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Orphaned at ten and betrayed by his guardian at nineteen, the protagonist's life spirals into darkness, yet some light remains, only to be cruelly extinguished when his girlfriend sacrifices herself during a brutal demon attack. As a result, he is bestowed with a mysterious system that imbues him with the strength, making him dedicate himself to eradicating demons. Upon defeating the Demon King, he is granted a reward and chooses to reincarnate into a novel-like world with sealed memories until age thirteen. Reborn as the second son of a Duke, he yearns a peaceful life and respite from his tumultuous past. However, fate has different plans. In a world full of political games and supernatural dangers, he finds himself caught in conflicts involving a transmigrator villain and a regressor protagonist. Amid noble family ties, surprising friendships, and veiled threats, he must find his way through this new life, all the while dealing with lingering scars and the chaos that threatens to engulf him and those around him. Can he truly find solace in a world determined to pull him back into the fight? Will he succeed in forging a relaxed and slow life amidst the relentless anomalies at every step? Read to find out!! ====== Well, I am writing this novel to try a new style and get a temporary break from my first novel, which has become stagnant. As always, you can just ask any questions regarding the book, and I'll answer them without spoilers, of course.(⁠◠⁠‿⁠◕⁠) [All character arts were made using AI by a friend and author, lazy_pen_master] Formerly known as "Extra's Slice of Life" ////////////////////////////////////////////////// I have entered this novel for the June WPC contest, so if you like reading this novel, do give it some power stones, golden tickets, and gifts. Thanks for reading and for your support!! Join my Discord for more character arts and some fun:  https://discord.com/invite/Qb86VeyvzP (You need to copy and paste the link to your browser.)

Hardy1j · Fantasy
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58 Chs

Chapter 7: Not Awakening

Not knowing the complicated thoughts running through Jash's mind, Ziva turned the door knob to leave in a rush.

For one, it was about time they needed to go to the banquet. More importantly, she wanted to hide that she felt shy because of her own actions.

However, the words that entered her ears just as she was about to put her foot out of the room, caused her to stiffen and turn around.

"I ain't awakening, for now."

Jash had mustered all the courage he could to barely confess those words and the reaction he got made him flinch in his seat.

"What, why?" Ziva blurted out the question as if by reflex.

Ziva and Jash stared into each other's eyes as Ziva frowned, noticing his hesitation and his fidgeting fingers.

'Is he thinking I'll hate him or something?'

Ziva naturally didn't know his thoughts and seeing him not answer, only increased her heart rate as nervousness gripped her.

"Out with it, already!" She shouted at him yet stood at her spot, not nearing him just in case he reacted negatively.

Noticing Ziva's current state of urgency and worry, Jash couldn't help but feel a little guilty. 'Maybe I should tell her?'

"Uhm... You know me. I don't want to awaken... Just because."

He answered her but indirectly chose to dodge her question which didn't seem to sit well with her.

"Just because?" Ziva furrowed her brows at his nonchalance. "You, Caera, Amael, along with countless others in our generation will awaken before turning 15."

Her voice rose as she continued in an admonishing tone,

"Every one of us will have to–"

"I know. I know, alright?" Jash interjected her speech, or rather a lecture.

"Just listen from my side too, okay?" Ziva nodded her head as if allowing him to continue despite getting interrupted rudely.

"Look, you, Caera and I are different. Neither of us is the first born or the heir apparent that we actually need to bother with an amazing awakening or anything."

"You and I are already half-fiancés, so another reason to not bother with it. Plus, our parents, despite being nobles, don't have that tendency to use their children for political gain."

"I don't see any point in awakening earlier and having to go through compulsory training. I'd much rather sleep peacefully."

"I don't like the idea of swinging a sword, dagger, spear, or any other weapon repeatedly to learn it. I don't even train unless forced to."

"If it were up to me, I would spend the rest of my life nestled in my bed, not bothering to wake up from my loving sleep."

"Just tell me one reason I should awaken."

Jash finally fell silent after letting out all his thoughts to someone for the first time. Even his parents didn't know about his decision.

But he was sure that he would make them agree one way or another. If not, then at least delay his awakening for a year or two.

Meanwhile, Ziva who heard his words stood dumbfounded at his approach towards all such things.

Her mind was a whirlpool of thoughts as she couldn't help but wonder, 'I mean, I knew you were lazy... but what the hell?'

In the end, she took a deep breath to curb her anger before she lashed out at him and decided to counter him.


"I get what you said. But why?"

"I mean, it's somewhat right. However, don't you know there are various rumors going around regarding some great peril awaits."

"Don't you think you should train a day quicker, let alone 3 years!? What will you do if you come to regret your decision?"

"Even leaving that aside since they're just rumors and nothing's confirmed. What of the fact that you will be far weaker compared to others who have trained rigorously for years."

"Not only would they have a stronger, sturdier foundation. Even their mana usage would be much much better than yours."

"Won't the feeling of inferiority gnaw at you?"

Ziva stopped for a second to take a breath. But unlike her who didn't interrupt Jash, he did exactly that.

"Nope. I wouldn't care. I mean, why should I?"

"Think of it like this, no matter what someone says, if you are talented, you will easily beat and pass the ones who only have hard work going for them."

"Plus, irrespective of talent, there are those more of a genius than you. It won't ever end unless you become the strongest in the world."

Jash didn't speak after that as she stormed her foot and directly rushed out of the door.

"Well, that went worse than I imagined," muttered Jash helplessly.

In the end, the matter of awakening was just too much of a deal for her to accept his decision despite knowing him well enough.

In fact, the world Jash lived in had only two classes, those who awakened and those who did not.

Any other categorisation became meaningless in the face of the overwhelming might of those who could wield the mystical power of mana.

Not only were there magicians who could directly cast area-wide spells, there were weapon wielders who could cut through mountains, and even assassins who could vanish without a trace.

There were countless other methods to use mana, some were discovered while some were yet to be discovered.

It all began even before the Holy Calendar started.

Mana poured into the world and took everyone by surprise. The only sentient race of the time, humans, didn't know much about it.

It was only after the pets, wildlife, forests, wild animals and many more mutated to attack humans did they understand the severity of the situation.

However, it was too late by then.

Human society had almost collapsed due to the sudden chance to overthrow the royalty and nobility of their respective kingdoms or empires.

Many craving revenge, blood, chaos did as they wished.

It wasn't until some strong mana-wielders, now collectively known as "Hunters", took charge and created an order.

Yet it was all temporary as people weren't going to forget everything that happened to them so fast.

However, when all hope seemed lost, the Saintess of the Holy Church of the Light took the charge as she followed the Hero, Adonis Solarnelle, blessed by Goddess.

The two were then joined by other strong Hunters who stood side-by-side to defeat the monsters to finally create a human Empire to live in.

Sadly, all good things come to an end as the Hero party broke apart, giving rise to the Solarnelle Royal Family and the Solarnelle Empire with 3 ducal families.

Lastly, the Church of the Holy Goddess of Light went somewhat dormant leaving behind some prophecy, only known to the higher-ups, that is the high nobility.

In the current date and time, however, such a history was circulated among the masses.

Recalling the history lesson, Jash's mood soured further as he spat, "So much for history lessons. That's definitely fake!!"

"But Awakening, huh? It's just forming a core and wielding mana... Nothing special. Though it can definitely be useful to take cold showers or dry up myself and even an area to immediately doze off..."

Dreaming of entirely different dreams from typical Hunters, Jash finally left his room to go to the banquet.

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