The Revenge turned to Love

[UNDER EDITING] Mishi Xin is a girl with a soft and kind heart who lives with her two younger twin siblings. After her parents' death, she has lost faith in other relations as her own uncle threw them out of the house. Mishi works hard to end her and her siblings' miserable life. But then she meets Xian Zhang who makes her life more miserable than ever. Xian Zhang is the youngest entrepreneur in Beijing and owns Maximus. He was happy in his life until the day his girlfriend, Bai Lao broke up with him because Mishi intervened between them thus becoming the reason for their breakup according to Xian. "How dare you say such a thing to my best friend?" Mishi shouted at Xian. "Don't intervene between us," Xian yelled, glaring at Mishi. Turning to Bai, Xian explained himself. "It's all a misunderstanding. I'm not cheating on you. Trust me." "Xian, there's nothing left between us. How could you lie to me? Just go away from here," said Bai with a broken voice to Xian. Xian held Bai's hands gently when Mishi, best friend of Bai, came forward and slapped him hard. "Get away from her sight and stop bothering Bai. If you won't stop, then I'll report you to the police." Mishi grasped Bai's arm gently and took her inside the house, and slammed the door on the face of Xian. 6 years have passed but, the visions of that day are still imprinted in Xian's mind, who has returned to take revenge from Mishi. Will Xian be able to take revenge on Mishi, or will he fall for her? Let's see inside this story.

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Interview and upcoming difficulties

In the morning Mishi while wearing her heels told Chunhua that she has given the money to Chang. She looked at her heels which weren't in excellent condition but she still wore them.

"Good luck." Chang wished her sister luck. "Okay, bye." Mishi waved at them and walked out of the house.

Chang sighed and muttered, "Chunhua come here. Eat your breakfast." He put the bread omelets on the plates and put them on the dinner table. Chunhua came out of her room and said, "You can eat. I'm not eating, just give me the money."

"Huh...Chun, why are you asking for that much money? Tell me first." Chang demanded the answer from Chunhua while cutting the omelet with the help of a knife.

"Hey, just mind your own business. Give me the money," Chunhua demanded the money from her brother.

"Sisi isn't here, so don't think I'll be easy on you. Do you want me to tell her everything?" Chang threatened Chunhua so that she could tell the truth.

"What are you talking about? There's nothing," Chunhua said while stuttering.

"I'm quite famous at school. So it's obvious everyone wants to tell me about my twin sister, or should I say those girls want to defame you. So tell me why are you asking for this much money?" Chang questioned again and put the omelet plate In front of Chunhua on the table. He looked into her eyes, wanted to know the answer.

She sat on the chair opposite him and asked, "Will you support me if I will tell you?"

"Of course," Chang replied.

"I'm signed by an agency. I've to train there for two years." Chunhua told him the truth.

Chang put his fork on the plate and looked at her. "Did you sign the contract with them?" Chang queried his sister.

Chunhua shook her head in refusal. "Not now, but my friend's mother will help me," replied Chunhua and twitched her lips.

"No, she won't. How many times have I told you don't hang out with her? Let me look into that agency first. For now, I won't give money to you unless I'm assured," Chang suggested to Chunhua.

"And how are you going to do that?" Chunhua questioned. 

"That's up to your brother. Don't worry I won't tell Sisi. When will you sign that contract?" Chang asked his sister another question.

"Tomorrow, after school. So you will help me?" Chunhua asked for his help with pleading eyes.

"Of course you're my twin sister. I'll do everything for you. Just don't hush the things. Sisi is working hard for us so we can't create any problems for her." Chang made her understand. They finished breakfast and left for the bus stand for school.

Since that was school hours so the buses are full. Chunhua got inside the bus with Chang. Chunhua gripped his hand in that crowd and Chang protected her by keeping other boys distance from her. "Did you study for the test?," asked Chang from Chunhua.

"No. I don't feel like studying. Save me this time. Please." Chunhua asked for Chang's help in the test.

"Haha. Not even in your dreams," answered Chang and flicked at her forehead. "If you want to be a trainee, then you've to study hard too".

"Okay. I will," said Chunhua with an assurance.


Mishi reached outside of Maximus' gate and saw many employees going inside. She muttered to herself, "Yes you can do this." She took her first step inside the Maximus and walked confidently towards the major building. A guard stopped her by asking for the ID card for her.

"Brother, I'm here for the interview," said Mishi and showed him the email letter.

"Okay. you can go inside. You've to go to the 3rd-floor interview room," said the guard. She thanked him and walked towards the elevator. She was going to take the elevator, but it showed that capacity was full, so she stayed behind. She looked here and there and then her eyes fell on the second elevator, wondering why she thought why isn't anyone taking that elevator. So she walked there and pressed the button. It opened up, and she went inside that.

She pressed the 3rd floor, and the elevator was going to close when a man shouted "please don't..." to which she stopped and the man landed inside the elevator. He took a deep breath and thanked her.

"Please press the 7th floor," the man told Mishi which she immediately pressed.

"May I ask who are you, Miss?" the man humbly asked. 

"Oh, I'm here for an interview with an assistant. I'm Mishi Xin'' and slightly bowed her head. "And you?" asked Mishi questionably.

"Oh! I'm Mark. Well, next time please don't take this elevator. You're lucky that you ain't caught by the CEO of this company else you would be thrown out without any interview." Mark told her to be careful next time.

"Well thank you, Mark," said Mishi. The elevator pinged, and the door opened up. "Oh, it's the 3rd floor. I've to go," mumbled Mishi and again bowed slightly before leaving.

"Such a nice girl. It's good that Xian didn't see her," Mark muttered, and the elevator's door got closed.

Mishi went towards the conference room and saw there were 100s of candidates for the assistant post. As she reached there, everyone's eyes landed on her, her clothes and shoes. She avoided their gaze and sat on one chair.

An hour, her name was called. She grabbed her portfolio tight and walked inside the room. As soon as she entered, she greeted the panel members there.

"Please have a seat," said one recruiter, gesturing to her.

They started with a General introduction, her degree, and other things. She was asked a few questions and without any difficulty; she answered them.

An hour passed, but the interviewers kept on asking questions from her.

"So, Miss Xin, I would like to ask the last question from you. Hope you'll answer it truthfully," said the interviewer.

"Sure, sir".

"Why did you not apply for the past 5 years in any company?" asked the interviewer. The other interviewers too looked at Mishi to know the answer.

"Sir, I've twin little siblings. At the time I graduated, my parents passed away, and we had no source of income. They were also little at that time, so I couldn't look for a job during that period. I've to look after them so I just landed two part-time jobs so that I can take care of them with little work pressure," Mishi was truthful during the interview.

"So are you saying here pressure is more?" asked the other.

"Every company has. Since they're now high schoolers so I applied for this position. I can work under pressure too as you can see from the portfolio I've worked in various events and not only that I've focussed on my grades," said Mishi confidently with a gentle smile on her lips.

"Nice. Ok, thank you, Miss Xin. We will inform you about the result through the mail." The interviewer told her.

She bowed before them and left the room. Everyone looked at them as she was being interviewed for 1 hour and 30 minutes. She walked away from there with a radiant face.

She crossed the road and went inside the cafe, her workplace. She has asked for a leave from the restaurant because of an interview but in the cafe; she thought to continue the work.

"Hello Mr. Lei," greeted Mishi and walked inside the cafe.

"Mishi I've something to talk with you," said Lei and walked into his office room. Mishi followed him.

"What happened sir?," asked Mishi.

"Mishi I'm sorry, but I don't want you anymore. You see my family urgently needs money so I've to lower the staff," reasoned Lei while holding an envelope in his hand.

"Here. This money. Take it. It's your salary for this month." Lei Xing handed her the envelope.

"But sir there are 5 days left. Let me do work for those five days," Mishi defended. She wanted to save her job at all costs.

"It's fine. You did a good job all these years. So keep this money with you," said Lei and patted her back. She bowed slightly before and left the office and then the cafe. She thought about going back to the restaurant, so she took the bus.

"Mr. Fei I'm back. I'll do more work today," said Mishi in a low voice.

"Mishi umm..you don't have to work here anymore. I mean my restaurant isn't doing well so I can't put large staff as it's burdening." Mr. Fei also fired Mishi from the job.

Mishi understood that her uncle once again found about her workplace, that's why she is fired from both of her jobs. She said, "Mr. Fei it's fine. I understand."

"Mishi, if you need money or other help you can come here or call me at any time." Mr. Fei offered her.

"No thank you, sir," said Mishi and came out of the restaurant. It was mid-noon, and she was walking in the chilled hot day towards the bus stand. Suddenly her phone rang, and it was Zhao.

"Mishi you left the workplace. Your money. Where are you?" asked Zhao.

"Keep it. Give that to me later. I've to go somewhere first," muttered Mishi and hung up the call.

She returned to her house when the landlord saw her and told her that he had something to talk about with her. "Not again," mumbled Mishi and walked behind him.

"Mishi, I told you to vacate the house in a week but now you've to vacate it today because the buyer is here," said the landlord.

"Uncle, but I can give you a raised amount. I'll give you an extra amount," requested Mishi with tears in her eyes and told him to let them stay for a few more days.

"I'm sorry Mishi. I've already sold this place," said the landlord.

"Sold??," mumbled Mishi.

The landlord walked away from there. Mishi fell to the ground and started crying. But she's tired of crying too so she wiped her tears and walked inside the room. She called every landlord whom she knows so that they can rent a house to her. Unfortunately, no one has a spare room. "What now? Chunhua and Chang need a place more than me but where do I take this furniture," Mishi thought. She quickly rushed out of her house in search of a newly rented house.

After searching till late afternoon, she found a room in that locality but with a raised amount. She accepted the price because right now her siblings need a roof more than her. She gave the $100 to the woman as an advance rent and after that; she called for a small van that can take the things from that house to the other. She packed everything by evening when Chunhua and Chang came there.

"Sisi, what happened?" Chang asked with a worried look.


"I've found a new house for us. Sorry, it's sudden but you two do not worry, that place is also good." Mishi told him while carrying the boxes in her hands. Chang took the boxes from Mishi and went outside to the van.

Chunhua looked at Mishi and understood that something was off. "Chunhua, look in the kitchen if I have picked everything.''

"Ok Sisi," said Chunhua. She came out of the kitchen after a few minutes and said, "everything is taken out."

"Ok go down. Tell Chang to stay there. I'm coming," said Mishi and checked the other boxes. She carried them with her down and put them in the van. Then she gave the keys to the landlord and with Chang and Chunhua she left that place. After 15 minutes of riding, they reached the place where Mishi found an additional room for themselves.

"Sisi, this room is more spacious," said Chunhua happily.

"Hm. I've set your bedrooms already, so go to sleep. I'll take care of her things," Mishi stated with assurance. "Go to sleep. Tomorrow is school okay," Mishi continued, looking at Chang and slapped him lightly on his back. Both  Chang and Chunhua walked to their rooms while Mishi set the other things in the room.

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