The Resilient Lady Collins

Scarlet Collins's life is flipped upside down after news of her divorce from her husband, Jack Humphrey, spreads around town. Despite her husband’s affairs being brought to light, Scarlet finds herself the topic of gossip as the town tries to find the answer to why Jack would leave the young heiress. Already burdened with having to take care of her family, Scarlet now finds herself being forced to listen to the many reasons why her marriage failed. Said to be a woman with a heart made of black ice, the people in town believed their opinions would not affect her so they had no reason to stop voicing them. During an afternoon out seeking peace, she finds herself starting an unlikely relationship with Lord Kingsley's bastard son, Ian Kingsley.

Violet_167 · History
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237 Chs

Feelings (2)

"How long have you known?" Nolan asked.

"Does it matter?" Scarlet replied as that wasn't important now.

"I just wish to know how long you have known and said nothing," Nolan said as he had liked to believe that he hid his feelings well. 

"It wasn't me who had to say something at first. I ignored it with hopes that it would go away. What did you wish for me to say? That you can wait for me?" Scarlet questioned. 

She never had anything to say about his feelings other than they should stop. Scarlet made her answer quite obvious by turning down his request to let him escort her somewhere. 

"I have known you for a long time so it was harder to address your feelings as opposed to how fast I do it with others. I had hoped that with how well you knew me, you wouldn't have held on this long or done something so childish as breaking what is mine. I underestimated how much your feelings toward me were," Scarlet admitted.