"THAT elf, Alen, must have known Lhoris pretty well.  He probably also knows were Lhoris went after he resigned," Luo Yan said, remembering what that NPC said about that Alen and Lhoris arguing and the elf shouting words like 'can't leave', 'crazy', and 'dragon'. 

The elf wouldn't shout things like that if he didn't.  He was most likely stopping Lhoris from leaving here.  Luo Yan had a feeling that all they needed now was to talk to that elf and they could get the information they needed – the location where Lhoris was now.  That would mean that after that, he and Shen Ji Yun could just go around and play in the amusement park for the remainder of the afternoon.

"Yan Yan, if that elf could tell us where Lhoris is, can we…" Shen Ji Yun paused, the big rabbit mascot suit fidgeting as if he didn't know how to proceed next.  And then, as if gaining confidence, he raised his rabbit head and turned to Luo Yan.  "Can we still stay here and go around the place?"


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