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Orphaned at ten and betrayed by his guardian at nineteen, the protagonist's life spirals into darkness, yet some light remains, only to be cruelly extinguished when his girlfriend sacrifices herself during a brutal demon attack. As a result, he is bestowed with a mysterious system that imbues him with the strength, making him dedicate himself to eradicating demons. Upon defeating the Demon King, he is granted a reward and chooses to reincarnate into a novel-like world with sealed memories until age thirteen. Reborn as the second son of a Duke, he yearns a peaceful life and respite from his tumultuous past. However, fate has different plans. In a world full of political games and supernatural dangers, he finds himself caught in conflicts involving a transmigrator villain and a regressor protagonist. Amid noble family ties, surprising friendships, and veiled threats, he must find his way through this new life, all the while dealing with lingering scars and the chaos that threatens to engulf him and those around him. Can he truly find solace in a world determined to pull him back into the fight? Will he succeed in forging a relaxed and slow life amidst the relentless anomalies at every step? Read to find out!! ====== Well, I am writing this novel to try a new style and get a temporary break from my first novel, which has become stagnant. As always, you can just ask any questions regarding the book, and I'll answer them without spoilers, of course.(⁠◠⁠‿⁠◕⁠) [All character arts were made using AI by a friend and author, lazy_pen_master] Formerly known as "Extra's Slice of Life" ////////////////////////////////////////////////// I have entered this novel for the June WPC contest, so if you like reading this novel, do give it some power stones, golden tickets, and gifts. Thanks for reading and for your support!! Join my Discord for more character arts and some fun:  https://discord.com/invite/Qb86VeyvzP (You need to copy and paste the link to your browser.)

Hardy1j · Fantasy
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Chapter 4: Prologue: Surprises

Seeing her husband lost in thought, she didn't disturb him and only became more comfortable in his arms.

Of course, they were at the end of the room and at the top, a one-way mirror stopped any prying eyes yet allowed them to observe everything carefully.

The woman casually put her face on her husband's chest after she affectionately pecked his cheek.

His tender lips seemed to have woken the man from his deep pondering as he felt his wife's body on his and asked her in a sultry manner.

"Want 106th child already?"

His wife pouted at him and harrumphed, "Hmph! Why another child? Can't a woman enjoy her husband..."

Her voice turned low at the end as if embarrassed about her demand yet her husband didn't seem to care as he pulled her closer and planted a firm kiss on her lips.

"Yes, yes. You can want anything except another man and this husband of yours will give it to you."

Hearing his mocking tone, she didn't respond for a second before her expression turned serious, changing the mood around them.

"Anything, yes?" Seeing him nod, she added, "Levoria wants to help in this one."

Noticing his wife's serious words, he didn't want to ask but he had no choice. "Who?"

Unfazed by her husband not knowing their daughter's names, she answered, "The one who recently became an adult."

"Isn't she too young then? Don't you hate it if I send the children to fight with their lives on the line?"

Yes, the man had 105 children from the same woman and he didn't care about them simply because he felt they were weak.

Also, his wife was just too overprotective, not allowing him to send them to fight, making them useless.

Of course, they were his children and he wouldn't throw them out or anything. But that didn't mean he would love and pamper them.

"She wants to do it. I stopped her but..."

Despite her serious expression and voice, he could detect subtle cracks in her facade. 'She doesn't want to, alas, I can't miss this.'


Ignoring his wife's stern gaze directed at him, he turned to face the door.

Behind the door stood a girl with similar features to the couple yet her height was a few inches short of her mother.

Her short form flinched upon hearing the voice of her father.

She had only heard it on the day she became an adult. This was her second time.

Still, Levoria knew better than to disobey her father and entered the room, only to see a scene that she wished she had never seen.

Her powerful and strong mother sat atop her father in a vulnerable position yet her gaze held the ferocity of a hunter sizing its prey.

Unaware of the dynamic between her parents, she couldn't help but almost stumble before she felt a faint power help her balance and stand in front of her father.

Before she could say any greeting or anything else as it was too late to hide her blunder, her father asked her a question, "Why?"

"I-I want to prove–"

"No. Why?"

Her father denied her the right to complete her sentence and immediately shut her up with his monotone voice.

Levoria already knew from her mother's explanation that lies or tricks didn't work on her father.

Levorie bit her lip slightly before she answered, "I-I want to get your approval."

That was all she managed to say.

However, her father had a more intense reaction than she expected.

"Half. Why else?"

While some might consider him to be probing too deeply, he wasn't.

If he wanted, he could directly read her thoughts yet he wasn't because he wanted to see what she would say.

And to say he was surprised would be an understatement.

He hadn't expected this child to speak the truth just like that, albeit incomplete. His succinct way of talking was also a method to intimidate others.

He wanted to see what else she has to say.

Little did he know, he would get the most surprises of his life today.

"I apologize, father. I am unable to say that."

Levoria bowed her head and replied politely. Her every action this time carried a sense of elegance yet her words carried far more weight.

Her heart was beating wildly as she was extremely anxious about the response and her parents obviously noticed that.

Despite being overprotective of her children, she wasn't going to intervene and allowed her husband to take the decision.

"...You can go."

After a few moments of dreadful silence with Levoria still bowing her head, her father agreed and gave the approval.

Levoria immediately raised her head but her father wasn't looking at her any longer.

He was looking at his wife affectionately and she didn't seem to notice it as her mind was focused on Levoria and her well-being.

After all, she was a mother.

Irrespective of age, race, human or beast, they couldn't help but worry about their children.

However, Levoria had already left the moment she saw her father getting chummy with her mother.

Even if a child knew how children were conceived, they truly felt disgust seeing their parents act lovey-dovey.

It was simply unbearable.


Suddenly, an alarm sound rang, bringing the couple's attention away from each other.

Unfortunately, it seemed the two were destined to not make love today, or maybe just for now.

Hearing the alarm buzzing, the two weren't the least bit worried as they waited for the report.

"Sir! The barrier is shattering and a large wave of energy is expected to clash against the ship. It is advisable to deploy the Complete Protective Shield."

The voice had a hint of urgency yet it didn't forgo the training and etiquette they learnt in their younger days.

"Deploy it."

The man calmly calculated the amount of resources needed to deploy the shield and the repair cost if he didn't.

In the end, he knew both outcomes weren't worth it but it was the second best choice after knowing that person had already escaped.

Taking responsibility, he channeled his own energy into the shield.

'I can recover the energy by siphoning it from the surroundings but resources are limited.'

Just like that the energy wave assaulted the Complete Protective Shield and it defended successfully, not leaving the slightest scratch behind.

Of course, his energy reserves were at an all time low as the ship made its way through the wreckage to the source of the energy.

Seeing the scene from the inside of the control room, the man's expression darkened as he realized the sinister plan of the escaped man.

"Good. Very good!"

A small subtle smile crept onto his face as he vanished from inside the ship and directly appeared next to the cracked planetary core.

He absorbed all the leftover energy and continued to purify it inside his body even after the entire area turned colorless.

He returned to his room and locked it as he needed some time to complete the purification of the energy and left his wife in-charge of everything.

It wasn't the first time he would be doing this so he didn't really care.

Unfortunately, he would soon come to regret his decision.


A few days passed as the man continued to purify the energy inside his body.

With his accurate grasp of energy, he easily found that he wouldn't be able to stop purifying or he might suffer some injuries.

He merely scoffed at the notion.

'As if I wouldn't be able to. My capable wife can take care of everything.'

Known to him, Levoria had left the next day that he gave permission and his wife took charge of everything.

What he didn't know was that enemies were approaching from the shadows.

After all, what was the use of giving your enemy a single problem they could deal with?

The escapee had already informed the others about what he did and how their enemy would be at their mercy.

It wasn't just them as several different factions and races which had severe enmity with this man, who casually continued the purification process.

However, not only the enemies but even he, himself, were in for a surprise during the attack.


The attack happened sooner than anyone could have predicted.

With spaceships launching plasma beams and concentrated beams of mana, several shields activated to defend against the assault.

Of course, counterattacks worked like a charm and many ships fell.

The man already noticed it and was rather worried about the status quo as he couldn't fight for at least 30 more days.

The battle waged on continuously for many days yet it was just a waste of resources and the enemies were worried if he would come out and fight so they went all out to at least give him a big loss before leaving.

They were self-aware regarding the fact that they couldn't defeat him.

Just as they lined up together to launch attacks alongside their spaceships, a sole woman exited the biggest spaceship.

She stood at odds against all these strong men and women. She was completely surrounded.

Her husband inside the ship had his heart clenched with worry as he got ready to suffer the backlash to protect his wife.

'No, no, no, no, no! What are you doing! If I lose resources, so be it. If I lose people, so be it. But I can't lose you!'

Before he could make a move or the surrounding enemies could offer a truce or something to the woman, she moved.

With every single move of hers, a spaceship fell.

Seeing the dreadful scene, they didn't dare linger and immediately fled as they sensed that man about to come too.

'Fuck! Only 1 monster was already a headache, where did this woman come from?'

They wondered in unison while fleeing.

The monster in their thoughts himself was baffled by his wife's strength yet he sported a proud smile.

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