The Return Of Joyboy!

"What do you mean by 'Nika'?" Sabo further asked. Luffy groggily opened his eyes, and spoke, "Did someone call me?" Garp frowned at that. "Luffy, your name is Luffy, not that!!!" He said with anger. Luffy who sat up now glared at Garp before frowning, "But why do I need to hide my real name?!!!" He asked and crossed his arms on his chest. "I don't understand at all!!" "Your real name is Nika?" Ace asked to which Luffy nodded happily. Garp scratched his head in worry. "Fine!" Garp said, "Listen to me!" Luffy looked at Garp and the others even did the same. "If the marines ever come to know about your real name, and if by any chance the World Government came to know about your existence they will kill you in spot." "Why will they kill coz of my name?" Luffy frowned but soon burst out laughing, "And do you think," Luffy's eyes flickered to golden, "they can kill me?" Luffy started laughing hard, his one hand on his stomach and the other on his eyes. Co-creator: @Defectivedecoy Link: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Defectivedecoy/pseuds/Defectivedecoy Updated every Sunday!

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Chapter 16

Dragon showed the brothers their own room. The room had a window from which the wind can easily enter. The room had a big king-sized bed, which could easily take in the brothers. First he had thought about separate beds, but he was reminded quickly that the boys wouldn't want it. In the corner were three desks, stuck to each other and shelves, where several books lay neatly. Some navigation, color books, books about the grand line, etc. The brother's eyes widened with excitement as they jumped onto the soft bed.

It was Ace's first time to sit on an actual bed. It was so soft, that Ace was already feeling sleepy. Sabo felt himself smile after getting an actual bed after five years while Luffy bounced on the soft fluffy bed.

"Thank you!" Sabo and Ace together said, making Luffy repeat it too.

Dragon chuckled and observed the kids. He saw them look at the room with eyes filled with awe and wonder. But he had other things to do too. He sat on the bedside and looked at the boys.

"You guys need to have code names," Dragon spoke, making the boys turn toward him in confusion. "If you want to go for missions." That got nods from the brothers and an 'adventure' from Luffy.

Dragon looked at the brothers, "Any idea, what you want to choose?"

"Cyane," Sabo spoke with a shrug. Ace raised an eyebrow at that and Luffy's smile widened. Dragon smiled.

"Cool Hat~!!!" Luffy spoke with a giggle, causing Dragon to stiffen a chuckle with his sons.

"That's lame, Lu!" Ace pointed out while Luffy pouted at that.

"Strawhat?" Ace shook his head again.

Luffy's hand went to his chin, thinking hard about what he should name himself, "Red? Lucy?"

"Nope!" Ace spoke again.

Luffy went into deep thought, "Nika?" His mouth slipped on its own, causing him to grin sheepishly. Sabo saw this and quickly changed the topic. Luckily, Luffy has spoken in a very low tone, though he wasn't required to hide it from his own Dad. But walls do have ears.

"How about Cyra, Lu?" Sabo asked with a smile. Luffy beamed at that nodding and Ace gave a thumbs up. Dragon who noticed the change, raised an eyebrow but didn't ask anything.

Now only Ace was left. What should he name himself? His brothers all have their names starting with the letter 'C', he will also have one with 'C' then!

"Cole!" Ace spoke lastly.

"Nice names, we can have your group's name as 3C's." Dragon snickered jokingly, which got twinkling eyes from Luffy.

"Don't forget to call each other that, unless you want to reveal your identities to someone," Dragon said and left the room. Only he, Ivankov, and Kuma should know about the real names of the boys and no one until the time comes.


They were introduced to Kuma, Hack, and Koala, with whom they made friends easily. When Kuma saw the three boys fight like monsters, he took his words back. They could really pack a good punch. Their teamwork was excellent. It looked as if they knew what the other brother will do, without even seeing.

Dragon was training them personally and he could see their developments. All those three little monsters had Conquerer's king. They learned Haki with little effort while the smallest one, Luffy had an affinity to Haki as if he was born with it and it was confirmed when they were taught about Conquerer's haki when Sabo and Ace told them how many times Luffy had used it. They looked like the exact definition of force of nature. When those three ganged on someone, that person would have to regret it and the watchers would feel pity for the person. The Dragon Claw attack which he taught the three, was already breaking stones. He was impressed by their strengths. But he would pity the people who didn't hear his advice on challenging the monsters, and took them as a joke. Those guys would always receive a broken bone in present.

He was more impressed when he saw Sabo, the blonde, getting information in his head as fast as storm. He could see the hothead, becoming more and more polite after his every session with Ivankov. It didn't take the brothers even half a year and they were already good at haki. To his surprise, Ace was best in observation haki, which seemed shocking, coz he was a hot head and had a little attention span. Sabo was best in Armanent haki, which again seemed shocking. He was sure that he would be good at Observation due to his brain, but no, that was just the opposite.

Then comes the youngest one, who was was best at Conquerer's haki. He was surpassing his brothers at a fast rate. He wouldn't think twice when he would be told that he had unlocked his advanced haki's before the brothers, in the pace he was going. It was almost amazing to watch the brothers pull out impossible from their hats.


It was their first mission in the years they had spent in the Revolutionary Army. Their first mission after 3 years of training. All they had to do was to infiltrate a Marine base and gather their important folders. They were even allowed to create a ruckus but in one condition. They were not allowed to give up their real identities. Dragon wouldn't risk his father getting hold of the troublesome menace of the brothers. He even had made sure before giving them the mission that Garp was nowhere near the Marine Base.

Luffy had stomped his feet, arguing to go with his brothers. He wouldn't take a no. But everyone knew that Luffy was worse at being quiet, but he was promising that he will try to be as quiet as possible and only create a ruckus when they have already gathered the folders. Dragon sighed but he knew he will be safe, but still, they were kids, they weren't even qualified to go for the missions but they were stronger than anyone in the Army and he had seen them getting antsy for a good fight. He felt that they wanted to use their strength in full power. So, he allowed them. And the most plus point was Luffy's aim was getting good. He no more hit himself with his rubbery limbs.


The brothers sailed for a couple of days to the Marine base, hid their ship behind a cliff, and wore the stolen Marine cadet uniforms. Luffy even placed his straw hat carefully, hidden in his uniform. Luffy was in a cabin boy uniform, clearly too young and his height would not make him look like a marine. Ace and Sabo were in the recruits' uniform. They were wearing medical masks and had dyed their hair, for the mission. Luffy's hair was bright red like Shanks, Ace's was peach colored like his Mom, and Sabo's was black colored like Dragon and his brothers.

Ace couldn't help but vibrate with excitement, they were finally out of Baltigo and were about to create a ruckus for the World Government. But he couldn't believe that their plan will work, especially when Luffy was involved. No way in hell he could believe Luffy was staying quiet the moment they enter. He attracts trouble like the bees which were attracted to pollen. He sighed behind his mask. Sabo stepped in his foot in a warning and glared at him.

"What do we have here? New recruits? Didn't know new blood was coming here. Tell me, why are you boys here?"

A marine captain was in front of them, clearly suspicious. He eyed them and tried to see if anything was out of line. Sabo spoke up, the one brother they were all confident in with talking to other people.

"Headquarters sent us out. Code 5687 in the Marine handbook."

The lieutenant blinked and then sighed. "Fine. The bunks are in that building," The captain pointed at the building and walked away. Once the captain was out of sight and the boys inside the bunks, they snorted at the captain's foolishness to believe them so easily.

"Okay, here's the game plan. I am going to go find the folders, while Ace will find the treasures and Luffy," Sabo shrugged, "you can play with the marines. But don't get caught."

Luffy smiled mischievously and shared a secretive smile with his brothers.

"Yep! The Marines lives will be hell tomorrow." Luffy smiled ferally under his mask.

"I'll join you soon," Ace smirked. The Marines would regret the day when the ASL brothers would leave the base.

Ace slithered into the hallways with Sabo, leaving Luffy alone in the bunks. Luffy grinned as he made his way to the other side, looking for the kitchen.

When Ace and Sabo returned, they saw Luffy snoozing away while gripping a pillow. Ace and Sabo chuckled and closed the doors behind them and jumped into the beds. All they have to do is wait for tomorrow, to see the chaos reign in. The treasures laid on their ships already with the important folders in the hands of Sabo, clearly safe.

In the morning, the ASL brothers made their way to the kitchen to grab some food but only took what Luffy was taking, and not the other food. Who knows that Luffy had already sabotaged what? That was when the chaos started.

"Who the fuck put salt in the deserts?" There were sounds of spitting food on tables.

"Who the hell put washing powder in the coffee?" Another event of spitting started. Sabo leaned to Luffy, "How many coffee machines did you sabotage?" He saw the glint of mischief in his little brother's eyes, "All of it." He said proudly, puffing his chest.

"There's more," Ace said as a statement. He himself had sabotaged many things in his way and he wouldn't believe that this was the only thing Luffy had done. Sabo looked impressed at his brothers.

Several marines came out with pink uniforms, and on top of it glitters sparkling over their clothes.

Many marines slipped in the hallways due to the oil which was spread on the floor.

The cooks in the kitchen cursed when they found that sugar was replaced by washing powder and salt was replaced by sand.

In the laundries, the washing machines puffed out glitters when the Marines tried to fix them.The offices in the marine base clearly looked as hell, all the files misarranged and not in the place where they should be.

The washing powder in the washing machines was replaced by sugar and salt and not to mention the food colorings.

The shampoos in the washrooms had been replaced by dyes, making the person's hair all rainbow-colored.

The towels contained sticky gels with itchy powders, making the marines rub themselves on the walls.

The cannons were all empty and the gunpowder was replaced by black pepper and other spices.

Many marines even complained about their unforms all lost or found in shreds on their desks.Bettles and small bugs were found in the only well clothes, available for them to wear, making some of the marines shriek here and there.

When the marine captains tried to report, they found all their inks absent and the feathers were hanging neatly on their heads, when they tried to open their bathrooms.

Some marine hats were filled with sauces and syrup.

All the single boats had an oar missing, which was later found in the places where swords were kept, neatly broken, and inserted in their sheaths. And the said weapons were nowhere to be found.

The bedding in the beds of the marines was covered with flour, making the marines ghostly white when they attempted to rest.

The snails which were responsible to monitor the hallways were freed or had disappeared, making them unable to contact any nearby marine bases.

The sword oil was switched with plain water.

The cooking oil was switched with isopropyl alcohol from the infirmary.

The cleaning supplies were replaced by a mixture of syrup, sauces, and all kinds of juices available in the kitchen.

The bandages were replaced with toilet paper and the toilet papers were all gone from the washrooms.


"I'm impressed," Sabo said proudly as he heard the shrieks and screams of Marines coming from every corner of the base. "I missed pranking with you guys." Sabo laughed.

The brothers watched in glee as the marines were frantically running everywhere. In short, the marine base was a total mess.


Dragon looked impressively at the three brats which were standing in front of him. They have again destroyed another Marine Base in the Grandline and have brought all the important documents and treasures from it, and even the weapons. He laughed as he got the report from Sabo, about what they have done. Seriously, these kids are pranksters. He couldn't imagine what they would do if they were allowed to show their creativity in Baltigo. May be the whole base would get haphazard. Dragon quickly shook that thought in his head and praised the kids for their efforts.

He understood the advertisements which were published in the newspapers, about washing machines, coffee makers, and other materials. He couldn't help but laugh at those.As time passed, almost most of the Marine Bases were left in destruction, and the Marines couldn't explain a thing that was happening. They couldn't even catch the boys even after two years of their constant infiltration.


It was another infiltration mission in a Marine base and to their bad luck, they were surrounded by Marines. Luckily, they had changed into their cloaks before leaving the base. Ace was wearing a dark orange cloak, Luffy was wearing his dark red cloak and Sabo was wearing his dark blue cloak. The cloaks were doing a perfect job of hiding their faces from their enemies. They fought fearlessly with the Marines. Even the swords nor the guns worked on them. The Marines were getting only enraged, but they had their answers to what was happening since the last years. They were being infiltrated by three teenagers. They were being pranked by them.

The captains in the Marine base tried desperately to fight off the kids, they tried their best to at least make them reveal their faces. From the voice of the three boys in front of them, they could easily deduce that they are teenagers and maybe a pre-teen. Two voices were cracking in between sometimes, letting them interpret that they were around 15 or 16 and one voice was way too childish, and according to his height, he looked as if he was an 11 or 12-year-old kid. But their strength could surpass even a marine captain and they were sure of that, by the way they were easily defeating them.

Kicks and punches were exchanged and it seemed as if the boys were playing and toying with the marines, making the marine captains feel enraged. They didn't stand a chance against the three monsters and fell to the ground after minutes of fighting. Their bodies were all sore and beaten up.

When the last Marine captain was about to drift into the abyss of unconsciousness, he caught their names.


The next day when Dragon was given the newspaper, Dragon stilled. He saw the wanted posters of the boys laying in front of him. Not that anybody knows who they are, but it didn't help him to relax. Ivankov who saw that, raised his eyebrow.

"You know them?" Dragon wanted to laugh, but the situation didn't allow him.

"Have you got any information from my sons?" Dragon asked instead, to which Iva sighed and nodded. "They will be here by noon."