The Revenge Of The Abandoned Book

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The Revenge Of The Abandoned


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Iris Silcia had been nothing but naïve throughout her life. Born as the daughter of an unfavored concubine of the infamous Prime Minister of the Country, further banished to the country side due to a mistake her mother made, being forced to starve day by day, her life had been miserable from the start. Being called back to the Silcia Manor didn’t change anything. She was treated in the worst possible way, her mother was killed off, she bullied and abused by the other favored family members of the dark Silcia Family. Being of marriageable made things get worse. The only people who treated Iris with the most basic human kindness, her step-mother and step-sister, decided to marry her off to a publicly known trash, the Third Imperial Prince Leon. Marriage life was the worst. The trash of the royal family turned out to be an extremely cunning and intelligent person who hid all his plans and schemes behind his façade of stupidity. As he discovered that she was incredibly intelligent and talented herself, he used her in every way he could, coaxing her to become a General, making her fight in the frontlines in wars, making a fragile girl hold a sword and shed blood for him, to clear his path to the throne. Her ending topped all scales of bad luck. Coming back from wars to gloriously make Leon the Emperor with the Empress seat in mind, she was instead charged with betraying the country by her sister and her husband and killed off. However, this was not the true ending. Iris Silica was reborn. Now she had learned from her mistakes, heightened her ambitions, and sought to destroy those who slighted her, starting from her evil family to the scum of the Imperial clan. Amidst her thirst for blood, chaos arose and a thrilling fire of fantasy began… Instagram iz000_ for spoilers, hints, chapter previews and more!


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