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Orphaned at ten and betrayed by his guardian at nineteen, the protagonist's life spirals into darkness, yet some light remains, only to be cruelly extinguished when his girlfriend sacrifices herself during a brutal demon attack. As a result, he is bestowed with a mysterious system that imbues him with the strength, making him dedicate himself to eradicating demons. Upon defeating the Demon King, he is granted a reward and chooses to reincarnate into a novel-like world with sealed memories until age thirteen. Reborn as the second son of a Duke, he yearns a peaceful life and respite from his tumultuous past. However, fate has different plans. In a world full of political games and supernatural dangers, he finds himself caught in conflicts involving a transmigrator villain and a regressor protagonist. Amid noble family ties, surprising friendships, and veiled threats, he must find his way through this new life, all the while dealing with lingering scars and the chaos that threatens to engulf him and those around him. Can he truly find solace in a world determined to pull him back into the fight? Will he succeed in forging a relaxed and slow life amidst the relentless anomalies at every step? Read to find out!! ====== Well, I am writing this novel to try a new style and get a temporary break from my first novel, which has become stagnant. As always, you can just ask any questions regarding the book, and I'll answer them without spoilers, of course.(⁠◠⁠‿⁠◕⁠) [All character arts were made using AI by a friend and author, lazy_pen_master] Formerly known as "Extra's Slice of Life" ////////////////////////////////////////////////// I have entered this novel for the June WPC contest, so if you like reading this novel, do give it some power stones, golden tickets, and gifts. Thanks for reading and for your support!! Join my Discord for more character arts and some fun:  https://discord.com/invite/Qb86VeyvzP (You need to copy and paste the link to your browser.)

Hardy1j · Fantasy
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58 Chs

Chapter 5: Sleepy Young Master


13 January, Year 2448 of the Holy Calendar.

On a detached faraway planet in the vast universe.

Inside the Empire of Solarnelle, a sun-bathed realm, sparkling in gold, warmed by daylight and cooled by moonlight.

There stood a mansion, decorated to the brim glowing radiantly in a jubilant mood, with twirling towers bustling with activity.

Several intricately designed beautiful carriages seemingly screaming luxury lined one by one to enter the mansion, for today was a cause for celebration. Each one more opulent than the last as if to show their wealth, or to compete with one another.

However, one of the twain said cause was actually absent while the guests arrived with gusto, hoping to make connections, vent at their rivals or for their own twisted reasons.

Inside one of the rooms on the first floor of the vast mansion, a young boy lay on the bed. The light, breathable silk pajamas seemed useless in making the boy uncomfortable despite the cold of the winter evening.

Undisturbed, he continued to sleep with fervor, seemingly enjoying his nap.


Suddenly, the door to the room opened and a female entered the room.

Her attire typical of maids yet the elegance with which she carried herself along with her impeccable beauty would undoubtedly enchant the onlookers.

"Sigh. The Lady will be mad," muttered the maid in a low voice before she waved her hand.

The chilly air inside the room turned to a chilly draft as it landed on the smooth skin of the young man, trying to awaken him gently.

Seeing the cold daft have no effect on the sleeping boy, the maid changed the wind direction as it pushed him outside the huge bed.


Startled awake from suddenly falling off the bed, the boy looked around with wide open eyes before his eyes landed on the form of the maid.

Blinking his eyes a few times as if he understood what just happened, he held onto his blanket and directly nestled into it on the floor itself.

Apparently, he wanted to sleep more.

"Young Master, you've been sleeping since last night!"

Exasperated, the maid said in a louder voice than usual before she added in a threatening, low tone.

"My Lady has ordered me to get you ready within the next 30 minutes, Young Master."

Ignoring the maid's ramblings, he waved her off, "Just let me sleep, Emma!"

A vein throbbed on Emma's forehead as she spat venomously, "You have 5 minutes to take a shower before I make you."

Surprisingly, the threat seemed to work as the boy groaned and immediately rushed to the bathroom, dropping off his pajamas even before entering.

Emma didn't mind his rush as all she needed to pick them up was a twirl of her finger. 'He is so embarrassed of being naked in front of me.'

An evil chuckle escaped her lips as she remembered how bashful he always got despite her being the one who used to bathe and clothe him till he was 8.


Unaware of the thoughts of his maid, the boy hurriedly took off his underwear and directly shifted the shower knob to spew cold water on his face.


"Cold showers are the best showers!"

He couldn't help but speak out his thoughts as he enjoyed the feeling of the cold water on his skin despite the chilly weather.

"Hmph! If anyone dares to say they like hot showers, then I would fight them to the death."

He vowed to himself randomly before he started grumbling, "Ugh! If only I could just take 1-2 hour cold water showers daily and spend the rest sleeping and eating!"

"What a blissful life it would be!"

Dreaming of such a life, he didn't know how long passed before he remembered Emma's threat and rushed out after turning the shower off.

Drying his body using a dry towel, he wore his fresh pair of underwear before hanging the towel on his shoulders and exiting.

'It seems I got out just in time,' he thought in utter glee, seeing his maid next to his dressing mirror.

"Young Master, you are getting late for your own birthday banquet. Allow me to dress you."

Emma said in a neutral tone. She noticed his wet hair and half-dry body and prepared to dry them using magic instead of waiting.

By the time he walked to her, his entire body was dried from any signs of water and his hair was even styled already.

'Magic sure is convenient,' thought the boy smiling.

Seeing the happy expression on his face, Emma remembered something and smiled along with him as she started to dress him up.

Using magic, of course.

She didn't touch him or even a strand of his hair. All of it easily done with magic.

And her Young Master seemed to enjoy such moments. Alas, he just hated banquets.

"Hmm, it's done, Young Master," Emma nodded in acknowledgement as she took a scrutinizing glance at him with narrowed eyes to root out all blemishes from his clothes, if any at all.

A resplendent white shirt made of luxurious silk paired with gem-like black buttons underneath his deep-blue suit jacket.

The suit jacket had its own charm, adorned with gold chains on his chest with red rubies as buttons pairing well with his ankle length pants of the same color as his suit jacket.

The pants had intricate golden designs on its sides starting from the waist to the knee with real gold threads.

His blue-black shoes shone with a bright light, pairing up with his overcoat.

It hung lightly on his shoulders with its sleeves freely yet it only increased the boy's charm instead.

His cufflinks were pure black with his family insignia drawn on them using white gold. The same insignia was present on the left breast of his suit jacket and along the golden design on his pants with white gold.

The symbol represented a pure white arrow accentuated by the supporting daggers and swords.

A total of five weapons yet the arrow stood at the forefront, ready to pierce the ones who underestimated the might of his Noble Family because their primary weapon was the bow.

"You look good, Young Master," complimented Emma as she noticed the proud look on his face.

"Of course! I am the most handsome!" The boy iterated while puffing out his chest.

If he had just taken a look at Emma's twitching lips, he would've found something wrong with him.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the time to anymore, as the door to his room directly opened with a click sound.

Drawing both of their attention, a girl not older than the boy entered yet the moment she entered, the boy froze while Emma smiled.

"Ziva? Why–"

Before he could complete his words, the frozen form of the girl, Ziva, changed as she tried her best to stop her twitching lips.

Yet the moment he spoke, she couldn't hold it in any longer and she burst out into peals of laughter.


Not understanding the situation, he tried to look for Emma but found that she was already by the door, about to leave.

"I bid you a great time, Young Lady Ziva."

Emma bowed before exiting. Not before her laughter echoed, however.


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