TWO players were currently sitting on the topmast of the ship cruising around the jungle.  They were on the highest point of the ship, overlooking everything.  Both belonged to the beastkin race. 

One was a guy with fluffy red-orange hair and a pair of lion ears on top of his head.  He had bronze skin and perfectly sculpted muscles.  He had clear and bright features.  But because of the mischievous smile on his lips, he looked absolutely like a bandit. 

The other was a girl with ash-brown hair cut into a short bob.  Just like the guy, there's a pair of animal ears on top of her head.  But hers was that of a cat.  Her features might be plain and simple but her eyes were extraordinary.  They were big and slanted, just like a cat.  It added some kind of charm to her face, making it much more attractive.

"Hey, I think I just saw Morganite threw a guy off the ship," Xia Li said, looking at the direction of the deck.


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