen, you're a descendant of Doctor Long, and the Dragon Way Bloodline is flowing in your body. You... You have the Celestial Doctor's Inheritance. Don't let these rascals bully you. Don't be afraid of them."

 At this time, the old man on the bed, who was beyond cure, shouted with all his strength.

 "Dragon Way Bloodline? The Celestial Doctor's Inheritance? Haha, this old thing is really funny."

 The bald man laughed wildly, and his underlings also laughed without restraint.

 Long Chen's face turned red. His grandfather was old, and he was often delirious. It was not the first time he had said those words.

 "Brother, if there's no other way, I... I'll go with him."

 Long Xue'er said in a low voice with tears streaming down her face. Her eyes were filled with despair.

 "No!" Long Chen gritted his teeth. "Even if I have to give up my life, I won't let you get hurt."

 "Ha, do you want to fight us? Brat, why don't you take a piss and look at yourself? You're just a piece of useless sh*t!"

 The bald man picked up a stool angrily.

 Long Chen immediately begged nervously, "Give me a little more time. I'll get the money."

 "Hurry up! I'll give you ten more minutes." The bald man shouted.

 "I thought you said an hour?"

 "Shut up!" The bald man then kicked Long Chen in the stomach. "If you dawdle any longer, don't blame me for not giving you ten minutes."

 "Brother, are you okay?"

 Long Xue'er hurriedly helped Long Chen up, her eyes were filled with tears.

 "I'm... I'm fine."

 Long Chen searched for the number of his wife, Li Yuechan, and then called her.

 Li Yuechan's cold voice sounded as the call connected. "I'm busy."

 "Yuechan, my family has run into some trouble and needs 180,000. The creditor has come to our door now. They want to take my sister away if we couldn't pay them. Can you lend me the money now?" Long Chen bit the bullet and spoke.

 Li Yuechan fell into silence. After a while, she said, "Don't call me during working hours again if there's nothing important. "

 Then, Li Yuechan hung up the phone.

 Long Chen clutched his phone in despair.

 Based on his understanding of Li Yuechan, he knew that she rejected to help him.

 "What did she say?" The bald man asked.

 "She agreed. She wants my sister to get the money." Long Chen lied to the bald man He wanted to get Long Xue'er out of danger first.

 "Do I look like an idiot to you? Do you think I'm easy to fool?" The bald man sneered.


 "Beat him up!" The bald man ordered.

 The group of young men immediately punched and kicked Long Chen mercilessly.

 Long Chen groaned in pain. There was even blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

 Long Xue'er wanted to step forward, but the bald man pulled her back.

 "Hehe, looks like you can't escape from me today. Come to daddy."

 An evil glint flickered in the bald man's eyes. He extended his finger and touched Long Xue'er.

 "Don't touch my sister!"

 Long Chen shouted in rage. He pushed the two of them aside and rushed toward the bald man.

 "You piece of sh*t!"

 The bald man grabbed a stool and smashed it down on Long Chen's head.


 Long Chen was instantly knocked unconscious. He fell to the ground, and his head started to bleed.

 The bald man was not satisfied, so he kicked Long Chen's feet again.

 "Brother..." Long Xue'er cried sorrowfully.

 "Boss, is he dead?" One of the underlings was a little nervous.

 "He won't die. Even if he is dead, I have done nothing wrong. I'm just defending myself. Hurry up and take this girl away." The bald man said impatiently.

 "Alright, Boss."

 The two young men immediately took Long Xue'er away with them.

 Long Xue'er struggled with all her strength and screamed, but she could not break free from them.

 "Let... Let go of my sister!"

 In the nick of time, Long Chen suddenly opened his eyes. His face was covered in blood.

 His eyes had turned blood-red and were emitting a faint red light as if he had turned into a demon. He glared at those men furiously.

 The bald man's underling was greatly startled. He subconsciously let go of Long Xue'er.

 However, Long Chen didn't give up. He charged at the bald man and the underlings like a madman.

 Bang! Bang! Bang!

 A series of muffled sounds rang out. Long Chen knocked all the tall and burly debt collectors were all knocked to the ground. They were all screaming in pain.

 "Get lost. All of you get lost!" Long Chen roared.

 At this moment, he had an indescribable fierce aura. It was like he had changed into a different person.

 Especially his scarlet eyes, which seemed to be filled with a mysterious power.

 "Let's go! Let's go now! This brat has gone insane!"

 The bald man covered his bleeding nose and ran away.

 The underlings were already scared out of their wits and fled with the bald man.

 As soon as they left, Long Chen's head tilted, and he fainted again.

 The bald man ran out of the door with his men. However, they ran into a tall beauty.

 She was wearing a long black dress. She had a perfect oval face. Her almond-shaped eyes were filled with coldness. As she walked, her long hair fluttered. Her perfect figure was enough to make any normal man's thoughts run wild.

 The bald man was slightly dazed and looked at her a few more times.

 Her beautiful eyes swept over the group of injured people in surprise. She said in a cold voice, "You're here to collect debts? I'm Li Yuechan, Long Chen's wife. I'll pay you back how much he owes you. "

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