The Revenge turned to Love

[UNDER EDITING] Mishi Xin is a girl with a soft and kind heart who lives with her two younger twin siblings. After her parents' death, she has lost faith in other relations as her own uncle threw them out of the house. Mishi works hard to end her and her siblings' miserable life. But then she meets Xian Zhang who makes her life more miserable than ever. Xian Zhang is the youngest entrepreneur in Beijing and owns Maximus. He was happy in his life until the day his girlfriend, Bai Lao broke up with him because Mishi intervened between them thus becoming the reason for their breakup according to Xian. "How dare you say such a thing to my best friend?" Mishi shouted at Xian. "Don't intervene between us," Xian yelled, glaring at Mishi. Turning to Bai, Xian explained himself. "It's all a misunderstanding. I'm not cheating on you. Trust me." "Xian, there's nothing left between us. How could you lie to me? Just go away from here," said Bai with a broken voice to Xian. Xian held Bai's hands gently when Mishi, best friend of Bai, came forward and slapped him hard. "Get away from her sight and stop bothering Bai. If you won't stop, then I'll report you to the police." Mishi grasped Bai's arm gently and took her inside the house, and slammed the door on the face of Xian. 6 years have passed but, the visions of that day are still imprinted in Xian's mind, who has returned to take revenge from Mishi. Will Xian be able to take revenge on Mishi, or will he fall for her? Let's see inside this story.

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An unexpected meet

"Mom, I'll come late today. So please don't wait for me. Eat your dinner and then sleep," said Xian to his lovely mother, who was watering the plants in the garden.

"Okay. But I love eating with my son. If you will marry, then I don't have to eat with you," muttered Biyu while watering the plants.

A grim look appeared on Xian's face because he reminisced about the day when his lover left him. "Mom, I cannot marry for now. Okay, then I'm going. I will come late tonight." Xian then walked away from there.

His mother turned to see him and murmured, "Oh Lord! Please take him out of that hell. Please make him understand that he has to move on."

"Biyu, let's go inside. It's the time you should take breakfast," Chung told Biyu, holding Biyu's arm.

As soon as Xian came out of the house, he told the driver to start the car. He got inside the car and put on Bluetooth. "Hey, Mark! Yes, I'm coming there in 15 minutes." Xian disconnected the call and told the driver to drive fast.

While he was in the car, his mind was on that day, the day he could not forget. "This wouldn't have happened if that girl hadn't appeared that day. She ruined my life, and now I'm going to ruin her," muttered Xian while gritting his teeth.

"Sir, we've reached," the driver said.

"Okay. Bring my things inside," ordered Xian and got out of the car. The Secretary, Li Wei, came there and started to tell him about the new business associate who wanted to sign a deal with him. Li Wei explained to him while they walked to the first floor to get into the elevator.

"Wow, he is so good-looking. I wish I could be with him," whispered one employee in the lobby. As soon as these words fell in Xian's ears, he stopped.

Li Wei, too stopped, seeing him. He turned his face to the girl and walked towards her. The girl thought he had fallen for her like a Cinderella story, but there's nothing like that. Xian grabbed the ID card of the girl which was hanging around her neck, read her name, and then looked into her eyes.

"Secretary Wei, fire this girl this instant," Xian ordered and turned to Li Wei.

"Wait. Why?" asked Li Wei. Xian glared at him, so he didn't speak further. Xian then walked towards the elevator and pressed the button on the 7th floor. Li Wei then followed him.


A girl in the kitchen was preparing breakfast. Her hair was tied into a bun, and she ran towards the dining table.

"Chunhua, Chang, don't fight with each other. You both are now grown-ups. Chang Xin, you've to protect your sister when I'm not around okay instead of fighting with her. Chunhua you've to do the same thing," muttered Mishi while looking at both of them.

"Okay Sisi," replied Chang, who's 15 years old. He kissed Chunhua on the cheek and said, "Don't cry. I won't pull your cheeks anymore." Mishi hugged them both tightly.

"Eat your breakfast, else it will get cold, '' said Mishi, putting the plates before them on the table. After finishing their breakfast meals, Mishi saw them off to the bus stand, and after that, she left for her workplace.

Mishi Xin works in a restaurant till mid-noon and after that in a cafe. Survival has become difficult for her since the day her parents died in an accident. It all happened six years ago when her parents were returning from America, but then the car's brakes failed, and they died on the spot.

Her uncle took care of them till she signed the papers mistakenly handling the entire company and other properties of her parents. Thus, not leaving, a single penny in her hand except the passbook which has some million Yuan which she has kept for her brother's and sister's studies.

She was going to work in her father's company, but her uncle threw her out of there. Not only this he also made sure that no company could hire her. Once a company hired her, but the next day, her uncle signed a deal with the company and threw her out of that company.

For four years she tried hard to get into other companies but she couldn't. Fate has taken her to an alternative path where she has to work hard to make sure that her brother and sister can study in a good college.

"Mishi took the orders there," ordered her boss, Mr. Fei Zhan. She nodded and walked towards table 2 with a notepad in her hand.

"Good morning, sir. What would you like to order?," asked Mishi with her head slightly down and a broad smile on her lips.

"Two servings of Anhui, please. Also, bring the mineral water," said the customer. Mishi noted their orders and walked towards the kitchen. She handed over the order to the chef and walked outside for the other orders. Till noon she did the work and left for the other job in the cafe.

"Mishi, here take this salary of yours," Fei said with an envelope in his hand.

"But it's not even a month. I mean there are still 5 days left," said Mishi.

"Mishi, your siblings' birthday is after two days. No ifs and buts and take it." Fei insisted and handed her the envelope. She thanked him and then left for her second job.

She got on a bus and took a seat near the window when she saw an old woman searching for a seat. She looked around, and there was no seat left, so she got up and held the old lady's hand and said, "aunty, please sit here." She made the old woman sit and put her bags on the bus floor. The old lady thanked her and blessed her.

After an hour she reached the cafe, which helped her earn a good amount because of its location near the top company in Beijing. She got off the bus and walked towards the cafe. She stopped before the company gates and looked at the logo. She stared at the company for a few minutes and then walked away.

"Hello, sir." Greeted Mishi while bowing down.

"Mishi dear, come quickly. We've so many customers today." said the cafe owner Lei Xing, who was standing near the coffee machine.

Mishi quickly went to the changing room. She put her bag in the small wooden cabinet, grabbed the apron, and walked out. She started taking orders and payments from the customers.

Suddenly the door opened, and a young man came inside, panting. "Sorry Lei, I got late," said the boy who's none other than Zhao Bin.

"Boy, be quick. Handle the work," said Lei. Zhao quickly went inside the coffee machine and told Mishi to just take the payments, other things he will handle.

Mishi looked at the cheerful faces of the employees of that company which started 6 years ago. She wondered if she could enter there. She was in her thoughts when a man tapped on the desk and said, "Miss, I'm calling you for 5 minutes. Please make it quick. I've work to do," mumbled the man named Mark Zhang.

"Sorry, sir." Mishi apologized and took the card from him, and swiped it. He thanked her and, taking two coffees he walked away.

"What are you thinking, Mishi?" asked Zhao.

"Ahh. It's nothing," said Mishi and gave him a helping hand in giving the orders. In the evening, she completed her work and grabbed the bag inside the wooden cabinet.

"Mishi, I can drop you home. My friend lives nearby your house," Zhao offered her a ride.

"Thanks, but I'll go myself," Mishi replied, politely refusing his offer.

"Mishi, I won't eat you. Come sit behind me. I'll drop you." Offered Zhao. Mishi couldn't refuse him and sat behind him. She put on the helmet, and they left from there.

"Mishi, mom is coming this week. So she said to bring you and your siblings home for someday. You know she loves them," Zhao said, focusing on the road.

"Well, I'll send Chunhau and Chang, but I can't come. I've got some work to do so." Mishi explained to him.

"It's fine," Zhao replied and increased the speed of his bike. He stopped at the red light and waited for the signal to turn Green. As soon as it turned green, he started the bike, when a car from the other end came.

But at the right time, Zhao turned his bike, thus saving Mishi and himself from a big accident. In the event, the bike fell on the road, and both Mishi & Zhao. The vehicles stopped there while the people, who were on the side pavement ran to them.

Zhao's hands got hurt while Mishi got bruised near her arm. The driver came out of the car and helped them in getting up.

"Ma'am, sir, are you fine?" asked the driver.

"Hm... We're fine, but you should be careful," Zhao stated.

A man in a black suit came out of the car and walked towards them. He has a grim look on his face as if he will kill the person in front of him. With his deep husky voice, he asked, "What happened, Feng?"

"Sir, they got hurt," said Feng in a low voice.

He looked at Zhao and took out the money from his wallet. "You can check your wounds in the hospital. I'm giving enough money, so I don't think there's anything to worry about."

Zhao said nothing and stretched out his hand to take the money when Mishi came forward and with a confident voice, "Mr. XYZ, don't you think you should apologize first before throwing money at him?"

Xian got familiarised with the voice and turned his gaze from Zhao to Mishi. He stared at her for a while when Mishi snapped her fingers before him and questioned him, "are you deaf? We don't need your money. You rich people think that you can do anything to us, but, sorry you're wrong. So apologize to him instead of bragging off your money." Mishi snapped at him.

A smirk formed on Xian's lips. He stepped towards her. "This man was driving carelessly. He tried to take over the other car and this happened. If you don't believe me, ask him first."

Mishi looked at Zhao, who said that the man was saying right.

Xian raised his brow at Mishi.

"I think there's no need to give this money," muttered Xian and put the cash inside his wallet.

"Still, apologize," Mishi sternly said.

The people started whispering there.

"If I will apologize to you, then you will not stand here. You've to be behind bars for breaking the traffic rules," asserted Xian and smirked. Zhao found that they could get into trouble so, he intervened between them.

"Sir. I'm sorry. Mishi, Let's go," said Zhao and picked up his fallen bike from the ground. She glared at Xian, who was already gone in his car.


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