The Return of the Cannon Fodder Trillion Heiress

Hera Avery is working several part-time jobs to pay for her university tuition. She is managing her work and love life simultaneously. Her boyfriend, who is a rising celebrity, made her pay for their expensive apartment located in a well-known building. The building is also home to well-known heirs and heiresses. On her boyfriend's birthday and their third anniversary, she returned home to their apartment only to find him with another woman. But what did she get in return? A slap on the face, a breakup and she was evicted from the apartment she was paying with her own money. After being evicted and becoming homeless, she believed things couldn't get any worse. However, her cheating ex-boyfriend's wealthy new girlfriend went further by reaching out to every establishment and persuading them to blacklist her. This caused her to lose her means of living and they even spread rumors that she was obsessed with her former celebrity boyfriend and was attacked by his fans. Having no way out, she gritted her teeth. "Grandpa, I'm willing to inherit the consortium." Old Master Avery laughed heartily after hearing her conviction and sent a bank transfer to Hera. [ You received a $100,000,000,000 money transfer to your account ending in ####] [Note: My dear granddaughter, use this pocket money to treat yourself to anything you desire. Don't be frugal, and if you spend it all, don't hesitate to ask me for more.] Hera was astounded. When her identity was announced, her ex-boyfriend kneeled and cried to her, for her to take him back. The sarcastic Male lead 1: Do you think it's your turn? Look behind. When her ex-boyfriend looked back, he saw influential men lining up with bouquets of roses to woo Hera. The cold Male lead 2: It's your fault for being blind. Cry and beg but you'll have no chance as long as we are here. The brutal and impatient Male lead 3: Do you want me to break your legs?! The entertainment King Male lead 4: You're just a little star but you want to bypass me? The hot-headed Male lead 5: I'll make sure, you'll be shelve. The coquettish Male lead 6: Wifey, they are trying to steal you from me! Seeing the problematic Male leads, Hera felt an incoming headache not knowing what to do. "Let's just go with the flow then!"

GoddessKM · Urban
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292 Chs

Chapter 213 First Kiss

Hera couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle, her eyes meeting Leo's distressed gaze as he panted, trying his best to fight back his desire and regain control. "Okay," she said softly, her voice laced with warmth. "I believe you won't hurt me. So, how about we each take the antidote and see where our relationship goes from here?"

Every woman desires to experience the sweetness of love and to be treated right by the man they adore, and Hera is no different. Under normal circumstances, she too yearned to fall in love, not out of obligation or to guard against certain people or alter her destiny, but for the pure, unadulterated joy of it. She longed for a love where not only their hearts but also their souls were intertwined. She wanted to experience all these things without the constant burden of responsibilities and the ever-present dangers lurking around her.