The Resilient Lady Collins

Scarlet Collins's life is flipped upside down after news of her divorce from her husband, Jack Humphrey, spreads around town. Despite her husband’s affairs being brought to light, Scarlet finds herself the topic of gossip as the town tries to find the answer to why Jack would leave the young heiress. Already burdened with having to take care of her family, Scarlet now finds herself being forced to listen to the many reasons why her marriage failed. Said to be a woman with a heart made of black ice, the people in town believed their opinions would not affect her so they had no reason to stop voicing them. During an afternoon out seeking peace, she finds herself starting an unlikely relationship with Lord Kingsley's bastard son, Ian Kingsley.

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201 Chs

Get out (5)

Beth smiled, coming out of her shock to dispute Dorothy's ridiculous claim. "What are you talking about? Perhaps it would be best that you don't drink anymore. Scarlet might have done something to you."

"And here I thought you wouldn't annoy me by trying to deny it. I'm already annoyed that you had me fooled. Had me trying to ignore how you got with my son to help you with what you needed for a baby. You've upset me two ways," Dorothy said.

The first was getting involved with a married man and the second was lying about a baby simply to have something over Scarlet.

"You spoke about a child to get at Scarlet, didn't you? That was quite low of you. You also fed into my son's want to have a child. Why should I help you now, Beth?" Dorothy questioned, staring at the little fool before her. 

How could Beth stoop so low and then expect someone to reach out their hand to help her?