The Reborn Wife Of The Tyrant CEO

In my previous life, I was merely a supporting character, highlighting Damon’s deep love for another woman. Tragically, my story unfolded with devastating consequences, leaving my family in ruins and my life shattered. Upon my rebirth, I chose to adopt a carefree attitude, ignoring the situation and waiting for Damon to ask for a divorce. But something peculiar happened. The man who used to disappear for weeks suddenly started showing up every few days. “Do you think there will come a time when you’ll want me to disappear?” I queried. “Do not indulge in fantasies.” he retorted, “We’ll continue to torment each other until the end.” I sighed, as a reincarnated soul, confident that his destined soulmate would soon cross his path. Finally, he encountered her, and I believed freedom was within my grasp. Yet, he quietly…

black_flowertrend · Urban
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The words coming out of Damon's mouth took me by surprise once again.

Could he really delineate right from wrong so clearly?

Thinking back to his past actions, they didn't seem to differ much from Mitch's.

Where did I go wrong?" Mitch refused to admit his mistakes. He still believed his special treatment towards Ariana was a minor issue, akin to lending a helping hand.

His rebuttal made my blood boil. If Luna were here, I bet they would come to blows.

"If you can't even see where you went wrong, you might as well just hand the kids over to her, get a divorce, and then whatever happens between you and Ariana or any other woman won't matter!" Fuming, I pointed at Mitch and spoke without mincing words.

The mention of his kids always riled up Mitch. His voice heightened, "Impossible. The kids are mine too. I haven't cheated or been abusive. If we divorce, I won't be the one at fault. Why should I give them up?"