"WHAT level are you now, Ah Jin?" Luo Yan asked.  The both of them were now walking on the street of Olkdale Town.  Though he really wanted to just sit in a corner and cuddle Luo Jin, he still hadn't had enough of his brother's cuteness.  But if he continued, Luo Jin might just kick him because of annoyance.

"13."  Luo Jin actually wanted to leave his Origin Village after he reached level 15.  But since they already talked and planned to meet here today, he had no choice but to leave early.  He couldn't possibly let her second brother wander in this virtual town without him.  What if he got bullied?  "You?"

"I'm a level higher than Ah Jin."

Level 14?  He was a bit surprised hearing that.  He definitely spent more time playing this game for the past six days.  And yet his second brother, who had tutorial lessons during the day, still was a level higher than him.  Was he really just such a noob?  No, he'd been doing really good lately.  It just took a long while before he got used to controlling his game avatar.

Luo Yan, of course, noticed his brother's surprised.  "Hey, does Ah Jin not believe me?  I told you, I'm good at this game.  I'll show you how good I am later when we're killing monsters."

Luo Jin frowned thinking of Luo Yan fighting against monsters.  He shook his head and immediately threw away the idea of preventing his brother from fighting.  It would be stupid of him if he suggested that.  How could Luo Yan level up if he didn't fight?  Luo Jin just had to make sure that he wouldn't be hurt too badly.

"Then let's see who could kill more monsters," he just said instead.

"Okay.  But I'll definitely win."

Luo Jin snorted.  "Don't be too cocky."

"I'm not.  I'm just confident," Luo Yan said smiling at his brother.  "What items did you get from your Origin Village?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Not much.  An accesory that could increase Derived Stats, a special summoning card, and a metal that could be forged as a weapon."

The first and last items were almost the same as two of the items Luo Yan got in his Origin Village.  But the second one was a bit new to him.  "Can I see the summoning card?"

Luo Jin nodded since he didn't really mind.  He took the card from his Items Tab and gave it to Luo Yan.

Luo Yan took it.  The card had an image of some kind of golem at the front and the same design as the runes on Luo Jin's body at the back.  He put it at his Items Tab so he could see its information.

Golem God Summoning Card

- With this, you have the chance to summon the golem god for three times.  The golem god has an unlimited HP and high attacking power.  Once summon, it won't vanish from your Items Tab.  So use it well.

A summoning card?  Was this another addition from the new update?  Maybe he should look into the forum once again.  It would be good if he could actually talk to an informed player.  Should he make friends here?  Whatever the case, this summoning card idea was as interesting as the new pet system.

He took the summoning card from his Items Tab and gave it back to Luo Jin.

"How about you, what did you get?" Luo Jin asked while putting the card back in his Items Tab.

"This bracelet that could also increase my Derived Stats.  Something that could also be forged into a weapon and an Invisibility Cloak."

"Invisibility Cloak?  Like in Harry Potter?"

"Yeah, almost.  But it has limitations and I can't just use it all the time.  I'll let you try it later.  And oh, I also took an egg from a cave where a dragon sleeps."

"A dragon?"

Luo Yan didn't hear his brother's question because he just remembered that he had to buy an artificial beast incubator for the egg.  "Shoot.  I almost forgot."  He opened the Map of the town and looked for the location of the General Store.  When he found it, he turned to Luo Jin and held him up.

"Wait- Yan!  What are you doing?  Put me down!" Luo Jin complained, blushing red in embarrassment.

"I have to go somewhere and it would be faster this way," Luo Yan answered, running towards the direction of the General Store.

Luo Jin wanted to complain some more but when he saw the hurried look of his second brother, he just shut up and decided to endure the embarrassment.

It didn't take long before they arrived at the General Store.  Once there, Luo Yan immediately put down Luo Jin.

Luo Jin looked up at the big building with a 'General Shop' on it.  "This is where you have to go?"

Luo Yan nodded.  "I have to buy something for the egg."

They both entered the store which quickly attracted the attention of the players inside.  One was a beautiful white-haired elf, the other was a cute black haired gnome.  Both looked different from the usual design of elves and gnomes, so of course they would gather attention.  

Being the third young master of the Luo family, Luo Jin was used to being the center of attention.  While Luo Yan just didn't care if people look at him or not.  So both of them ignored everyone.

Luo Yan looked around.  This General Store was a lot, and he meant a lot, bigger than the one in his Origin Village.  It had four floors.  Even at the floor they were in, he could already see lot of products on display.  There were NPCs roaming around, probably to help the players if they needed anything - like some sales person or something.

He walked to one of the free NPCs.  "Do you have an artificial beast incubator?"

"Yes, please follow me to the fourth floor," the NPC cordially answered.

He and Luo Jin followed the NPC to the fourth floor, looking around as they do.  When they reached their destination, the NPC went to one of the shelves.

"What quality of the incubator do you prefer?" the NPC asked.

"The one with the highest quality," Luo Yan didn't hesitate to answer.

"Here it is," the NPC said and took out an oval crystal that had some golden girdle.  If one looked closely, you could see some kind of liquid inside it.  "It's worth 20,000 crystal coins.  Would you like to directly pay for this item right now or queue up at the cashier?"

"I'll pay for it right now."

A window appeared in front of Luo Yan, asking him to type his account game name.  He did and the words 'successful transaction' appeared right after.  This way of paying was actually more convenient.  This was probably the reason why there's a lot of NPC around.

"Do you need instruction on how to use it?" the NPC asked.

"Yes, please."

"You just have to put the egg on top of it and the egg would automatically enter inside.  Also, you have to input your Mana into it at least once a day so the egg could feel your care.  Whatever beast that would be born will have an instant connection with you because of that.  Once it's time for the egg to hatch, the incubator would issue a warning and then it would automatically shatter," the NPC explained.

Luo Yan took the incubator and then took out the egg from his Items Tab.  He did as the NPC told and put the egg on top of the incubator.  Just like what the NPC said, the egg entered the crystal, submerging itself in the liquid inside.  

"How could I input my Mana?" he asked the NPC.  

"Just put your hand on top of it for ten seconds."

He put his hand on top of the crystal, then a small bluish glow appeared.  He felt something inside him being sucked.  After ten seconds, he removed his hand.  

"Do you need anything else?" the NPC asked.

"No, thank you."

The NPC bowed and left them.

"Is that a dragon's egg?" Luo Jin asked, thinking that his second brother went to a cave where a dragon slept.

"I don't think so."

"Do you plan to make it your pet once it hatched?"

"If it turned out to be a pretty beast."

Luo Jin felt confused.  What did prettiness have something to do with choosing a pet?  "What if it's not?"

"Then I could only sell it."  

Luo Yan looked down at the crystal incubator and smile threateningly.  [So you better turn out pretty.]

If the egg had some kind of awareness, it would probably shiver right now and answer; [Yes, Master!  I will definitely be pretty!]

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